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"Myself, I can honestly say I’ve spent at least 4,000 hours actively studying, and that’s not counting watching Japanese movies, singing karaoke, having conversations all day long in Japanese, and working in Japan." I'm probably not the first person to call this out but 4,000 hours is about a half-year's worth of effort. Hilarious.

I'm looking forward to becoming fluent in Japanese. I'm enjoying the effort as well because it's a nice way to pass the time. I don't live in Japan and might never. But I love visiting, and it's somewhere I visit once every 2 years or so. Japan is one of the most beautiful cultures on earth in my opinion, and it's also one of my favorite places.

I find this article frustrating because it's not actually helpful at all, just discouraging. Learning any language is enjoyable, and a totally worthwhile investment of time. I hope anyone who read this article and felt discouraged, reads this comment and feels re-inspired.

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