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bobcatfish comments

Posted in: Dreams & Wishes See in context

I think I just got that wrong

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Posted in: Dreams & Wishes See in context

As a biru otaku, I might suggest that is the Shin Marunouchi building

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Posted in: SDF exercise suspended after member shows middle finger to reporters See in context

I think we've unearthed a chink in Japan's armor

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Posted in: Israeli soldiers battle Hamas on second day of surprise attack; strikes level buildings in Gaza See in context

Israel stole Palestinian land what do you expect?

What nonsense - The British stole Palestinian land so the Jews could have a home.

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Posted in: Japan rugby fans See in context

Nice healthy glow and big smiles but the facial hair is a bit of a turn-off for me.

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Posted in: Toyota to offer Century SUV in bid to win more wealthy customers See in context

I like it, I feel it, I see it...Feel the Century!

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Posted in: More than 50 aftershocks shake Japan after Friday's quake See in context


Confidently stated but completely false. It is just that building regulations are not made retrospective - you will see a marked difference in prices in house built before and after 1995. As someone else has pointed out, that old house with its heavy tile roof would struggle against a stiff breeze.

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

This is great new!

"C'mon, kids. You're all coming to work with daddy, today!"

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Posted in: Manga artist wants Japanese teachers to feel how dumb their girls’ dress code is See in context

This is my school girl uniform. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

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Posted in: Free yourself from boring business formal with Fake Dress Shirt, perfect for remote working See in context

The Dickie shirt is back!

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Posted in: Tomahawks part of Japan's record defense spending next year See in context

Are we allowed to say, "tomahawk" or is it cultural appropriation?

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Posted in: Formula One to launch new racing series for women See in context

If you're going to come up with silly ideas why not go the whole hog and have an Indigenous people's series?

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

Isn't this the exact same story that appeared in Januaey 2021?

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

As a rule, whenever someone jumps on my car and clings to mywindscreen wipers, my first reaction is to put my foot down to shake him off. Who knew I was risking a murder charge.

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Posted in: British minister tells gay World Cup fans to 'be respectful' See in context


Both the minister and I suggest you don't go to Qatar

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Posted in: Japan set to extend maximum lifespan of nuclear plants beyond 60 years See in context

40 will become 60. Ducks will become geese. And up will become down

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for putting bleach in school lunch See in context

One man's disruption of business is another man's attempted mass murder

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

Looks like this typhoon is going to create a few headaches. Make sure you've packed your Nannadol.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

It is neither the mass media overreacting or just another "taifu'. It is a biggy.

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Posted in: Mike Tyson slams 'slave master' Hulu series for 'stealing' life story See in context

Are we suggesting Mike is working class? Trailer trash, sure. But remember "slave" Tyson managed to piss up 500 million dollars. Maybe his basketball buddies can take another knee for him.

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Posted in: Mike Tyson slams 'slave master' Hulu series for 'stealing' life story See in context


I'm sure Yrral can speak for himself, but I'm guessing his point is that Tyson is in no way a victim, and his claims that he is, is an insult to real victims including those victims of Tyson.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 8-year-old daughter with belt See in context

Subcutaneous bleeding? Oh my god. I hope she recovers. Abusing? That wicked mother.

You shouldn't hit your child with a belt but a little bit over the top don't you think?

I presume purple_depressed _bacon is a millennial - you don't think, "That's not a good idea. Don't do it again" would suffice?

And how did that phone call to the police go?

We phoned and no one answered

So what?

They're Brazilian.

We're on our way

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Posted in: Accused groper dies after jumping out of train station office window See in context

In my neck of the woods, if you die trying to escape an unlawful detention, your captors are charged with murder

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Posted in: Ex-Aum cult member released from prison after serving full term See in context

...Was directly responsible for someone's death and didn't face up to it for 17 years. He served his full sentence. I don't see anything to suggest he was rehabilitated

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of woman’s underwear from coin laundry See in context

As a community service I often buy women's underwear and leave them at laundries and on clotheslines. Of course I wear them first. What they don't know won't hurt them...

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Posted in: Russian-run restaurant in Chiba looking to hire Ukrainian evacuees See in context

What happened to seizing the assets of anyone Russian?

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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context

I thought this sort of nonsense was stopped after the Fukuchiyama line accident in '95

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Posted in: City in Nara Pref says tourism 'princess' can be of any gender See in context

Just change the name to Nara Queen and problem solved

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

This is geat news. Along with France's 26000, that will make 26020

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Posted in: 72-year-old man fatally stabbed in Saitama; suspect arrested See in context

Stay away from Midori ward if you are in your early 70s. 2 murders, both in Midori. One in Saitama, one in Gunma

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