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Bobo comments

Posted in: JAL announces int'l fare fuel surcharge for tickets issued between December and January 2024 See in context

Both charge 16man to australia coz it’s direct and most folks here can’t go cheaper through singapore ect at half the price coz their vacations sorry quick breaks don’t last more than a 4-5 days. So they can charge whatever they like.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

use a debit card as a 2nd account that’s only got bare minimum funds to cover subscripitions ect, then they can’t take any nothing coz you didn’t transfer any funds. No need to cancel nothing.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son says AI will surpass human intelligence in a decade See in context

Son’s math teacher was upset saying most kids use the ai apps for algebra ect. And they work very well. So why the.. do they need to learn how to do all that math in their heads? Keeping themselves in a job maybe. It’s wasting the kids time, the apps are smarter and ain’t going nowhere.

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Posted in: King Charles III's image to appear on Australian coins this year See in context

Won’t be totally cashless there, tourists ect mostly use cash, I allways use cash there. I don’t want them to know what I buy and when and how much I have in the bank.

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Posted in: Indonesia launches Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway, funded by China See in context

How many locals will be able to afford a ticket? Very few I bet.

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Posted in: Japan to open hotline for male sex victims See in context

friend in aus left their partner coz of mental abuse, got free counceling, $500 immediate payment with $5000 to come shortly for relocation. Wonderfull system , I guess it’s done here too I hope.

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Posted in: Japanese get trained in smiles as masks slowly come off See in context

Put on a good comedy, then there’s some free smiles and richer to boot!

yep masks are coming off, great to see it’s not just me anymore.

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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

just like our English school, they rose the prices by 33% and guess what ? 2/3 of students left. It didn’t bother them nor will it bother JR coz they’d rather go broke than give in , it’s pride.

good luck JR you won’t see my coin

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Posted in: Toyota sets April global output record as pandemic impact recedes See in context

With a years wait for your car like my boss, by the time he gets it’ll be superseeded ? No interest if I have to wait, I could pass away while waiting then what?

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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch ¥3.5 mil in auction; 2nd highest bid on record See in context

I would prefer Cobain’s smashed nevermind fender guitar for $595,000. Melons go off!

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Posted in: Gov't approves hike in household electricity rates See in context

Huge hikes, To me seems like greed and nothing to do with blah blah.

greed goes around , I put up my tenants rent up back home 15%. I had to I’m getting ripped off everyway I turn recently. I joined the greed club!

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Posted in: 4 unacquainted teens investigated over Tokyo Rolex store robbery See in context

yeah they treated me like dirt when I came in with an old 70s submarina watch that I found in my dad’s things, They wouldn’t repair it nor offer any help just buy a newby please. I’ll get it fixed up when I get back home soon and jave his piece tickin’ away once again.

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Posted in: 4 men steal safe from home of company exec in Gifu Prefecture See in context

maybe bolt it next time or any fool can carry it away, what’s the point of a safe that can be hauled away.

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Posted in: Japan formally decides to downgrade COVID-19 to flu level on May 8 See in context

Lot of younger people unmasked but the older folks still masked up,scared I guess? Btw I stopped wearing mine 2 weeks after my first jab, guess what I’m still alive!

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Posted in: 2025 World Expo in Osaka ticket prices may see over 30% hike See in context

30% hike due to greed! Bottom line these days.

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Posted in: Gov't to approve plan for Japan's 1st casino resort in Osaka See in context

Osaka! don’t worry if you live in Tokyo, the line to get in will start in Tokyo anyways, like anywhere here.

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Posted in: Japan's crackdown on truck driver overtime raises fears of economic breakdown See in context

How about limiting travel time to work, my wifes company moved and now it’s a 2.5 hour journey eachway ! She’s allways tired, grumpy and unapprochable weekdays. Life is hell for the whole family and most families at the plant too I bet.

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

And how about 30% pay cut from age 60 till 65 pension terms now for gov employees and soon these recruits too as most companies will follow suit. This is a sickening way treat these people who built japan and made this country, who cares throw’m away.


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Posted in: Japan's February jobless rate at 2.6%; 1st rise in 5 months See in context

Even in Aust if you’re working a couple of hours a week, or working for unemployment benifits you are counted as employed, the real unemployment rate must be 20% who knows? A friend went for a secretary job and there were over 1000 applicants, getting a job is the same odds as a lottery.

Here it’s different as wages are discustingly low therefore jobs are plentifull.

if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

a happy worker is a good worker.

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Posted in: Toyota's global sales for February hit record high See in context

We’ve had an aqua since new, just hit 140,000km and getting 30-35kml on the 50km eachway to work, funny how in winter with the heater on only gets 25kml.great cars

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Posted in: Okinawa to cap number of remote island visitors to prevent 'overtourism' See in context

Great it’ll be for rich elite folks only

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Posted in: More clashes as French protesters rally against Macron's pension bill See in context

Go on them, goverments just want us to work and pay taxes and then hopefully just die. the sad truth is we are only a burdon on the system when we retire.

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Posted in: Diet enacts record ¥114 tril budget for FY2023 See in context

I really don’t like politicians and that’s anywhere you go, I haven’t nor will I ever bother , my vote is nothing anyways

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Posted in: Russia test-fires anti-ship missiles at mock target in Sea of Japan See in context

Yep, Russia, NK, china all these unfriendly neighbours all around us, and life here finacially getting worse everyday. Answer is obvious to me move, asap

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Posted in: Japan reports 6,324 new coronavirus cases See in context

Er, nobody reports it anymore so there are no numbers to really run on, prob only very much elderly will get tested now. Your nuts if get tested no pay for what 2 weeks? yeah right. Anyways it barely affect us , it’s finished over done, take your mask off and be free.

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Posted in: Gov't to lift evacuation orders in 2 Fukushima towns next week See in context

If they wanna go home let’em go back, they know the health risks and just want to go home. Most would be elderly so they only have a number of years left, so long as they don’t take their grown up childen home. Nature has prob taken over homes, shops ect must be uninhabital by now and whats open and who’s gonna open a business. Good luck

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Posted in: Official campaigning for nationwide local elections begins in Japan See in context

I live across from a park and they park right out my window, the whole house is shaking it’s so horrible and I can’t do anything except go out most the day. Should we all put up with this ? Yep, of course never complain except on here.thank’s for letting me vent.

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Posted in: Japan land prices up for 2nd year in post-COVID rebound See in context

Can’t do up and sell homes for a profit here , the house is only the land value so We bought back in Aust during covid and since then prices up 25-40% it’s crazy. But it’s all relative when we sell and re- buy, just keeping up with inflation. Owning a home is becoming impossible there for most.

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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

A cashless society means you can’t hide your money for retirement ect. Too much money in the bank they’ll cut some of your pension back in Aus.

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Posted in: Japan marks 28 years since Aum cult's Tokyo subway sarin attack See in context

@yabara, the other reason bins haven’t returned is the gov and councils are stingy. Most countries supply bins. Where the .. do we put our trash in our pocket on the road?

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