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Bogi comments

Posted in: 6 others arrested over death of 16-year-old girl on Hiroshima mountain See in context

What is wrong with some people?

Their parents and our society in general.

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Posted in: Arashi announces tour of five major domes plus Tokyo's National Stadium See in context

Japanese people under 35 don't "listen" to music, the "watch" it.

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Posted in: Everybody hold tight See in context

Ha! How awkward does the grey suit dude (4th from right) look!

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

As papasmurfinjapan alluded to above, this really is a reflection of the sad society we live in. What's worse, people will forget about it tomorrow.

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Posted in: Yaguchi apologizes for illicit affair See in context

It doesn't say WHO she apologized to.

Her husband? Someone else? The people of the world?


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Posted in: A visit from Thai PM See in context

I think these comments show a lack of respect towards her. No matter what you do, if you are a woman, the first judgment you'll get will be about your look.

Well, if I had some deep insight into her political prowess and/or achievements, that may have been my first comment. Unfortunately, in this particular case, the only thing I have to go on is this photo.

She's HOT!!!

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

sometimes the truth is a little bit less sexy than complete fabrications

Although some parts of the document you linked make for interesting reading, I see nothing in it that refers to the point that I was making, which is the increase of random, bizarre crimes. It is widely known that the overall number of reported crimes has been decreasing in Japan, a trend that experts put down to a number of things including the "numbing" of society, rising apathy among the younger generation and a decreasing, but aging population.

I recently saw a panel of sociologists on NHK discussing the rising rate of random street attacks that were unrelated to robbery. One of the striking (and disturbing) points that was made is how much crime in Japan these days goes unreported (to police), a trend that the NPA must be thankful for when compiling their "improved" statistics.

There was nothing "fabricated" about my initial comment. You missed the point.

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

@A Realist

The point is that random, bizarre crimes have dramatically increased in Japan over recent years, something that is often discussed in the Japanese media as a serious social issue. If the causes are not researched and addressed, the problem could easily worsen.

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Posted in: U.S. soul singer Candice Glover wins 'American Idol' See in context

Thanks for ruining AI. I've been avoiding the weekly results for months now and the surprise was spoiled on the JT top page - in the title!

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Posted in: Manchester City fires manager Roberto Mancini See in context

Meanwhile, across town...

Exactly. I support neither club, but United are certainly the classier club.

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Posted in: Backstreet Boys to tour Japan in October See in context

"The Backstreet Men".

Somehow I don't think they'd go for that.

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

It's only a matter of time before Hashimoto, like Ishihara, fades into insignificance.

A matter of time? Ishihara has been politically active for almost 50 years, during which time he has had a huge influence on ultra-conservative, nationalist thinking in this country. Your comment makes him sound like a flash in the pan which he is most definitely not. We can only hope that Hashimoto doesn't garner the same support.

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Posted in: Justin Timberlake announces world tour, new album See in context

Hope he comes to Japan. He's an amazing entertainer.

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Posted in: Kara singer Nicole to be English teacher on radio program See in context

I like her, and Kara.

But this is radio, and not being able to see her takes away about 95% of the sell factor.

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

I wonder if JT has enough space in their tab bar at the top for a new category, "Disturbing News". There's certainly enough content these days.

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Posted in: Abe says Tokyo deserves 2020 Games See in context

So how does one go about getting a job on the IOC? Looks pretty cush to me!

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio finds extra work hawking whiskey in Japan See in context

So again, I don't see your point.

My point is how I feel. There's no right or wrong about it. All I said was that I lose respect for film actors when they appear in tacky Japanese TV commercials. I'm not trying to convince anyone that what I say is fact or fiction or anything like that. I love cinema, but when I see a movie starring someone who has been on my Japanese TV screen every night for the last 3 months flogging shampoo, potato chips or whatever, it's hard to get that image out of my head.

I will make the point, though, that these actors, probably on the advice of their management, usually steer well and truly away from such work in their own backyards. Doesn't that in itself say something?

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio finds extra work hawking whiskey in Japan See in context

Maybe he actually had a good time doing the commercial.

Maybe he did. That's not my point.

So you lose respect for them over ads but not for making 20 million per movie.

I have no problem with them making absurd amounts of money. Good luck to them. I think I am correct in assuming they would not appear in tacky Japanese TV commercials for free. Hence, the primary objective (perhaps not the only one) must be the money. The fact that extremely wealthy indiviuals, many of them class acts at the top of their professions, would pawn themselves like this for a few extra (unneeded) dollars is what makes me lose respect for them.

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio finds extra work hawking whiskey in Japan See in context

The top actors in Hollywood make over 20 mil per movie these days. Whenever I see these ads, especially the tacky ones, I lose a little respect for them.

I wonder how much is enough.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Why abolish it? You rather see tax payer money used to keep them going for their entire life?

Basically, yes. I don't believe a human has the right to kill another human. These people are not born killers. They become killers in the society that we created.

I empathize with the families' wishes to enforce the death penalty. No doubt I would feel the same if it were someone close to me who had been killed. However, a legal system should not be established on emotion.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Abolish the death penalty, Japan. It's the 21st century.

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan must negotiate on rice to join TPP talks See in context

I find the whole protectionism debate regarding rice in Japan rather contradictory. Every Japanese person I have spoken to says they would choose Japanese rice over foreign rice, no matter what the price. Apparently it's far more "superior." If that is the case, why does the Japanese rice industry need to be protected?

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Posted in: Apple fans See in context

God I wish I had that much time...

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

This song was number one on the Japanese Oricon singles chart at the end of September. From a Japanese consumer persective I would NOT call that "indifference."

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Posted in: 5 Osaka teachers fined for sneaking off to smoke See in context


There is no excuse, smoking is unlike all the other usual comparisons that smokers pull out, if I drink alcohol next to you with-in the law it doesn't effect you maybe me if I overdo it regularly, if I eat junk food next to you it doesn't effect you but maybe me if I overdo it.. but smoking, you are ruining the very air I require to live.

Based on that rationale, should we assume that you advocate bans on all motor vehicles, factories, lawn mowers and the many other things that pollute your air?

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Posted in: Man stabbed in back while trying to stop fight in Shibuya See in context

that's why my wife always tell me not to get involved into fights where chinpira are around.

Talk about stating the obvious. Why would anyone??

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Posted in: Kagawa? It's Honda who drives Japan See in context

I think Honda is a good player, but I don't like him.

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Posted in: Actress Yasuko Matsuyuki involved in traffic accident while driving in Tokyo See in context

It was picked up by most of the trashy wide shows in the afternoon on terrestrial stations. Unfortunately, my wife is a regular viewer! I guess your wife was just lucky enough to miss it. I wish I had, too.

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Posted in: Actress Yasuko Matsuyuki involved in traffic accident while driving in Tokyo See in context

Seriously, you watch all that crap?!

No, not much of it. But I recommend the NHK taiga dramas. They're usually pretty good and a great way to learn about Japanese history!

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Posted in: Typhoon heads toward Okinawa See in context

I already told my (Japanese) father-in-law not to climb on his roof in the middle of the storm, but he did not seem to understand what I was talking about...

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