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Posted in: Anti-Obama books are best-sellers See in context

That fact that Bush won twice shows that people are willing to vote republican even when the candidate has already proven he's unfit to lead, so McCain could definitely win this one.

As for the books, I imagine most of them are being bought by die hard republicans who are looking for reasons not to like Obama because they can't think of any themselves.

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Posted in: 'Clone Wars' revives 'Star Wars' fun See in context

What's this about no Asians in Star Wars? What do you think the aliens in the Trade Federation in Episode 1 are? The accent, the narrow eyes, the focus on business and money. From the first time I saw them I thought they were a thinly veiled insult to the Japanese.

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Posted in: Hunter dies in suspected bear attack in Hokkaido See in context

guy with gun vs bear: bear wins. 12 year old girl in tent vs bear: 12 year old girl wins


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