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Posted in: A guide to Oita City's nature, culture and food See in context

Monkey Mountain is right across Umi Tamago aquarium and it is mentioned as Takasaki mountain!

Oita beach is a nice artificial summer spot and the seacoast to the south is beautiful.

Usuki stone Budas and Beppu onsens are also in Oita and deserve a mention or maybe even separate article!

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Posted in: Osaka's Qatar Open title bid ended by Pliskova See in context

What is Osaka's rank in WTA right now?

Playing against the best like equal is not small achievement after the long break!

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Posted in: Japan needs to reset after poor Asian Cup performance See in context

Pretty good analysis - bravo! The problem is we can't see a viable solution. Difficult to find either Japanese or foreign coach. And without a clear leader in the team any coach will have a tough job.

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Posted in: Japan's Asian Cup exit sparks wider questions ahead of N Korea trip See in context

To be honest Ito was the key for the success in all those 9 wins before the Asia cup. Team played aggressively and with a hint of fantasy. Without him nothing was happening on the wing and the cautious no risk style of old failing Japanese team returned. It was painful watching those back passes and especially to the inexperienced keeper. The disaster was just waiting to happen...

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Posted in: U.S. to receive gold medals in wake of Russian figure skater Valieva's Olympic DQ See in context

Right! When state spokesman is giving his opinion on sport issues this is when it becomes political issue!

Or am I wrong, comrade Peskov?

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Posted in: Prosecutors unlikely to build case against bigwigs of scandal-hit LDP faction See in context

Of course there is no evidence! The prosecutors office should have taken all lawmakers by surprise locking them indefinitely to prevent them from altering or hiding those evidence!

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Posted in: KitKat Japan’s holiday chocolate is here and we (and everyone else) can’t get enough of it See in context

Great! KitKat is getting more and more Kit Mouse - becoming more and more tiny. Packages from 18-15-12, size of the bag and individual packages the same. We will be paying for the plastics only in the end...

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Posted in: Booking a hotel room? Beware of differences between Japanese and foreign sites See in context

Of course double checking is a must but phone call??? To a Japanese establishment???

That's why foreign sites are popular because Japanese are all in Japanese and translation is not always spot on. Calling a hotel can be hit and miss with even Engrish speaking staff difficult to understand.

And hotels are doing it to themselves offering big discounts to online sites while keeping their official site prices high (in most of the cases).

There are many bargains for pack tours - transportation plus lodging but that's usually only valid for the Japanese providers.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

What some comment say about marketing on TV or big online shops is true but is not what dark patterns really are!

I have elder Japanese parents in law and in the last 10 years there were multiply times they (and especially my mother in law) have fallen in those patterns. They made contract for roof repair that was canceled as we accidentally learned and their daughter could fight and cancel the contract. They have changed their phones because till tomorrow there is campaign! She have changed her car insurance, because they told her it's better ... and so on and so on. Not to mention net subscriptions - it's not like it's written 'get it cheaper with subscription' - it's really a hell for the elders to navigate and read trough...

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

There always be people who will gather despite the orders - banning is not a solution ! The proper way to do it due to a popular demand is simply close all roads after 4pm! I always wondered why cars are allowed during such times, New Year included!

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Posted in: Microsoft CEO says unfair practices by Google led to its dominance as search engine See in context

When they slam Google ... it will really be at the expense of the consumers :-)

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

@Rhaegar - yes, lying on the form can bring serious consequences - stripping of Japanese citizenship. But guess if you are honest what the consequences are? Same!

That's what some of the plaintiffs had done and that's why they are plaintiffs now!

And we are not guests in Japan - we call it our home, it's our kids first nationality and tongue.

My son's 20 and for a first time he is alone for longer in Europe. After the first month he confessed he thought he is more international but he realized he is Japanese. In the same time he is proud of his second nationality and is happy to explore the merits of having European passport. Gives him totally different perspective!

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

Yes, I wondered same thing - in the subsequent forms why telling you have another nationality? Isn't that a red lamp for the authorities.

I think I read something about one of the plaintiffs that it was when he was applying for Japanese passport after years, he was denied after confessing he has another nationality and was stripped of Japanese on the spot.

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Posted in: Liverpool says blown VAR call 'undermined sporting integrity' See in context

Not deliberate slip over the ball and red card? VAR officials intervened when it was judged an yellow card? Obviously they had a vision how the mach should end...

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Posted in: Angry North Korean See in context

Not penalty (or at least close look up on VAR) for me either.

Keeper dives with stretched arms (not reaching for the legs), Japanese player makes deliberate contact with the keeper's hand and customary jump with bent legs. Ball was going out anyway.

And yes - quite many ill decisions in football lately (in the Premier league as well).

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Posted in: Digital minister Kono to return 3 months' pay over My Number issues See in context

Nice! Now how about abolishing the pan to mix up my number card with health insurance. What is the warranty tha medical institutions can't see your personal financial and tax information and vice versa? The mishaps that have happened by now are lame compared to what we may expect ahead!!!

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Posted in: Toyota's profit rises 78% to ¥1.3 trillion in April-June as parts crunch eases See in context

Car prices have risen 40% and up. Workers salaries probably no more than 5%. Even considering the troubles and higher prices of the parts the margin they make is huge. Add the weak yen as mentioned above and I'm not sure we have to be happy with this news.

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Posted in: My Number ID system faces further setback with erroneous deliveries See in context

I'm also for Japanese to finally have real ID system and not this archaic juminhyou system with it's roots in the medieval age.

But making tax and bank personal information mixed with health insurance is total nonsense. Health insurance should be separate just like pension, etc.

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Posted in: Japan eyes revamping tax-free shopping rule to stem illicit resales See in context

I've never bought anything tax free neither my family when they visited.

Tax free shops are a scam - they sell (overseas) items at an inflated price that's higher than the shouhizee included Japanese original model ! You just need to do your research and be shure to have English menus in the electronics for example. For dresses, etc. why bother.

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Posted in: Japanese people urged to travel abroad to help airlines, tourism industry See in context

Air companies are doing well and are pretty happy.

What these agencies want is a piece of the pie! Most Japanese use travel agency to arrange their trip as a tour (tickets, logging plus bus tour) and are getting commission for that.

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Posted in: Liverpool's Klopp risks ban over feud with match referee See in context

Totally agree, wallace!

But in the same time what's 'lost prize money' ??? That's something I really hate of nowadays - businesses claiming they lost something like they are entitled to! Same with music industry, etc.

What if they fall to below 9th place? How much prize money they would have missed?

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Posted in: Kishida attack suspect failed to qualify as candidate for upper house election See in context

Yes, it's sad that it's more difficult to find similar minded Japanese to speak freely of the imperfections of their system and try to do something legally. So such stunt was the only thing this guy thought he can get the attention. I mean even in the family or with close friends people escape difficult topics or talking about politics.

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Posted in: Japan to end COVID-19 border controls on May 8 See in context

Good news! I feel a bit silly my wife made my son take on more vaccine...

In February there were still many people (non Japanese) wearing masks at international airports I passed.

The passport control was a bit slow as they were checking several things - vaccination record/app, re-entry permit, finger prints scan, etc. But it's always crowded at certain times with 2-3 flights arriving around same time.

Don't hold your breath for cheaper flights. Right now you can't find Economy seats till the end of the year - all are sold and the semi-flex cost about 200'000 and up to Europe. With more demand I don't see how it will become cheaper...

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms offer biggest pay hikes in decades See in context

The usual pay rise was 1000 yen so anything over that 10000 looks big hike but not compared to the recent price rise!

In the same time I can see the way things work in Japan are different with companies announcing they will rise their prices in advance and doing so moderately.

It's amazing that once Japan had an image for very expensive place but comparing now just about anything it's on the affordable side.

Basically I agree with @Antiquesaving but some figures are untrue. The cheapest house 80-90sqm you can find in Yokohama suburbs is around 40-45 milion yen (actual living space 60sqm and land 50-60sqm). Tokyo starts from 60 mil. and up!

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Posted in: When the new mask guidelines kick in, what should you expect? See in context

I agree it is a custom for Japanese now to wear masks and true it doesn't make sense wearing it outside especially when walking on the streets with no one around you.

But repeating that masks are useless and there is no prove they do any good is incorrect.

In the beginning of the pandemic Japanese TV showed many real world experiments showing how masks stop spreading the particles. Japanese are particularly good in making such experiments and everyone could visually see (with super speed cameras and special lighting) how the fumes spread with and without mask.

I think this played role in Japanese public trusting the effect of the mask.

And again - it helps to stop the spreading rather preventing the wearer to inhale the virus.

10 days ago I came back to Japan in a plane full of Japanese 80% of which didn't wear masks (because air company didn't require). I was lax too and guess what - I got the virus! I blame it on those Japanese that were probably infected and didn't wear masks, period!

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Posted in: Paris Olympics chief defends ticket pricing after criticism See in context

As far as I remember both soccer world cup in 2002 and Olympic in Japan had much higher starting prices - from 13000 yen and up and after lottery and without knowing what game/sport you may see!!!

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Posted in: Japan's 'King Kazu' joins Portuguese side at 55 See in context

Totally agree with didou!

I guess he goes on just to make sure no one can break his record.

And eventually he doesn't want to mingle with the bureaucracy, be TV talento or flashy coach like this baseball guy (I forgot his name - Shingo?).

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Posted in: 30-month sentence sought for ex-chairman in Olympic bribery trial See in context

Not defending Aoki but prosecutors calling him greedy? He was trying to fix it for his company that gives jobs to a lot of people.

Could Takahashi play the card he was weak and couldn't refuse the tenacity of the corporations that wanted the contracts? How could he refuse (despite he pocketed all those millions)?

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

The outcry here is ridiculous! As some of the rules coming to make people accept.

20km/hr ? Most of the road bikers are doing 50!!! Even mama charies on the road are going with 30km/h!

6km/h on the sidewalks? So crowiling after walking salary-men?

You all are right - just ban them - nobody needs such means of transportation...

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Posted in: More youth tournaments banning angry coaches See in context

The sad thing as mentioned in a few of the comments is that this is engraved mentality here.

It brings back memories from my son's soccer team all managed by parents (coaches) that would yell to the team and to individual kids even after a win. It was for taking their level higher but doing this to small kids and depriving them from the joy of the sport was terrible. And that was even without harasement (words or punishment). So imagine even stricter coaches that aim some league or professional improvement.

Also my daughter quit her middle school volley team because of the soldier like hierarchy. I don't remember she ever complained of the coaches but environment was typically Japanese.

Moving to swimming team worked great as the relations were much more even and friendly.

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