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Posted in: Anger over police killings boils over in several U.S. cities See in context

Reasons for the current US situation....the list is long.

Sars cov2, which is not a corona virus, but a SARs HIV retrovirus combo.

Ineffective lockdown, initiated too late, perhaps deliberately.

Ineffective screening and contact tracing

Overwhelmed health care system resources

Media hype.

41 Million unemployed.

Uncertainty and insecurity at every economic level down to food insecurity.

Failing international supply chains.

Geopolitical responces in the US particularly towards China.

General populations complicity towards the virus.

Underlaying longterm inequality and job insecurity.

Longterm racial hate.

Police brutality.

Unchallanged on mass civil disobedience.

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

Maybe our true resource is Our Health, Our Minds and Relationships.

Cultivating these is more important than capital wealth.

Ture happiness is better than capitalist promise of security., security that is a false promise. Money is a poor substitute for trust, faithfulness, relational security.

Happiness comes from being part of a collective that keeps its promise, the promise 'that your needs will be meet. Ture Happiness comes from sympathetic joy and Equanimity. realizing this is freedom from suffering and its root.

Many pecarate jobs are meaningless and the byproduct is wasted lives, energy and natural resources.

A move away from fossil fuels toward AI systems makes sense. These systems replaces virtual slaves (oil) and releaves literal slaves and could create an economy that supports everyone. BUI it on!

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Posted in: A coronavirus drug seems to work. What's next? See in context

So., the answer is.... More Sex, 'Drugs' and Rock and Roll.

Just what the Dr...Ordered maybe?

It's a drug, so what are the side affects associated with remdesivir,...apart from ahhim, living...more? Seriously, this sounds fantastic,almost too good to be true. People hear what they want when desperate. What happins when we believe in one-sided stories?

Important questions were not asked in this article and some were not even answered or sidestepped. Take care out there, be wise /\

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand open beaches, ease other coronavirus lockdown restrictions See in context

Kiwis we're lucky enough to have a strong government that took responsibility, made right, achievable decisions. They listened and they also implemented the lockdown early.

Adequate warning was given before hand, that was really important to stop a run on supper markets. The government supported the homeless, (a home for everyone one who wanted one) the jobless and the elderly. They built trust and this inspired us all here in New Zealand to fall in and do our bit.

For a society to work, the collective has to keep the unspoken universal promise 'Your needs will be meet' this can only work if it's based on true conscious concern for others.

When we give to others we also receive, When we help other human beings feel included, we include ourselves.

Being a Collective Is Our Human ^ SUPERPOWER ^. We all just add our spark wisely to the right path.

Many other high achieving contentiousness people from other countries can likewise take control of the covid situation and care of each other /\

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Posted in: U.N. chief: Extremists using COVID-19 to recruit young people online See in context

Young people have great potential and could best some current adult leaders today easily if given the resources.

They're not conditioned like adults into fixed views and definitely not stupid. We just need to give them that respect, equip them to think for themselves and have a little faith

Come On Young Folk

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Posted in: Confusion, seizure, strokes: How COVID-19 may affect the brain See in context

More than just an influenza virus. Covid19 attacks the whole human system, it's just that the lungs are the most vulnerable line of attack.

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Posted in: Asia pivots towards plants for protein as coronavirus stirs meat safety fears See in context

The reduction in animal suffering and emerging consciousness of alternatives not only impoves our collective health and creates common unity between all of us, it could also save the Earths' ecosystem.

Economy = House management and can not be separated from Ecology = House Knowledge. Understanding what our house is (Earth itself) and needs (interdependence, sustainability) will help put all life back into balance.

When ever we receive, what ever we give back, it's not separate. Sometimes giving and receiving is even reciprocal (we do it at the same time). If we pick up a bug and let it go, cook a meal for someone else, or play with our kids, often we're giving ourselves something too. (goodwill, kindness inter-being) If we can just be conscious and responsible for the mess we make, we'll all be less occupied or fixed on the wrongs others do to us. We'll be collectively free.

The human diet just doesn't need that much protein anyway, It serves everyone better when the nitrogen we waste as fertilizers, on meat production and growing animal protein can be left in the Sky (where most if it come from). If we can stop mining the sky (with artifical nitrogen fixation) to grow meat and use less urea to grow crops instead, the human footprint on the planet would remain viable.

We shear this place with countless other Sentient Beings

May All Earthlings Go Well /\

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Posted in: New Zealand to ease lockdown on April 27 See in context

In New Zealand we need to get our eye back on the goal. and go fir another two weeks. We're so close. Comprising just before achieving a brilliant outcome must be a saddening decision for Jacinda.

The goal of complete elimination was daunting and many were skeptical, but it's not impossible.

Transmission needs to be 0.0 to eliminate. Stamp out the virus (Jacindas own words). Listen to the Professor Shaun Hendy  not the economic fear-mungers


The virus is what it is. For breaking lockdown too early, the Social Political outcome will be unforgiving. People first, economic growth can be replaced, people cannot.

A leader strong enough to change her mind is required and would be amazing, Bodhisattva like. Her days are young. Shine Radiantly Already!

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Posted in: Over 210,000 hotel rooms secured to treat coronavirus patients See in context

Naked Scientist, Dr Chris Smith warns more people are testing positive to Covid19 with asymptomatic presentation. He explains that the virus symptoms can take a month to manifest.

He also sites research on sneezing, highlighting the surprising duration virus remains airborne and that two meter social distancing may be insufficient.


Be safe Japan Love from NewZealand

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