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Posted in: Panty-thieving cop caught in the act See in context

the entire police force need to sniff those panties to check if those are the real deal.

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Posted in: Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra See in context

what an eco bra! lets plant some eggplant in between those cups too.

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Posted in: Shooting AV stars See in context

“I look forward to receiving further support from my fans down the road.”

yes my queen bee, you have all my support!

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Posted in: Which country's beef gets your vote for the tastiest? See in context

tastiest, definitely japanese beef! but for my wallet's taste, i would go for an aussie beef!

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Posted in: Which of your favorite TV shows would you like to see a movie version of? See in context

happy tree friends...

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Posted in: Creative hobbies that cost zero yen See in context

may hobby is working... i really like it when my boss ask me to do overtime without pay. he didn't know i'm enjoying it.

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Posted in: Play ball See in context

nanao chan kawaii...

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of living together with someone before you marry that person? See in context

pros: in any product it is always good to try before you buy.

cons: sometimes re-stocking fee is more expensive than the product itself.

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Posted in: Girls of Natto Angel express their love for natto See in context

i like natto! It smells like hell, but damn tastes so good...

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Posted in: Microsoft says Vista buyers to get free Windows 7 See in context

sweet. i can have a free windows 7 that i can sell on ebay. as my laptop runs fine on ubuntu.

thanks microsoft.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson dies of reported cardiac arrest at 50 See in context

rip michael. i will always remember your thriller.

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Posted in: Japanese urged to take pride in their safe society See in context

japan is not safe anymore, lots of lunatics and perverts.

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Posted in: Google access in China temporarily disrupted See in context

this has no effect on china. they have baidu.

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Posted in: New graduates show lack of zeal for jobs and job-hunting See in context

“We were short-handed, so we asked staff from another department to do some overtime for us,” says a 40-year-old IT company executive. “One of them was a freshman employee, and the first thing he does is show me his appointment book: ‘Look, I’m booked up for two months, I can’t work overtime on such short notice.’ But what was he ‘booked up’ with? Not company business but parties, drinking sessions, ‘idol’ concerts!”

this IT executive have no right to complain and force the young employee to work for him beyond his duties, and in short notice. if they are short handed, it is because of their bad management on his part. but to take away his social life, this will ruin his morale with the company.

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Posted in: Woman falls to death from 2,400-meter mountain ridge See in context

2400 meters?? did she landed on sea level?

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Posted in: Foreign nudists flock to Gunma hot spring resort See in context

i tried mixed onsen a few times, most nekkid women are obasan in their 40s 50s 60s, and the rest are ojisan. not that much to see.

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Posted in: Fetish fashion See in context

sorry, im on a diet. so you guys can eat the sweets, and i'll go wash the dishes.

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Posted in: OCN provides children with safer Internet See in context

kids, its time to use proxies!

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Posted in: High school boy kills himself after stabbing girl in Himeji See in context

is this stabbing the girlfriend some kind of sport in japan? seems to happen every day.

summer is around the corner. expect more lunatics to come out of their hibernation.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola plus Catechin See in context

i'm waiting for the shio cola. all these zero calorie colas are too sweet than normal ones.

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Posted in: Gang-rape incident a by-product of Kyoto's lenient academic culture See in context

inakaRob, you downloaded tons of p0rn for free while those japanese men paid for it. both of you enjoyed it. and yet you're still sick to your stomach?

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Posted in: Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88 See in context

rest in peace mr albury. you will have a heroes welcome by the tens of thousand people you have bombed in the afterlife.

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

wow, 5 sex a day? excluding night sex? how can i contact marie?

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Posted in: Despite court order, Minako Komukai goes ahead with plans for strip show See in context

why prevent this girl from doing what she wants to do?

come on guys, lets go to asakusa rockza and support minako!

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Posted in: Companies offer special benefits to bicycle commuters See in context

anyone has the japanese version of this news? i want to show it to my boss. i can reimburse my train tickets but not when i commute by bike.

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Posted in: Single mothers, squeezed by recession, turning to prostitution as last resort See in context

did daisuke suzuki pay for ruriko's service? or just he met for an interview?

i might be doing this kind of research too. i need 2man yen per 50 women. anyone would like to finance my research?

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Posted in: Flasher delays train for over 7,000 commuters in Saga See in context

whats up w/jpn dudes and flashing? i can never understand the japanese psyche...

the flasher is unemployed and jobless, committing a petty crime, get imprison, and you get free lunch.

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Posted in: No-bra gear may gain ground this summer See in context

this is going to be a hot summer...

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino mistaken for minor at Macau casino See in context

haha. a minor won't dress like that.

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