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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

The STANK from natto scares off any sane virus, I BELIEVE!!!

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Posted in: Darvish criticizes Japan's high school baseball system See in context

INSANITY that they have yet to change the rules to institute pitch counts! How many good, young Japanese pitchers have to suffer torn UCL thus requiring Tommy John surgery before they change things around???

Remember when Daisuke Matsuzaka had some insane pitching counts at Koshien? True insanity, S&M, torture, whatever you want to call it, maybe all three! It ruined him, he could've been a good MLB pitcher iMO. They might've ruined Ohtani! Certainly Darvish is not the same and probably won't be after TJ surgery. His velocity is down since the surgery which tends to be the case, and was going down before he blew out his UCL. Whether he ever returns to near 100 mph is highly unlikely IMO. He's probably done in a season or two unless he can command some better off-speed stuff.

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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

Sentence him to 1 year cleaning up graffiti. Trash a$$ human.

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Posted in: 120 interviews later, photographer releases book about Japanese ‘hafu’ identity See in context

Euro Dude: Stop telling us haafu people what to do. We're cool with it, any word can be said with disdain or disrespect, kind of like some of us are doing with "Euro Dude" right about now. :D I'm joking but seriously, get off your VERY HIGH PC high horse, it's not a good look esp on a subject in which you are not an expert.

Congrats, Tetsuro. You are a man with a big, kind, giving heart!

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Posted in: Tourists deface iconic bamboo trees in Kyoto's Arashiyama See in context

Japan/Kyoto should set cameras out there, maybe some volunteers. Maybe start with stiff FINE$ first....and perhaps consider CANING for repeat offenders.

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