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Posted in: Japan won't prosecute Chinese diplomat over espionage See in context


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Posted in: 10 Keio Univ students face charges for streaking through station See in context

Have you watched Japanese TV? I have visited Japan several times and omigod..Japanese are really weird doing all those sexy stuff. Then, they can suddenly be very prudish about these naked boys.

Non issue - all the same - the parents should give them some pep talk.

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

Why go for permanent tattoos? Just paint your skin with non-toxic ink. When you are fed up with it you can rub it off.

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Posted in: Kumamoto man arrested after fatally stabbing his daughter’s 38-year-old boyfriend See in context

Lesson 1: Never mess around with young girls especially if you can be her dad. Always seek her dad's permission first to show your sincerity. Chances are that this dead guy was out for some fun but I better not assume.

Lesson 2: Today's teenagers are also out for some fun what with pornography on the Internet. It is very difficult for daddies these days to control their little princesses.

Lesson 3: A crime is a crime. The old man better come up with a good reason for stabbing people. If he ends up in jail for a long time, the poor girl and family will lose a bread winner and a father.

Conclusion: Unless the father is by nature an aggressive person, otherwise my suspicion is that the other fella must have said something very provocative to warrant such a violent reaction.

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

It's not the pachinko parlour's fault. It could happen anywhere - the mother leaving the child to enter a 7 Eleven, thinking that it's going to be a minute to grab a coke or something..then she meets a friend and chats for an hour and voila, she forgets that she has a baby at the back of the car and drives home and park the car with the baby inside until she finds it dead the next day.

It's about habitual forgetfulness, extreme irresponsibility and plain outright obnoxious.

There are countless people who leaves their bunch of keys in the keyhole after opening the door, forgetting to switch off the tap or lights and the list goes on.

If you are lucky, no burglars enter your house while you are soundly asleep with the keys still in the key hole. Often it takes the partner/spouse (in my case it's the forgetful wife) to spot the over-heated pan, oven etc.

Until...something tragic happens. Poor baby, your mum has killed you and may she live with that horror for the rest of her life!!!

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Posted in: Malaysia delays caning of Muslim woman who drank beer See in context

Spanked live on TV? What's so criminal about drinking liquor even as a Muslim? The trouble is Islam is getting more and more "notorious" in the eyes of the world and rightly or wrongly seen as a belligerent religion with Muslims ever ready to shout "Allah is Great" as a battle cry. If Muslims want the world to see their religion as peaceful, wise and good, it must practice more understanding and give Muslims especially Muslim women more freedom. Instead of punishing those who break Islamic laws, the so-called culprits should be counselled.

During the days of Prophet Mohamed, Muslim men were allowed to marry four wives mainly because many men were killed in battles and it was a kind deed to take care of women who have lost their husbands by marrying them and to treat them fairly.

Unfortunately, today in many countries, Muslim men take advantage of this by having four wives. Can Islam earn the respect of the world when such things continue to occur?

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Posted in: 2 Koreas hold 1st high-level talks in 2 years See in context

Let's hope the two Koreas will forge closer rapport in all fields without interference from countries with ulterior motives. Actually the recent firing of rockets by the North is simply a way of telling the world especially USA to hands off and a show of might. Many diplomatic squabbles can be resolved by mere shaking of hands by leaders instead of using threats, embargoes and what not. Obama should say Hello to the North's leasder and create a new era of peace.

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Posted in: The spirit of hospitality See in context

As a Malaysian, my favourite budget hotel is Toyoko Inn. It is very well run (by female managers) and all their hotels are a few minutes walks from railway stations and in very strategic locations. The clean and well equipped rooms has everything I need. At 7,000 to 9,000 yen, it comes with free breakfast. The service is excellent!

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Posted in: Man, woman and child found dead hanging from tree in Nagano See in context

Please stop passing judgment on others until you are in their predicament. Each person, family, cultural and social background and circumstances differ. Do not impose your own values on others. Indeed, it is very tragic.

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