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Posted in: Prosecutors drop indictment against man over sexually assaulting woman in hotel See in context

Interesting that no one mentions the cause of all of this. The woman was intoxicated. She is an adult. If she couldn't stay sober, she got herself into trouble. Not to excuse the man's behavior, but if you don't lock your door you can expect a stranger to take your valuables.

Alcohol is not worth the risks.

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Posted in: Europe-Japan space mission captures images of Mercury See in context

I would like to point out that the scientists and supporting staff have been earning a decent living with this project as well, and returning much of that in taxes. So it's not so clear cut that the money is gone and we get no benefit. Advancement of knowledge is vital to continue life support on Earth.

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Posted in: Sapporo man arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old girl he met on social media See in context

One thing sticks in my mind, that the girl was, after a few days, unharmed. It's assumed that she is a sexual victim but it seems not to be the case. What if it were a boy? Or the 'perpetrator' were female? The double standard gets in the way of common sense.

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

I chuckled at this. I can mention why. First, the victim smokes cigarettes, a very stupid thing to do in light of all the facts available. Second, he spends a ridiculous amount of money on a gewgaw that has no intrinsic value other than it tells time, which can be found more accurately elsewhere. Third, he is not careful in public and could have had a serious injury from a stranger coveting his property.

Having said all that, it certainly is a jungle out there. People will grab anything that isn't nailed down, and many things that are. The longer I live, the less I respect people. They are not, as the saying goes, basically honest. They are basically opportunists, and in many cases try to create their own opportunities.

And finally, how can this thief expect to sell this item without getting discovered? Who would buy it knowing the world is aware it's stolen? Unless of course he wanted it for himself but even then, to whom could he safely show it?

I shake my head sadly at the stupidity of mankind.

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Posted in: Nissan plans to improve battery pack performance by more than 50% See in context

What does this mean for driving range? It's still a major issue, needing recharge every few hundred miles, often no place to get a recharge and a long wait for the process.

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Posted in: Japan's average gasoline price hits highest level since Dec 2014 See in context

How much is that in dollars per gallon? Here in California we pay almost $4 per gallon, including a lot of tax.

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Posted in: 3 elderly men fall to their deaths from apartment in Sasebo See in context

Perhaps one killed the other two and then committed suicide. Apparently the first two fell almost together but the third a while later.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl, 21-year-old man jump to their deaths from building roof See in context

Perhaps he was trying to convince her not to do it and she chose to ignore his pleas; then when he saw her jump he figured that such a tragedy made him want to follow her. We really don't know the answer based on this minimal information.

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Posted in: GM to cut more than 1,000 U.S. jobs tied to small cars See in context

Perhaps GM should learn that more sales comes from respecting and satisfying the customer. I realize this is foreign to their normal attitude that 'whatever we build they will buy' but that's an obsolescent view.

GM has traditionally made cars that were crap, that did things customers didn't want, that performed poorly, and had lousy paint jobs. Some of that is better now but their attitude hasn't varied. Arrogance and ignorance are their watchword.

So when they shut down due to poor demand, they might come to understand that it's not an industry wide phenomenon, but their own problem.

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Posted in: Summer's here See in context

I have looked carefully at their attire and fail to see what might be new about the styles. Can anyone tell me?

I will continue to look carefully for evidence of any newness of these styles but so far no luck.

Must keep looking...

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Posted in: 420 kgs of rice stolen from Toyama farm See in context

That's a lot of money, over $1 a pound! Must be fancy stuff. Here in the US rice runs half that or less.

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Posted in: Head of ward office in Okinawa town sets man on fire in parking lot See in context

And his name is Madoman? He is a madman.

I think much of this barbaric behavior is inspired by violence on television. People get strange ideas and then, really, do they expect to get away with it? Well okay, in Japan the sentence for attempted murder is two years in prison, maybe. If you succeed, okay then it's five years.

What a barbaric country. On the other hand, this is human nature, the desire to harm others and not care about consequences.

I thought this was peacetime throughout much of the world. Apparently not.

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Posted in: Man sets fire to apartment due to noisy neighbor See in context

The problem is that the expectations of privacy and isolation just aren't realistic in the environment of an apartment. When you move in, you need to realize that there will be neighbors who will be aware of your activities and vice versa. Blatant disregard of common courtesy will happen and the best answer is to move.

If you can afford it, get a house where you won't hear neighbors (for the most part) and they won't hear you. If you can't afford it, accept the fact that you won't have the privacy you'd like.

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Posted in: Suspect in Chiba Univ student's murder admits entering apartment See in context

If she wasn't there, where did he get the PIN?

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Posted in: Cop arrested after breaking into Saitama office to sleep it off See in context

Apparently the underlying cause here is inadequate screening of applicants for the police force. Is it possible to test for alcoholic addiction? Have these people otherwise succeeded in the business of life? It's confusing and demoralizing.

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Posted in: Kindergarten principal held after driving van into group of children See in context

Does anyone think he did this on purpose? With a motive? Leave the guy alone; he made a goof and is sorry. Unfortunately the consequences were serious but still it's an easy mistake to make. And mistake it was. And he is beating himself up over it, I'll bet.

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Posted in: Elderly man hits elementary schoolchildren with car See in context

I don't think it's necessarily age related. I am several years older than Otani and have had no accidents for many years. But then I take care of myself and don't have peripheral vision or attention problems.

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Posted in: Man wanted for putting poison bottle outside police box See in context

Hydrogen sulfide is common enough stuff. It's what makes the smell of feces. Well, almost any sulphur compound is like that. And almost anything in large concentrations is deadly. Attempted murder? That's an extreme charge when it was just a little bottle.

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Posted in: Club host held for giving drinks to woman who caused fatal accident See in context

I don't think a bartender gets paid enough to monitor the drinking of the customers. The customers are adults and are responsible for their own actions. It's general knowledge that drinking and driving don't mix; anyone who goes to a bar and expects to drive home is a potential law breaker and it's not up to the bartender to decide what they do.

Better to post police at every bar and check each patron as they leave for their cars.

Just another way of saying "sorry officer I was drunk and wasn't responsible" - this excuse is used all the time.

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Posted in: Club host held for giving drinks to woman who caused fatal accident See in context

Oh yeah sure another case of being drunk as an excuse. The woman is totally at fault. The bartender was just doing his job, unless he is charged with the responsibility of the actions of his customers. Isn't it time to hold the customer responsible? What was she doing in a bar for two and a half hours?

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Posted in: Three teens arrested for setting homeless man's shack on fire See in context

So they burned the home of the homeless. What does homeless mean anyway?

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