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You have to say Samsung really did a very poor job here. Very unprofessional IMO. They just rushed this out with little testing and now they have to pay that price. I suppose they just wanted to be 1st, but far better to make a quality product.

I for one am amazed at the hype created over a folding phone. Sure its interesting but it seems so many people are head over heals over it just because it folds! But they forget they will loose a lot

Its double the price of an the top phones

You loose waterproofing

You lose pocketability (it will be quite thick on todays standards)

You lose a strong screen (not only because it folds but the hinge design means there will be a gap. If pressure is put on this .... who knows what will happen?)

A folding screen just won't last as long as a normal phone

There were some screen issues (in the past week) that have not been explained .... = huge question marks

I am sure some people will buy this, but I am not going near it

I will be very interested how this phone will be in say 6 months of us and what guarantee it will have

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I still dont see the point of these 'foldable' screens.

I totally agree. I mean they aren't all that pocketable (very thick and possibly weak at the hinge?),

Being pocketable to me is the main reason to have it fold (??)

You pay an extra $1000us to have it fold and then its not small enough to put into a pocket with out it sticking out

Sure, tech geeks will love any tech like this but for the average guy .....? I don't think so

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awesome game, what a cliff hanger

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Shock, horror! what on earth were Samsung thinking? What a terrible start, people are reporting serious issues after just 2 days! That is beyond terrible, 2 or 3 months ???? maybe one could forgive them (but thats pretty bad) considering it was the first from a big name, but 2 days?

Samsung deserves to get a bad name for this!

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Posted in: Australian rugby star Folau calls Christmas, Easter 'man-made' traditions followed by 'heathens' See in context


 Does he also warn that we can't enter the kingdom of heaven unless we sell all we have and give it to the poor? It that we love Christ and hate our parents? Or that we cut our hand off if it causes us to sin (and other bodily members)? Or that we welcome strangers into our homes, visit prisoners in prison, and are judged on mercy, with no reference to faith or sexuality in one of Jesus' discourses? Does Folau also warn us of all that, hmm?

Of course, thats the point! The Bible says in of ourselves we cannot be saved! We need help! Thats the basoc point of the Bible/gospel. We are doomed without God.

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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

Cannot get over how old he looks, he is in his mid 40s

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Posted in: Former All Black Carter has neck surgery after injury cost him French payday See in context

Money is not an issue for him, I am sure that is not foremost in his mind, he has been earning millions for years

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Posted in: All Blacks' Sonny Bill out for six weeks with knee surgery See in context

He is a great player .... this is not good news for the All Blacks, but he is past his best and he is not young anymore

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I think a mountain is made out of this. But I do see both sides.

On one side ..... he is entitled to his beliefs, he shouldn't be forced into anything against his convictions. We should be encouraged to share, talk, debate our different views. After all, we will never agree on absolutely everything. And I am sure there are millions of people (rightly or wrongly) might agree with him (??)

But, given the social climate at the moment .... he should at least word his posts a little more carefully.

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These roads are just for tourism so in my opinion this is a complete waste of time and money not to mention all the pollution etc caused in this.

For those that don't know, teams of people and snow cutters (as in the pic) spend weeks cutting through the snow to open the road a few weeks earlier than it would if the snow melted naturally. We would never do this in my country.

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Awesome result

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China seems to want control of everything

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Whether it be phone technology, or cooperation in space, no one seems to trust the Chinese.

Trust has to be earned, and they are famous for stealing / copying.

If you think about copying products .... China is the first country that comes to mind

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Apple is looking like a dinosaur. 5G is still 2 years away and folding screens still on the drawing board.

Its not uncommon for Apple not to be first out of the box with some tech, but most of the time they get it right. All companies make mistakes but I honestly think being first is over rated.

I personally am happy with 4G and I am sure they will rank the price up for any 5G so I am happy Apple takes its time.

Having said that, of course with Jobs gone .... Apple really misses him, what company wouldn't.

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Posted in: Apple, in rare reversal, pulls plug on wireless charging mat See in context

couldn't see the point of this anyway, the word was it was going to be between $150 to $200US. So why would anyone buy it over $30 ones? Ok, you can put anything anywhere on the charger but is that worth an extra $150? Anyway, most people who want chargers already have one

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Posted in: Apple refreshes iPad lineup, with larger entry-level model See in context

still can't use a mouse i take it?

??? why do you need a mouse? You are way behind

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Posted in: Apple refreshes iPad lineup, with larger entry-level model See in context

I am wondering if Apple will be able to keep up with the recent upgrades to the Samsung phones.

LOL, nice joke

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

I read at least one shooter was Australian

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Posted in: Trump says he would be 'very disappointed' in Kim if reports about N Korea launch site true See in context

But in all honestly, Trump was probably in a no win situation (??) If he gave Kim what he wanted (total removing of scantions and only one site pulled down) no doubt NK would still continue to make/use nuclear weapons. After all, he never promised he would totally destroy all his stuff .....

so its damed if you do and damed if you don't!

Under those circumstances I think Trump did the right thing (not giving up the scantions)

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If Aussie beef is so crap then why are they the biggest importer!?

I don't know about the rest of the world but the Aussies managed to make a contract with Japan that allowed them to be one of the biggest exporters of beef to Japan. NZ would certainly be cheaper (weaker $$) and NZ meat possibly better as NZ has the strictest rules in the world. This is because the NZ economy relies on it, it isn't a 2nd or 3rd industry like most countries

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We don't know all the details, but talking is better than fighting. Its clear that scantions are working in the sense that they clearly want them removed. I get sick of all the anti Trump stuff, he is clearly out of his league and has proved he cannot be trusted to tell the truth (most of the time), but get over it, its him!

I for one applaud Trump for standing up to china and for not rushing into an agreement here. After all NK have proved time and time again that they cannot be trusted to keep any agreement

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The thickness and general size of these foldables .... to my mind, defeat the whole purpose of these phones. They are supposed to be portable phones that double as a tablet.

But, They are too big to be really portable (as in easily go in your jeans pocket) and almost too small to be a really useful tablet (???). Cool tech for sure but I am very happy with what I have

... and I am not even going to talk about the fairy tale price

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bobfor2, read my post carefully, it is more powerful than 1980's super computer.

LOL, oh of course it would be, but again that is not saying a lot as I am pretty sure our phones are too (??)

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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

of course ISIS is a muslim group, I doubt they have Sunday school in churches

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bobfor2, you never used the device, did you ?

No, of course I haven't. And that would be the same for everyone here so ... I don't really see your point. We all are sharing our opinions here.

 it is a super computer

wow, I must have missed that in the announcement. who wants a super computer so small? OK, maybe a few people might (??) but ....hhhmmmm? I am not convinced. I am sure the iPad Pro would kill it for power. But ok, it is very portable.

The other big issue (for me) is my iPad works well after 5 years ... its conjecture ... sure ... but these foldable phones probably won't last long. But of course I could be wrong. I certainly wouldn't rush out and get it expecting years of use

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Posted in: High risk of powerful quake in northeastern Japan within 30 years: panel See in context

this is hardly rocket science,

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Posted in: Look but don't touch as smartphone's flexible future unfolds See in context

No one will buy these things

I totally agree, its getting all the press at the moment but its out of reach (price) for the masses and it can't really do anything much different to previous devices (apart from fold). Its the new toy but I would be very very surprised it many get sold. And I would love to know just how long that screen will last

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all the craze is on foldable phones.

that is what the media has created, but I don't think the average person is that worried

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Posted in: Huawei breaks price ceiling with $2,600 folding 5G smartphone See in context

Crazy price, few will buy it and even if the price goes down by half, I think it would still be out of reach for most people. And as mentioned above, that flexible screen is always on the outside, and I doubt very much it will last. Sure a nice flashy toy to impress your friends if you can afford it but it doesn't do anything for me at all. I am very pleased my phone is built strong and waterproof. I doubt they will give you much of a guarantee.

I honestly think they will lose money on this, it will be a niche market

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This is the future

I doubt that very much, most people can't afford these prices even if they come down a bit

and all said and done, what? you save a few inches in your pocket and its double the thickness!

Imagine walking around with 2 phones in your pocket!

.... and a huge notch! And the tablet size isn't really big enough to be all that useful (??) I mean get your phone and imagine 2 of them, sure its bigger but its not going to make a huge difference!

sure a few rich guys will buy it but I would much rather get a top phone and an iPad Pro and still have some money left over

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