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Great discussion BTW. I just wish this comment forum had an edit ability LOL!


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Yes sir I do realize these facts. The nuclear plants in Japan are as I understand it not built to the same standards as those in the USA. I have also read some of the reports on the Fukashima event and it was a unbelievable catastrophe that had proper upgrades which were in the plan but unfortunately way too late been implemented the loss of power to critical plant equipment and meltdowns may have had a much better chance of being prevented altogether. TEPCO was negligent in operating, maintaining and upgrading the plants. One of these reports is in the link below a good read and mush of what you have stated is in these reports I can only hope that TEPCO and the other operator head the lessons learned so as to prevent any such disaster from occurring again.

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Actually Non Nuclear power generation has had more accidents and caused more deaths than nuclear power generation see link here:

I can also tell you from both personal experience and industry statistics that in the USA, I can't speak for Japan, that the safety factor in nuclear plants far exceeds that of fossil/non nuclear plants and this is the primary reason that accidents are extremely rare events.

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As a former Nuclear Plant worker and for the last 39 years working in my utilities Power Generation Fossil plants mainly Combustion Turbine Combined Cycle natural gas fired ones, Nuclear Power is the best solution for reducing CO2 and NOX Emissions and for Japan also the most economic one. One interesting fact many are not aware of is that a coal plant emits more radioactive material into the environment than a nuclear power plant. See article here:

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Posted in: Japan to run new domestic travel subsidy program until late December See in context

Yay! Finally let the travel plans begin. Hello Japan!


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Posted in: Sapporo to restart brewing Yebisu beer in Tokyo's Ebisu after 35 years See in context

Yebisu beer is my favorite Japanese beer! I love the beer, the museum and soon a brewery!

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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context

Hopefully the end of the VISA requirement as well, makes sense if your not going to limit the number of travelers entering then the VISA requirement should be lifted as well since the requirement it's self is a limiting factor for travelers.

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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Killing a fellow human for convince, economic or otherwise is wrong and imoral period.

Keeping the elderly healthy, safe, comfortable and pain free should be the focus and compared the the USA Japan does a much better job at it in my opinion.

As countries like Japan and the USA spend billions of dollars helping others throughout the world I can only help to think our priorities are skewed and much of that money would be better spent taking care of its own citizens. Just my thoughts.

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Posted in: Japan to pay more for hosting U.S. military forces See in context

The big question here is, is Japan ready to take on China if they invade Taiwan by themselves? Having the USA in your corner in my humble opinion is insurance.

With Russia flexing their muscles in Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party with Taiwan all you have to do is look at CCP’s actions in Hong Kong and see what their desires are. The CCP’s oppression needs to be stopped question is can it be and if it can how?

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

Really! ""Stainless steel is routinely used in heart valves, joint replacements and metal sutures and staples. As such, it is not expected that injection of the particles identified in these lots in Japan would result in increased medical risk."

Used as physical parts perhaps but never injected into a human body how they could even try and make it sound less serious as it is, is beyond my understanding!

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Yep looks like some post processing of the image. According to Google maps Mt. Fuji is about 95km (60mi) away.

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Just my thoughts but robotics is still a long way off currently for construction work sure manufacturing is well into robotics and robotic seam welders are performing well in construction such as tanks and vessals but they still need to be set up by a qualified welding technician. The future for robotics in construction I believe is 3D printers see link here:

And humans will always be needed to setup, maintain and remove the robots so workers will need to be trained accordingly. In Japan there are technical high schools that are creating the next generation of workers, after all college is not for everyone.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Unless you are criminally arrested or charged with a crime by law enforcement and requested you should never surrender your passport period.

It's as if she is being held hostage contacting her consulate should get it back I would hope.

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Posted in: IOC Tokyo Olympic marathon edict should give pause to other cities See in context

This is really heartbreaking. Not only will the folks in Tokyo be at a loss but visitors and viewers around the world and to think quoting the article, "This past Aug. 2 — exactly one year before the scheduled date of the women's Olympic marathon — the temperature climbed to 94 degrees (34 Celsius) in Sapporo, just 1 degree cooler than it was in Tokyo on that same day." Just my thoughts.

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Posted in: Worried about flying on a 737 Max? Your options may be few See in context

No worries here, as a former Aircraft Maintenance Technician I can tell you after the 737 Max is returned to service it will probably be one of the safest aircraft to actually be flying due to the additional training and oversight. Just my thoughts.


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Posted in: Japan considering release of video showing N Korean fishing boat collision See in context

Time to start defending the EEZ effectively otherwise it will be overrun with violators.

"The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) is responsible for protecting the EEZ of Japan. As an island nation, dependent on maritime trade for the majority of its resources, including food and raw materials, maritime operations are a very important aspect of Japanese defense policy."


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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

Really! SK is going to be so petty as to do such a thing? Security has nothing to do with any trade disputes and should never be sacrificed because of political differences unless one of the parties actually becomes "the security threat". Meanwhile NK is probably overjoyed.

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

If such a thing were an individuals doing said individual would be in serious need of psychological counseling for getting over it and moving on definitely not healthy.

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Posted in: Global coal phase-out raises viability questions about Japanese plants See in context

Read this article you wouldn't think coal plants emit radiation into the environment but they do more than an operating nuclear plant per megawatt.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context

People typically move to where the jobs are and with the 2020 olympics on the horizon Tokyo would be the place to go. Just my thoughts.

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

BTW this will soon be California's "Revised" flag LOL!

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

Folks it's a combination of revisionist history and just plain ignorance! In time there will be no record of the The American Civil War or the World War's if we are not careful. History is History and should be preserved as such. Bias, prejudice or political correctness along with ignorance are an enemy to the truth. Just my thoughts.

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Posted in: Treading carefully, Japan's nuclear industry makes a comeback See in context

I started out my career in Nuclear power and currently work at a natural gas and diesel fueled combustion turbine power plant. I can tell you nuclear power is much cleaner and better for the environment than burning "fossil fuels" if and only if proper oversight is maintained! Here in the USA the primary government oversight responsibility is with the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission working hand and hand with the utility, if you look at our history in the past decade in nuclear power it works.

The problem in japan is TEPCO has failed in their responsibilities and government regulation appears to have little influence. I am unaware of how Japan provides any government oversight, on top of all of this there have been several stories of Japanese companies lack of integrity during the construction or manufacturing it happens here in the US as well and it's due to the cost driven culture rather than being driven as well by safety.

I do think Japan can safely and successfully operate nuclear power plants they have been but changes need to be made in the industry and government as well as improvements in the plants to make them as safe as they can be, just my thoughts.

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Posted in: Tokyo subway system may not be able to cope with Olympics See in context

I thought about this while I was in Japan this past June and figured for the trains at least they could easily extend the platforms and add more cars, the subway on the other hand a more challenging opportunity. I have no doubt though that the ingenuity, creativity and resilience of the Japanese people combined with their welcoming kindness will succeed beyond our limited expectations and deliver to the World an Olympic Games that will be totally awesome and make both Japan and the World proud!

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for still-radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

TEPCO is trying to go cheap! They need to spend the money and by enough Cation and Anion resin ton's of it pass the water through it along with conventional particulate filters the resin and filters becomes highly concentrated with radio nuclides AKA Radioactive contaminants, the water becomes free of them. After this process is complete the water can be safely discharged or used for that matter. What you are left with are contaminated filter media and resin that will need to be stored/buried for generations very costly but it is a much smaller volume than millions of gallons of water and not as large a threat as releasing the water as is which would be unthinkable.


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Posted in: Power returning to Hokkaido, but quake exposes flaws of grid See in context

I assume what you are referring to by "different currents" is the 50Hz 60Hz systems within your different power grids, This does pose a real issue to grid ties since one can not parallel A/C generators unless they are the same frequency.

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Posted in: Child abuse cases at orphanages, foster families rise in Japan See in context

"After the abuse cases came to light, municipalities instructed the facilities to prevent a recurrence or stepped up support for foster parents, the ministry said."

Other than the above was anyone arrested and prosecuted for abusing these children? I saw no such statistics indicating it in the article.

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Posted in: Japan must do more for WWII 'comfort women': U.N. experts See in context

I fail to understand why some people want to continue to live in the past. History is history archive it, learn from it and move on!

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Posted in: Many child welfare centers failing to share abuse info with police See in context

Such a sad story. I would hope that one of the child welfare policy changes would be to make adoption an easier alternative giving these children a loving home and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Of course better oversight of suspected/real abuse needs to be a priority immediately removing these children before the child is further physically and emotionally harmed. Change can only happen with people who care.

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