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Posted in: Power returning to Hokkaido, but quake exposes flaws of grid See in context

I assume what you are referring to by "different currents" is the 50Hz 60Hz systems within your different power grids, This does pose a real issue to grid ties since one can not parallel A/C generators unless they are the same frequency.

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Posted in: Child abuse cases at orphanages, foster families rise in Japan See in context

"After the abuse cases came to light, municipalities instructed the facilities to prevent a recurrence or stepped up support for foster parents, the ministry said."

Other than the above was anyone arrested and prosecuted for abusing these children? I saw no such statistics indicating it in the article.

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Posted in: Japan must do more for WWII 'comfort women': U.N. experts See in context

I fail to understand why some people want to continue to live in the past. History is history archive it, learn from it and move on!

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Posted in: Many child welfare centers failing to share abuse info with police See in context

Such a sad story. I would hope that one of the child welfare policy changes would be to make adoption an easier alternative giving these children a loving home and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Of course better oversight of suspected/real abuse needs to be a priority immediately removing these children before the child is further physically and emotionally harmed. Change can only happen with people who care.

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