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bobfor2 comments

Posted in: Samsung Electronics says Q3 operating profit down 31% on-year See in context

That is one huge drop for one single year …. Especially from a top player

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Posted in: Captain Cane, hooker Coles ruled out of All Blacks Europe tour See in context

Everyone talks about how poor the All Blacks were ….. but in reality …. The real story is …..It was mostly how the Japanese have improved

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Posted in: U.S. plans to deploy nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Australia's north: report See in context

Good on the USA. Nuclear weapons should be used as a deterrent ….. and this is what this is

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Posted in: Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence 'domestic terrorism' See in context

Man, its not enough that he’s allowed a pandemic to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and tens of millions unemployed. Now he wants his country to burn too.

what utter nonsense! Almost all the countries in the world have serious problems with this virus! Don't you watch the news? oh probably only CNN.

And he wants the country to burn? what? Its clearly the democrat run mayors that want that! You certainly live in a sheltered place! Trump offered months ago to stop this violence but the cities refused

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Posted in: Samsung touts $2,000 foldable phone as a 'VIP' experience See in context

yawn, too expensive

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Posted in: First direct Israel-UAE flight lands in Abu Dhabi See in context

Their land??? Lol, I’ll say this, the West always shrieks about how the Palestinians are mistreated and yet, none of the Arab nations lift a finger to help them, they won’t even take them in and when they send them money inside Gaza, Hamas uses that money not to build schools or improve the infrastructure, they use it fund more terrorism or to create Qassam rockets to use to attack Israelis. So even the Arabs with their so called outrage don’t really want to be burdened with the Palestinian issue. If the Palestinians really want to come to the table and talk, renounce terrorism and then like with UAE the heating and trust can begin

all of this is accurate

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Posted in: Strong typhoon sweeps over Japan's southernmost islands See in context

its going straight for North korea

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Posted in: Biden hits campaign trail; blames Trump for city violence See in context

Its the democrate run cities that have most of the problem and the demonstrations and riots were encouraged by the dems! Suddenly they change their tune, too late

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Posted in: 17-year-old arrested after 2 killed during unrest in Wisconsin See in context

 I think Dems have lost control of the monster they made

I totally agree, the whole thing is very unfortunate but the dem cities allowed this unrest to go on and on

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Posted in: Democrats beat Republicans in first-night convention TV audience See in context

 from the pandemic, which Trump's admin bungled,

as if he was the only leader to make mistakes, I seem to remember the WHO etc say that masks were no good and the WHO waited far too long to declare it was a pandemic

Trump stopped direct flights to china and was scolded for it, but yeh sure he made mistakes as I am sure the democrats would have done too, to imply that only Trump would have made all those mistakes is conjecture

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Posted in: Man not likely to walk again after police shooting in Wisconsin See in context

Again trump’s America is unsafe for the minorities!!!

I hear this kind of thing all the time, what about the Asians in America, they are a small minority but they are the most successful! Even more so than the whites!

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Posted in: New virus cases decline in U.S. and experts credit masks See in context

well they were wrongly told by so many people including the WHO that masks made no difference!

.... so the WHO was clearly wrong

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Posted in: 'FreeFortnite' tournament taunts Apple amid legal battle See in context

Love Apple, and its phones, of course they aren't perfect but good enough for me, this whole Android vs Apple is so passe! these days most phones are decent enough,

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

How will Biden think about recent US action?

hhmmm? sadly biden isn't big in the "thinking" department, have you heard him recently?

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Posted in: U.S., China consulate closures deal losses to both nations See in context

China has proved time and time again it is nothing but a communist dictatorship that hates fair competition and basic freedom.

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Posted in: Huawei overtakes Samsung as top smartphone seller: industry tracker See in context

Huawei does make some really good stuff, but they also make some very cheap low quality stuff. Of course selling at a lower price will get more customers, if Apple etc wanted more market share they could cut prices. I wonder how many would buy Huawei phones if they were the same price?

I wonder what customer satisfaction is like? I have no idea, but I suppose you get what you pay for

my 2c worth

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Posted in: Dozens arrested as Hong Kongers protest planned national security laws See in context

Shame on China, just a huge bully. Freedom for HK

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Posted in: As virus surges, Trump under pressure to wear mask See in context

for a long time the WHO said you don't need a mask!

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

this is what the far left wants and gets, its just gone too far, how about some common sense

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Posted in: The Dixie Chicks officially change their name to The Chicks See in context

what a load of nonsense (being polite)

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Posted in: Microsoft to permanently close all retail stores See in context

Pretty embarrassing for Microsoft, after all .... they didn't have very many stores anyway .... compare that to all the Apple Stores! What is it? 4 or 5 in Japan alone!? I have never even seen a Microsoft store,

.... ok Microsoft have done much better under this new guy, their computers are pretty good, but don't rank very high in sales at all (from what I have seen) ..... hhhmmmm?

another fail I think

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Posted in: New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake See in context

and the Maoris shouldn't be left out! Look what they did to the Morioris in the Chatham Islands!

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Posted in: China’s Huawei debuts latest version of folding phone See in context

I just don't get foldable phones, far too much hype and very little benefit, weak screen and moving parts on a device that will be used many times a day is a huge step back! They will not last

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay organizers take measures against coronavirus See in context

I know its bold but I think they should hold the Olympics next year (put off a year). If even 1 person dies it just won't be worth it. Lives and health are more important than sport. They can still have it, just postpone it, makes sense

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Posted in: China, South Korea report more virus cases See in context

It just amazes me that China knew of this virus in late December and didn't tell WHO and allowed huge public gatherings in Wuhan and then allowed millions to travel!

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Posted in: California to apologize for internment of Japanese-Americans See in context

I know and totally understand from our perspective it doesn't look good. But you have to remember the mind set back then. It was totally different to now.

The Japanese had attacked the US and killed 1000s and the US had no experience of this before. It was WAR, it wasn't business as usual!

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Posted in: 6,000 hygiene masks stolen from Japanese Red Cross hospital in Kobe See in context

I didn't think Japanese did these kind of things. DNA is different, right?

How do you know it was Japanese people that stole it? you don't!

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Posted in: Japan issues coronavirus medical guidance as infections rise See in context

Japan’s effort to stop the spread of this virus has obviously been inappropriate and unsuccessful.

but in all fairness to Japan, this is pretty much the same as most other countries, most countries so far have probably been lucky and I doubt very much that these figures we see each day are all that accurate

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Posted in: Number of infections on virus-hit ship in Yokohama up 70 to 355 See in context

what I don't get is ... this ship got infected in Hong Kong I think (??) but ... we are not seeing a big out break in HK. hhmmm?

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi cancels concert in Beijing over virus See in context

hardly news, a very logical decision

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