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Posted in: Tokyo marks record 9th day of temperatures above 35 C See in context

Gets worse every year, that’s why we always vacation in Australia in july till september. Grab flight out!

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Posted in: KDDI says 70% of services restored after wide network troubles See in context

Guess our family must be in remaining 30% , UQ still ain’t working.

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Posted in: Russian warships pass between Japan's westernmost islands See in context

And the japanenes wave hello to them.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

mark, exactly you hit the nail on the head, it’s very unlikely Japan will ever open as before.

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Posted in: Sex Pistols show shines light on 'violence of punk' See in context

Those days were awesome, went to bar one night and skin heads took over the pub, bar staff split and booze was flowing free, cops waited outside and touch any of us after we’d finished. Couldn’t get away with those antics anymore.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,621 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 23,447 See in context

I know loads of people back home that have caught omi chan and zero died, zero hospitalized, all sick for a 2-3 days with mild symptons and they’re mostly in their 50s onwards. Take your mask off and enjoy life

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Posted in: Power crunch averted as record heatwave scorches Kanto area See in context

Why didn’t they prepare for this sooner and get ready for the extra demand for power needed every summer? They couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery,

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Posted in: As COVID fears ebb, Japan readies for more tourists from abroad See in context

These businesses don’t seem to get it, the borders will never open as before, there will be hoop after hoop to get in, and there’s a visa application backlog ensuring that almost nobody gets in. The gov doesn’t want to open period. Why ? What have did I do? It’s past the covid excuse long ago.

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

It’ll work there’re millions of tight wads here that’ll line up for 10¥ saving. I’m leaving next week anyway, enjoy your summer!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,329 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 17,285 See in context

Everyone in my family has covid , brother, sister, girlfriends and prob the cat too. Everyones getting better after a couple a days (age 50s) more chance dying from a falling fridge from the sky. Masks off , unless you’re Japanese of course.

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Posted in: Japan's top court rules gov't not liable for Fukushima disaster See in context

99% of people here will anything from Fukushima, guess it doesn’t affect folks in Japan? Sons international school’s lunches contain nothing from there or close by , it’s all listed for us all to see which is nice some people care.

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Posted in: Japan logs ¥2.38 tril goods trade deficit in May; 2nd largest ever See in context

Borders open with tourisim? Don’t hold your breath, it seem like it’s not about covid anymore

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Posted in: Japan gears up for July 10 election with end of Diet session See in context

Well our great all mighty leader shall lead us all to the promised land once again,

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

using public transport! Wtf doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of limiting the spead. Collosal odiots

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

Make it as difficult as possible to come, that’s the big plan. Then nobody comes!

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Posted in: Businesses pin hopes on foreign tourists as Japan set to reopen border See in context

Japan experience is a web site for booking these so called prison tours, its on utube

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

It’s a constucted plan to pretend to open and say look we’re open! The borders will not open this year and next year? My guess they basiclly wanna stay closed like china

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

anyway nobody says boo to me unmasked, basiclly I don’t wear anywhere unless it’s a peak hour train. When should I keep wearing it till ? Next year, 5 years? Enough is enough, if u wanna wear it forever go for it.

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Posted in: Kishida planning to attend NATO summit in late June; 1st time for Japanese PM See in context

So we’re joining Nato? Good

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,071 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 18,252 See in context

Great numbers.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs reopening Fukushima village section to residents See in context

It’s not radioactive anymore! Amazing, must be that Japan is unique. Send’em all home then

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

Who cares I’m going to Australia for a lovely winter while y’all argue over borders through 2 masks in mid summer. Don’t take it off someone might see you, oh the shame!

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

2400¥ a day! Why does the gov here have to be sooo stingy, it’s so sad for them to come here on a 3 month visa with a few coins thown at them, they’ll probably hit’em for their flights later. Would it hurt to give them 1man ¥ a day! On the scale of things it’s a drop in the ocean.

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Posted in: Japan records trade deficit as imports surge on energy costs See in context

Nice job Ldp they ruined the economy, don’t worry they’ll get in no matter what they do to Japan or it’s people.

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

just use the contaminated water to irrigate the rice patties, most people buy produce from Fukushima and assume they’re immuned to any radioactive goods, not like me!

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

If the borders open this year I will share my dogs dinner with him amd upload it!! to me the gov doesn’t like forieners and wants them out period.

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Posted in: California ban on selling semi-automatic guns to young adults overturned See in context

Guns don’t kill people, people do

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Posted in: Gov't says masks not needed outdoors if distancing maintained See in context

People sneezing into their masks like it’s a snot catcher makes me sick. I only wear one if the train really packed apart from that I’m free those fools ain’t

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Posted in: Sex Pistols classic 'God Save The Queen' to get jubilee revival See in context

I’ll be digging out my copy of never mind bollocks when I get get back home some and ebay it

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