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those earbuds look terrible

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 unlike "Apple" which wants you to have some Indian sounding device in your home. "Hey Computer".... reminds me of "Scotty" on Star Trek IV talking to the mouse of (appropriately) an Apple Macintosh...


sounds like you have a virus

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The iPhone is an expensive item to upgrade every 1-2 years.

No! Not true in Japan, if you have already have a phone and use the 2 year contracts.

I have an iPhone and I went to my provider and asked about trading it in for a new iPhone 11. Found out I will be paying less than before, so ... I no brainer! (I am talking about a package with wife and home phone and internet)

It just doesn't make sense to keep the same phone on the same contract when I can get a new one and pay less (same 4G amount etc etc ... no changes to the contract at all, just swap phones)

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so many people are tech junkies now, including me to some extent, but I can't help thinking we all buy into so much hype! Sure 5G might be great in the future but there seems to be this incredible push to have it yesterday.

I for one am quite happy with 4G and I certainly don't want to be paying more money! Lets take a deep breath ......

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Posted in: Facing U.S. ban, Huawei emerging as stronger tech competitor See in context

China doesn't play with a level playing field, there is very little true competition in China, almost all foreign companies are banned or limited in what they can do, so good on Trump.

After all, no one else is big enough to challenge China

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context

As pointed out above, 5G is a long way off being ready. As is often the case .... too much hype

suggest you watch this video (background to why Apple is not rushing to use 5G ... the infrastructure isn't there yet)

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Posted in: Apple may steal Netflix streaming crown, but only for a year See in context

but a very good bold move by Apple to offer a whole year free if you buy a new Apple device. A lot of people buy a new phone every 2 years so ...

People have often said Apple was all about high prices etc but this year a cheaper iPhone (even with tarrifs) and now a whole year of Apple TV+ free wow

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context

too much 5G hype, its a way off yet, the grass is always greener

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

there are a lot more important things than beer sales

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context

People have always complained that Apples stuff is so expensive, and they are right, they are. But you must remember that they also have the best resale value! so things even out a little. So for once Apple actually lowered the price of a new phone! and dispite tarrifs didn't raise the top phone prices! This is great. We all know people (everyone not just Apple users) are holding on to their phones longer.

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Posted in: Huawei plans high-end phone launch under cloud of Google ban See in context

Personally I wouldn't go near any Chinese phones until they have proven they can last and after sales etc work well. Its a risk and another potential huge issue is after sales value!

Sure Apple phones are expensive but you get a lot of money back when you sell it (compared to other phones). I doubt very much whether you will get much for a Huawei phone 2 years later .... my 2c worth

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Posted in: Google reveals years-long 'indiscriminate' iPhone hack See in context

Actually it turns out that this is not the full picture, see this youtube video. It wasn't just Apple, but Windows 10 and android. It "seems" that Google deliberately didn't reveal the whole picture to make their devices seem better (??) ... see the video

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Posted in: Apple's data shows a deepening dependence on China as Trump's tariffs loom See in context

Apple's data shows a deepening dependence on China as Trump's tariffs loom

I have been hearing the exact opposite, to me they seem to be looking at options outside China, but with the volumes of stuff they need made .... its not an over night thing

I think a lot of companies will be looking to get out of China and for more than just tariffs

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Posted in: Japan's curbs on high-tech materials exports to South Korea could backfire See in context

Japan's curbs on high-tech materials exports to South Korea could backfire

Could? of course it COULD. Many things are possible, but the real question is, how likely?

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Posted in: Google reveals years-long 'indiscriminate' iPhone hack See in context

The problem was solved last February. Nothing to do with Safari.

Android phones have had more hacks.

Yes, Apple drop the ball here, but its true, Android has much more issues than iOS. But no platform is 100% safe thats the bottom line

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Posted in: Estimates cast doubt over Japan's public pension sustainability See in context

its very clear, we all need to save for our retirement, those that don't do so are foolish

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Posted in: Russian climber killed by falling rock at Mt Fuji See in context

Think of waiting in line for a line at Disney, but instead on a snow covered mountain. Does that sound fun ?

you don't have to do it in the peak peak season! I climbed it in mid September, no crowds, no lines

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Posted in: Russian climber killed by falling rock at Mt Fuji See in context

Yes, very sad.

I have climbed Mt Fuji twice

and the sad thing is, almost for sure that rock would have moved from someone coming down. I know, its easy to run down the steep places and this will cause other rocks to move, fall.

Yes, very sad all around, I hope the person that did this (accident) didn't actually see the result

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Posted in: Hong Kong violence becoming more serious, but gov't in control, says Lam See in context

This is going to be very interesting, to see how all this turns out!

The communist heads are all against demonstrations but this is how the communists came to power

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup brings hope to tsunami-hit Iwate town See in context

sad that this place will only have 2 very low games, I suppose a small place cannot handle a bigger game but with the headline ".. brings hope" you would think they would get more than 180 mins of rugby

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Posted in: Trump says China trade deal coming; Beijing calls for resolution of dispute See in context

This will be very interesting, Trump is not a real politican, he is a business man

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Posted in: YouTube finds influence campaign tied to Hong Kong protests See in context

Good on YouTube! Very hypocritical of Chinese Gov to ban the youtube and then the same gov uses it for propaganda. What does China hate freedom so much? Its very telling

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

name 5 countries in the industrialized world that have birthright citizenship........ that's what I thought... America should not have it either...

totally agree

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Posted in: Apple CEO warns Trump about China tariffs, Samsung competition See in context

Apple customers are willing to pay any price 

shows how much you follow the news

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Posted in: Apple debuts credit card as it readies TV+ launch See in context

Yes, it will be difficult for Apple TV+ to get traction, but then they do have a lot of money, look what happened to music (Apple music). It will be interesting, but I am far from excited

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Posted in: Japan to build ¥67.5 bil underground neutrino detector in Gifu Pref See in context

What a utter waste of money...

I agree, there must be better things to spend that amount of money on!

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

All this talk of buying greenland must be a joke or some misunderstanding ... surely?

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

but one thing sort of worries me, he has been so hostile to the press, he made them enemies ... so its hard to know if what he says is true or not? Or maybe exaggerated or taken out of context?

One one hand, he has said so many silly things ... why are surprised?

but on the other hand, he "should" know better!

He is certainly one of a kind, and one thought comes to mind, if Obama was so good .... how on earth did Trump get voted in? hhmmm?

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Posted in: Twitter shuts Chinese accounts targeting Hong Kong protests See in context

Shame on China! Its very ironic that the Chinese gov is all against these demonstrations.... but .... this is exactly how they came to power!

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Posted in: Wales become No. 1 after beating England 13-6 in Cardiff See in context

I have never seen Wales play well against the All Blacks! and we shall see in a few weeks time, the proof is in the pudding, actions speak louder than words

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