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Posted in: U.S. carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953 See in context

K3P0. Good point. Wikipedia listed 17 executed women. Is is something to do wirh a federal execution rather than state?

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

Talk about kicking a man while he's down...

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors over 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

I never saw the show but it seems a lot of people who appear on these reality type programs have self-confidence issues. Shouldn't the producers be investigated for putting such a vulnerable person in such a vulnerable position?

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Posted in: Beatles survivors Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still making music See in context

The Beatles were a bit before my time. My first real introduction to Paul McCartney was "Coming Up" around 1980. Kind of put the John Vs Paul argument to bed.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest ginkgo tree See in context

Zichi. I know! That's also been my dream

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

6 of my siblings are halfies. Never have they ever considered it demeaning. They do find the term "double' a bit ridiculous. Seems Karen should get a job and stop making assumptions about everyone else.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

Good luck getting an ogre to voice Shrek

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Posted in: Japan baseball season starts Friday night without fans See in context

Let's home the "no spitting" continues into the future

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Posted in: Akihabara observes 12th anniversary of deadly stabbing rampage See in context

So he was a victim

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Posted in: Summer Koshien organizers consider cancelation due to virus See in context

Tinawatanabe. The bleachers are free

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Posted in: Plum job See in context

my turn - miss plum saki is a peach but miss plum kaori is a lemon. ta da!

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Posted in: Heavy load See in context

an 800 ton ship is not large - it is a tuna boat.

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Posted in: Roadblock See in context

in future they should build boats that don't float.

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Posted in: Cotton See in context

I always found Ken's monotone English annoying and his acting wooden but that was before i knew he looked so good in cotton!

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor visitors now get both Japan and U.S. views See in context

finally people will begin to understand that the japanese were the victims of WW2

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

yeah, yeah, she was living the fairy tale princess fantasy. A 20 year old living with her old grandmother and the two of them getting by on her pension. There is no excuse for killing someone but financial strain does make it more understandable.

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Posted in: Kylie Minogue See in context

sugoi sharpie-san. nihongo jouzu ne!

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Posted in: Y6 billion bid for Yoshiki's piano See in context

anybody with 6 billion yen to donate is not going to negate its tax-free status by receiving a crappy piano. it is a dummy bid. move on.

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Posted in: Assistant prosecutor arrested for allegedly groping woman on train See in context

haruka - please elaborate. what would you do?

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Posted in: U.N. expert: Fukushima not as bad as Chernobyl See in context

TumbleDry - the rate of decay is not linear. Most decay would occur in the ealier days. Remember it takes another 8 days to get down to 25. Your pattern would have it down to 25 in just another 4 days.

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Posted in: Rescued dog back with owner after drifting at sea for 3 weeks See in context

the dog looked way too healthy to me - there is somthing fishy about this story...

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Posted in: Morale boost See in context

the royal families around the world provide a great deal of comfort to many people. whenever i think i am a useless waste of space, i just think of our own royal family.

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Posted in: To rebuild or not? Japan's tsunami coast wonders See in context

you can't put wind farms on the coast - what will happen to the sea birds?

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Posted in: Kagawa Univ associate professor and kenpo black belt punches woman See in context

no godan - her being a woman is why this is even news. you are oversenstive to the plight of women.

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Posted in: Kagawa Univ associate professor and kenpo black belt punches woman See in context

but it is the samurai way! he should have chopped her head off. the manners in this country are truly appalling. it seems he showed commendable restraint if he is a martial arts trained specialist and she remained largely unscathed. i was in a fight once. i seem to remember only getting punched twice but i still managed to end up with two black eyes, a blood nose and a fat lip. go figure.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to halt domestic shipments March 30-April 10 due to quake See in context

i had to tell off the "manner up" volunteer for smoking in the street today. poor, guy. i thought he was going to cry.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to halt domestic shipments March 30-April 10 due to quake See in context

..and reduce the chances of getting abused by me in the street.

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

Maybe they didn't trust yoshinoya and wanted to make sure the donations went to the right place.

HermioneGranger - not much point selling the cow that gives you milk...

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Posted in: Eastwood, Bullock each donate $1 million to earthquake relief See in context

Along with the owner of uniqlo who donated $10m, Mr Eastwood and Ms Bullock have received the bobcatfish "good guy" award. The will also be in the running for "best givist".

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Posted in: Prices going up See in context

...and still cheaper than milk

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