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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

Nationalism at it's extreme is always incredibly damaging, regardless of the country. Nationalism coming from any country at full force ought to be cautioned. Particularly in today's world where all the countries are intermingling. Instead of focusing on which country we're from we should focus more on the fact that we're all human beings first. I'm Canadian and I'm Chinese, but before that I'm a human being, so anything that causes a negative impact to humans anywhere in this world I am against.

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Re; "My son is headed off to college in the US in June; I'll miss the hell out of him, but there's always Skype. Importantly, he will miss ME, too - this is quite different from the majority of his classmates who have already started college in Japan and have made the transition smoothly because they never really talked with their parents to begin with. (Some of my son's friends hate their parents with a silent, seething fury.)"

---> I moved to a different city for university, and following that I moved to Japan where I've lived for over 3 years now. So for the last 8 years or so I haven't lived with my parents. My dad lives in another country altogether, so I see him very rarely, I grew up with my mother. In those 8 years me and my mom have Skyped maybe...10 times, usually on her or my birthdays, and email only when we need something but usually not just to "chit-chat". I've never really missed my mom, and I never had a problem with the transition from living with mom to living on my own. That doesn't mean I don't love my mother nor that I hate her. When we are together for longer than 2 weeks we argue over stupid things, so I think it's better for us to live apart, but I love my mother more than air conditioning in Kyushu's summer.

Growing up my mom was mostly a single mom so she was usually busy with work. I come home after school and am on my own for a few hours until mom comes back from work. She took me out to eat a lot because she was too tired to cook, and because I never got in trouble at school she never really got involved in any part of my school life except to check my report cards to make sure I was passing my classes and I wasn't causing problems.

It's a little insulting that you imply a son/daughter who doesn't "miss" their parents somehow hold negative feelings towards them. My mother prepared me for a life on my own, she prepared me well. There's no reason for me to miss her, because even though I don't live in her house anymore, I have my own, I can't eat her cooking, but I can get other food, I don't have her waking me up in the morning, but I have an alarm clock. I love my mother precisely because she prepared me to live without having to depend on her, and I know she's well, healthy, and happy in her life today too to know that I am capable of that. When she comes to visit, I'm happy to see her of course, but when she leaves I don't feel grief that she's leaving.

(And I don't miss friends either, really. Not with today's technology to keep in contact so easily with people you really do want to keep in contact with.)

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It is true that having an excessively clean environment will diminish the efficiency of the immune system as the immune system no longer has to work to fight off bacteria itself. When I visit Beijing I always get sick and particularly in the summer develop a cough, most likely due to the high air pollution, but my family and friends living their have no problems.

If we think about what this could mean in evolutionary terms it becomes a little troubling. Nature has this unique way of getting rid of things it perceives as unnecessary, so if we come to rely too much on man-made things like sanitary wipes and whatnot, making everything pristine and almost sterile, is it possible that one day certain humans will be born with very weak, or possibly even no immune system at all?

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Posted in: Japan has never had smooth ties with China: Aso See in context

OK, I really wish there was a way to edit comments, the final paragraph of my previous comment was directed at the two comments at the top, forgot to note it and now it sounds like I was being pissy at everyone OTL (Although from the number of thumbs ups on all the anti-China comments it still does seem like a good portion of readers are anti-China.)

Re; Xiron HoyosMAY. 06, 2013 - 08:21AM JST "*i feel so sad , so so much hate between China and Japan :(( both countries that i love. i received two Chinese person as guest in my house in Europe. and told me something i never knew that the red colour of the Chinese flag means the blood of many Chinese dead by Japanese.....


fight between China and Japan for a island also crazy from both of them. why we dont ask what the people of the island think. they have also free mind of speech. im from a island and we are now independed. as me as island mentality let the island people choose or even i think 80% people of that island want to be own country. or other solution make as Cyprus island which is devided half Turkish and half Greek island.

I hope one day will be peace between Japan and China :(( even my ex chinese girlfriend broke up with me because she hate it that i have some japanese friends :(( so unfair..

we human and every countries did very bad things, France was also bad guys, also Rome time Italian were bad, everywhere bad even American also were bad country to wipe out almost all native american indian.*"

I agree, although over on the islands these two are fighting over I believe there's actually no one living there, so they can't ask anyone. Actually, my ideal solution to their little spat would be for both sides to join in a bombing exercise and sink that thorn in their side. And then maybe the US can stop adding fuel to the fire and using it as an excuse to load up arms over here in East Asia, you'd think we're like a storage facility or something for them.

It frustrates me whenever my family or friends in China complain about Japan because it's always the same old grudge with the same old arguments, and then it exasperates me whenever Japan does something like stubbornly insisting on the PM visiting that shrine, and then it sets off a whole new set of irrational protests and violence over in China (well, not just China, but here the topic is on Japan and China.)

I wish both sides would just shut up and...have a time out or something. Like seriously guys, neither side is going anywhere, neither side can just up their country and move, so you're stuck with each other like it or not, just get along. Stop dwelling on the past because it doesn't make the present or the future better. If you don't want the past repeated then do something about it, plant the seeds of understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, so that the future generations will have no reason to start another conflict with each other. All this simmering tension, anger, resentment, hatred, it's not going to lead to anything good, and if another war does break out who's going to suffer the most? The citizens of both countries will suffer, and that sufferings the same regardless if you're Chinese or Japanese. Every time conflict breaks out, it's always the civilians that pay the heaviest price in the sick little game of politics.

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Posted in: Japan has never had smooth ties with China: Aso See in context

Aso clearly has amnesia because as I recall Japan was quite smitten with China during the Tang Dynasty [wiki; Japanese missions to Tang China]. It's castle in Kyoto was built based on China's Daming Palace, its laws were modified based on China's laws, and it sent several envoys to China, bringing back with them artisans and statesmen from China to help Japan adopt certain aspects of Tang China.

But clearly this website's readers are largely anti-China, so forget about actually doing research yourselves, we'll just all of a sudden start believing politicians words (but if they're anti-USA words, oh h*ll no, we'll fight tooth and nail to mock and discredit those apparently incompetent Japanese politicians).

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Posted in: Depressing suicide prevention posters cause controversy in Kobe See in context

I think for people not contemplating suicide these posters are a good way to catch their attention and bring up the issue. I mean if it's causing controversy, hopefully it leads to not only discussions of if these posters are good or bad but also to the core issue of how to prevent suicides and help those who are contemplating it.

But for those who are suicidal already, I fear these posters might be a trigger, particularly in a train station. Mentally healthy individuals and those who are considering suicide will take in these posters differently, whereas for the first group it might be discussion for the latter it might be that final push to end their lives.

So it depends on which audience and what objective the city was aiming for. If their target was to generate discussion among society and bring the issue up, it can be considered successful, but if their target is those who ARE suicidal in hopes of preventing them from taking their life I don't think this is a particularly good way to go about it.

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Posted in: America's decline is a myth See in context

Dies laughing

Thanks, I needed a good laugh, the day was getting boring. That same belief brought down one empire after another throughout human history, and history has this uncanny way of repeating itself. I hope everyone in the US keeps believing this so that no one looks around to see what other countries are on your tail.

Oh, and even if the US really isn't in decline, that doesn't mean others can't catch up or exceed the US's abilities in terms of economy, military, and...well everything else.

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Posted in: Abe says restoration of sovereignty day signals hope, pride See in context

You know those visits to Yasukuni shouldn't only "offends neighbouring countries" considering "it also honors Japanese war criminals." Everyone in the world should be offended. It would be like German leaders going to honour Nazi graves, not only the countries that were invaded by the Nazis would protest, but so would many others because they're "war criminals", as in, people who committed horrific crimes against humanity.

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Posted in: Chinese cinemas pull Tarantino's 'Django' on first day See in context

First of all, I would assume that censors would screen the movie BEFORE it even hit cinemas, so to blatantly assume it's censorship related is pretty bold of everyone. Everyone just kind of made that leap of logic by themselves I see.

Also, I am so sure that all our "free" nations will show all movies from every country in the world with absolutely no censorship at all whatsoever because, well, we're so free.

It's an incredibly violent and bloody film, even if it was censor related, perhaps it has to do with that and not any farce of a political message the movie halfheartedly attempts? But of course, no one believes that of the big, bad commies in China. No way their intentions can be a good one.

Apparently China-bashing is the dish of the day, but for all you expressing sympathy I assure you, China has plenty of its own movies to survive without Hollywood imports, thank you.

It's interesting no one questions why Japan doesn't put 100% of all English movies in their cinemas either. Or why the US doesn't screen Chinese movies in their theatres. Using entertainment as a form of propaganda is a habit of all governments throughout time. In today's globalized world why would any of you think ANY government would openly allow entertainment from anywhere in the world to freely be on display in their country without some form of screening or censorship?

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Posted in: Tim Burton brings 'Frankenweenie' to life See in context

Went to see 007 a few days ago which was in English but according to the Cineplex ticket girl, Frankenweenie will be dubbed into Japanese.

I think kids films are all dubbed because it's more difficult for kids to read subtitles.

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