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Posted in: Bad weather linked to train suicides in Japan: study See in context

I wonder how bad gloomy days affect blind people? i am serius about this. Must do research.

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Posted in: Massive quake creates island off Pakistan coast See in context


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Posted in: Bali to host Miss World final despite Muslim anger See in context

Bali is mostly peaceful Hindus. Let the show begin.

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda dating kabuki actor See in context

What does big couple mean?

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Posted in: Man caught driving wrong way on expressway said he was going back the way he came See in context

Would have been scarier if at night.

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Posted in: Abe vows more active security role for Japan See in context

And now for the angry response from CHina?

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Posted in: Police carry out nationwide crackdown on dangerous driving See in context

Stop signs in Japan are just considered art.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. nuclear regulator says Japan was slow on Fukushima leak See in context

GS 13 Stats for 2010 which is really old are starting about $71,000 for step one, moving to $93,000 for step ten. There might be additional years added to step 10 with no payment increase except for inflation, and the change in COLA due to Yen Dollar changes in rates. A nice housing allowance to the Tokyo area is nice, and there is probably a hardship allowance for being in a contaminated area. You are looking at about $180,000 top for the job.

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Posted in: Which world leaders do you respect and why? See in context

The dead ones. Because now they cannot continue to harm the world. RIP

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Posted in: Couple arrested for beating 10-month-old daughter See in context

He was cruel and she was confused. I blame the man and not the wife.

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Posted in: Osaka man saves wife after she tries to kill him in fire See in context

Double Darwin in my opinion.

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Posted in: Latest souvenir trends among foreign tourists in Japan See in context

My knives cost over ¥17,000 Each. But I do not buy Japanese knives. Rust is an issue. I buy another brand and they are fantastic.

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Posted in: Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch See in context

Cannot wait for Maverick. Should be even faster than Mountain Lion. On some of my older Mac-Minis which I use for business, the latest jave update won't install as the stop support before Mountain Lion now. I do not like that.

I want a WHite iPhone and will do my own painting design on it with acrylic.

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Posted in: Amachan See in context

@AKB The water is cleaner perhaps.

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

if they did this a lot, then they have more than enough cash to pay a lawer to claim first offence

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Posted in: How iPhone 5S, 5C and older iPhone 5 compare See in context

Megu: Doesn't the upgrade appear at 2pm here as I read on various sites? Or did you use a VPN and down load from America?

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Posted in: Not just for talking, smartphones are hubs: survey See in context

I cannot remember the last time I talked on my phone. The WHite plan is just too expensive to do so. Actually, I think all the plans are too expensive. When will competition show us that? Docomo is now selling iPhones too, but I bet the monthly rate does not drop at all. They all work in collusion.

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Posted in: Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr stars in Japanese detergent commercial See in context

Why do all laundry detergents have American names in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe orders 2 Fukushima reactors scrapped; pledges safe Olympics See in context

I posted this on another story here. Listen to what Japanese farmers think about this whole mess. The fisherman should do the same, and the people should stand up to the lies.

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Posted in: Japan balked at steps to control Fukushima water in 2011, memo shows See in context

I think there was a mark at the end that did not belong. Sorry.

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Posted in: Japan balked at steps to control Fukushima water in 2011, memo shows See in context<

If you want to see something very relevant to this whole situation. Listen to what Japanese farmers had to say to the Japanese Govt. officials about this entire mess. It is in Japanese but with good sub titles.

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Posted in: Tokyo police advise women on how to stay safe while in elevators See in context

Women only elevators between 7 and 9:30. Men can take the stairs.

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Posted in: Typhoon forces TEPCO to release tainted water into sea See in context

The ocean is huge. Dump the whole lot in my opinion and quit wasting money on building storage tanks.

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Posted in: Power of the sea See in context

Same seen a coupe of years back showed the tsunami going 10 meters over this.

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Posted in: Sales tax hike will add Y6 tril to household burden: gov't panel See in context

I would agree with it if they did the following.

No tax on food (Sorry, Potato chips are not food)

No tax on medicine both prescribed and over the counter.

No tax on infant and toddler products such as diapers and formula.

No tax on school books, and school supplies.

No tax on school uniforms and bags, and school art and PE supplies.

Tax all the rest of it all you want. The above items we have no choice but to buy. Luxuray items we do not need.

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Posted in: Critics savage Diana film after London premiere See in context

Maybe the French will try to be funny with this and make cartoons of it as they did for Fukushima and the 2020 Olympics coming to Japan. I would be curious to see how they search for humor in it.

I want to see this movie. I will make my own judgments.

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Posted in: Most young part-timers wish they worked at Starbucks: survey See in context

an recently conducted a survey of first-time part-timers to try to find out what places are happening in the modern world of fresh-faced young workers. The results were interesting, to say the least. Who knew how many people longed to become a Starbucks barista??

Can the editors add the first part of the sentence please. Seems to be missing on my browser maybe?

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Posted in: Survey shows dating experience of average Japanese school kids See in context

100% of the 300 said they had dated at least one person. I find that hard to believe. There are so many goofy HS kids that turn into Otaku, and so many girls that turn into cookie and cake eaters, that it does not seem correct.

How ever if they said 99.9% which would match the guilty rate from coerced confessions, I would truly believe what I just read.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

A friend of my hubby has his whole body covered except neck, face and hands. They went to an onsen and no one noticed until he went to the bath areas. Everyone left the pools, and they had a very relaxing time. They are both Caucasian.

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Posted in: TV staffer makes hilarious walk-on appearance during live news segment See in context

Linking it makes it faster. Here you go.

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