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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

I think this is one of the first times I've agreed with every comment on a Japan Today article.

Nice to see almost everyone agrees that without better wages and more free time, the birthrate will continue to fall. There are so many little things they can do to fix this. Pursue fair overtime laws/regulations, increase wages, allow people to have second forms of income, subsidies and tax breaks, realistic rent/property pricing.... the list goes on forever. They aren't hard to do. They are very important just in terms of human rights. I really hope we see more than considerations or warnings from the LDP and maybe some real action.

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Posted in: Buying Japanese concert tickets may get even harder with new gov't plan See in context

All the faith I had in Kano is quickly going out the door.

Japan is really heading in a Chinese direction lately... How much longer have we all got with a bit of freedom?

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Posted in: Lower house OKs ¥21 trillion supplementary budget See in context

Average salary hasn't changed since '97. The only change is that tax has consistently increased.

Literally 25 years behind the rest of the world. Someone fax Kishida and let him know.

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

The government can't raise minimum wage. If they did, who would work as call girls they can play with on the weekend?

There are a lot of factors at play here. Most of it stems from low pay/support.

My wife is pregnant right now, and I'm terrified of trying to raise a kid here.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for taking online job recruitment test for money See in context

Clearly English tests. Shows how important these companies really value the English skills their employees have.

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Posted in: Yamanashi uses toilet paper messages to help suicidal youth See in context

Half of you in the comments are spot on. Free time + money, with a side of proper mental health support. That's what people here need. Younger people are taking their own lives when they realize what adult life is going to be. The image of never having fun again. If they have other social issues at the time, it would be very hard to keep a positive outlook.

Also, reading something inspiring, then wiping your ass with it. Smart. Perfect symbolism.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching mother unconscious on her 100th birthday See in context

Japan should really stop this 'take care of the elderly at home' stuff and build a few more retirement homes. Imagine being 70 years old and needing to constantly wake up in the middle of the night to help someone use a toilet. I couldn't. I don't think he responded appropriately... but I do think anyone could snap from this lifestyle.

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Posted in: Japanese project encourages men to lead change for gender equality See in context

I totally agree. A man who takes his wife's last name, or becomes a nurse isn't considered a man in Japan. There was one male nurse at my local hospital who was transferred because of how many people turned him down. The only English speaking nurse at the hospital, too.

They really need to work on the thought process. But also, they need to increase the salaries for those currently considered 'women specific' jobs too. I think equal salary is one of the biggest steps to gender equality.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left inside car for 9 hours See in context

Japan is one of the few countries where I can confidently say these things will unavoidably happen without a change to the work/life culture.

How many juveniles die in cars in America every year? Tons. The difference is, drugs are usually involved. It's never someone who is in a rush, with a daily routine rarely ever interrupted or changed. People need more free time. I feel like young children and new parents hardly even have a relationship in Japan anymore.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over stabbing incident on street in Aichi Prefecture See in context

Do these situations play out in the same awful fashion as the re-dramatization videos they play on TV? Where the victim just kind of stands there shocked and takes it... Falling to the ground in dramatic fashion without even attempting to shove the stabber? That's how I picture it every time I hear about these crimes involving strangers where people seem to get into crazy acts of random violence.

If someone I didn't know came over to me with a knife, yelling, I'd kick him straight in the chest. Swing my bag like a mace and hope the battery pack clocks him. It's about time we get a story about someone who fends off a potential stabber.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested for beating 50-year-old son to death See in context

A 78 year old man kills his 50 year old son by hitting him over the head with an iron bar. Not something you hear every day.

It's too bad Japan covers up all but the straight facts regarding the criminal charges. I want some bodycam footage, or interrogation recordings.

The less the government shares, the more corrupt they are.

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Posted in: 50.1% of Japanese companies suffering from labor shortage: survey See in context

I'm looking for a job in Japan right now. My wife wants to raise our baby here... If there really were that many companies desperate for work, you'd think I'd find something reasonable with which I I'd be able to support a family.

They may be lacking the staff they desire, but they certainly aren't trying very hard to find new employees. Wages are gutter trash, hours are insane, holidays non-existent in the first year. Even positions that require experience start with wages equivalent to a minimum wage 40 hour a week job in Texas... Yet, the hours are longer.

Hoping a golden opportunity pops out and hits me in the eye right now. Unlikely.

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

If there is one thing I hate, it's when an incompetent government requests help.

You have to be kidding me. Lower electricity usage when it matters most? I'll be sure to blow my breakers as many times as I can. Set up all my old computers, have the GPUs blasting overclocked 24 hours a day. Vacuum as frequently as possible, and set my freezer to whatever maximum cold it can do.

Fix your shtuff, Japan. If I pay, I'm gonna use it.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

Too few Japanese students who can actually use English in a social setting.

Too few young Americans willing to put up with Japanese rules/restrictions on covid.

It ain't gonna happen.

The difference in higher education style will always restrict the amount of students coming to Japan from western countries. Single sex dorms, curfews, insane rules for adults in their mid 20s.

If I knew, I probably wouldn't have done it myself. Covid just makes it even worse now.

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Posted in: One of Japan’s biggest convenience store chains testing walk-through cashless payment system See in context

I'm totally down for this kind of stuff. They've been doing it in America for years already. Even places here like Uniqlo are only a few steps away from having this.

Here's the catch.

Baba-ba-chan doesn't have someone to complain to, or buy smokes from.

Geegee-ji-chan still can't forget the days where he walked through 10 km of snow and ice uphill to get to the combini. It would be depressing not to see a face behind the counter congratulating him on his hard work.

That, plus it's way too hard for me to get a credit card here.

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Posted in: Japan's stimulus plan must exceed ¥15 tril, says ruling party executive See in context

They really need to increase average salaries here. The average full time salary is exactly the same as it was 25 years ago. Yet, average working hours are through the roof...

The standard Japanese company is insanely inefficient. Every time a new, faster, more reliable way to do something is introduced... instead of switching to that they ADD it. Now they have 2 processes to do instead. In some cases, 3. They need younger, 'in touch' business people to throw them in a management

How are people still surviving and complaining while their average salary hasn't increased in 25 years? More work, less time to spend. It's as easy as that. Cut overwork, increase free time. More time to spend money = more money in circulation. This helps to make higher wages if the companies step up. More free time also leads to higher marriage and birth rates...

They say money doesn't buy happiness... but happiness sure correlates with more being spent.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges help to those financially affected by Unification Church See in context

This is an awful idea. Taxpayer money going to brainwashed idiots. What's stopping them from handing it right back to this 'church'?

They should be forcing the cult to hand that money back themselves. This is insanely backwards.

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Posted in: Kishida orders culture minister to investigate Unification Church See in context

Is there any area that isn't corrupt with the LDP? Why do these things always take so long? Why are there so many announcements of action, but no results? Why is there such a giant difference between the NHK news and Yahoo news?

At this point, anyone who doesn't expect this Unification Church thing to go really deep looks foolish.

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Posted in: Bones found near Universal Studios Japan confirmed as man's See in context

Could it just be a homeless man who went peacefully in his sleep? That's what I'm going with.

RIP, 60-79 year old homeless guy. You fought the system to live a long life of freedom. No more suits and ties. No more unqualified senior orders. He knew the pension system would fall apart, so he decided to leave. He grabbed life by the balls. Found a few tarps and tires to set up shop in a park. For the first time in his life, he understood the meaning of the word 'relax', and relax he did for the rest of it.

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Posted in: Shibuya New Year’s Eve countdown event canceled for 3rd straight year See in context

Covid is hitting Japan pretty hard. Too many seniors who can't handle it. Unfortunately, those seniors are the ones calling the shots, too. We finally have a generation of youth who understand that there are things more fun than what the ministry of education deems so... And they are told they're not allowed to have said fun.

Poor kids.

I guess if they don't conform to working 80 hours a week in suits, they have no say in the matter anyway.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympic executive to be investigated over fresh bribery case See in context

I always figured this was just how things worked in Japan. Bribe your way to exclusivity rights.

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