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Posted in: Tourism ambassadors for Japan See in context

It is likely that table is there to conceal a platform for the Minister. I've seen it done before.Old trick.

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Posted in: Peekaboo See in context

Initially I thought it was Abe's new cabinet ...

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Posted in: 10,000 textbooks recalled over 3-armed girl illustration See in context

a collectors edition, the otaku will go nuts for it

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Posted in: Wakayama's famous stationmaster cat Tama dies at 16 See in context

Do not despair, he will return as a Yokai ..

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Posted in: 40% of unattached singles in their 20s, 30s don't want relationship: survey See in context

not very surprising, at least in the cities from what I have seen .... women acting like girls and oh yeah .. men still think they are teenagers (I guess we all do on that one, guys, huh?)

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Posted in: Good relations See in context

very good, she's 52 ? still good looking and a great voice.

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Posted in: Commercial for latest 'Grudge' film pulled from air after complaints of being too scary See in context

a day with my ex was scarier than the clip ..

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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

Morning & Night ... and music to shower to is also important ... I shower faster with AKB48 ... (the older music)

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Posted in: Ear cover serves as low-priced hearing aid See in context

if they make pointed versions, you can also claim you are a vulcan (or romulan!)

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Posted in: Japan's push to secure African resources sputters, helping China See in context

and if/when some of those African countries start nationalising resources controlled by Chinese companies, the Chinese army/navy will show up ...

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Posted in: Japan ups ante in race to boost influence in Asia with cash See in context

Japan shouldn't get sucked into a bank war on the AIIB ... the Chinese end recruited a few PR consultancies to talk it up to western media hence all the favourable press from lazy journalists.

When it gets going and those looking for funds find they must comply with Beijing policy it may not look so hot .. Manila can have extra $$ if they shut up about the Spratlys etc ..

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Posted in: China to investigate anti-Japan TV drama over crotch grenade scene See in context

tv silliness on China's part to stir up .. but the real point is who would be silly enough to place a Chinese made hand grenade anywhere near their crotch!

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Posted in: U.N. climate fund gears up to deploy cash after Japan signs $1.5 bil pledge See in context

The Green crew will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of worldwide travel junkets on this money, probably planning them out right now.

All aboard international flights, 1st class for a party of 20 to visit some solar power 'project' in Latin America and then let's arrange tv coverage to show it in good light, minus the UN Green Climate Fund junket flights!

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date See in context

For equality's sake let's have the male version of this poll .. should be fun :)

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Posted in: Japanese journalist arrives home after S Korea lifts travel ban See in context

Evidence must be taken from the President & her former aide to establish position & location during the alleged 'disappearance' ...

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Posted in: Japan eyes MI6-style spy agency See in context

probably call it "Hello Kitty 6" to blend in ...

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Posted in: Newspaper deliveryman arrested for threatening TV presenter See in context

But if her skirts were any longer you'd never be able to see her legs ..

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Posted in: Lottery ticket line-up See in context

oh yes, lotto queue often a good sign things are bad. queue AKB48 rolled out to sing Abenomix ...

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Posted in: Robi Jr See in context

oh ... too cute, and useful to miss, put me down for 3

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

Did she give an alternative story to the journalist's article ?

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Posted in: Esquire names Penelope Cruz 'sexiest woman alive' See in context

just to sell magazines .. I am surprised anyone buys these kinds of mags now, they are pricey and articles are longer than 140 characters ...

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Posted in: Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business See in context

if it makes money ... everyone else is doing it so why not Japan.

anyway how do we order ? I want an aircraft carrier, will call it HMS Aitakatta, crewed by those AKB girls ...

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Posted in: Advantage bee See in context

Mitsubachi Māya strikes again ...

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Posted in: Body art See in context

Strangely, I find myself looking more at the model than the art ...

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Posted in: 79-year-old woman beats husband to death after arguing about past girlfriends See in context

Seems to be happening more, the oldies killing each other .. good theme for a movie series ? Baba Kira .. 1 .. 2.. 3...

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

they left to join YAK48 ...

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Posted in: AKB48 invites mature applicants over 30 See in context

Baba48 here we come ...

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Posted in: Magazine’s checklist for ideal girl has whopping 23 points See in context

C cup is the norm ? My eyes must be getting even worse ... more like a B minus. How about a good ol' F cup?

I think those ideals seem to be more related to anime characters. My ex had reached 78kg by the time of replacement.

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Posted in: Taiji official says Kennedy should come and see dolphin hunt See in context

She should go, take a movie, upload it to You Tube with a story about the dolphin slaughter the local govt wanted her to witness ... if dining out locally is an issue, take some food from the Embassy. Given all the mislabeling in Japan these days, I would.

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Posted in: ANA pulls TV ad after online furor See in context

why remove it?

my idea was better, having two japanese otaku male fans dressed up as their akb48 idols talking about how they want to change the ouside impression of Japan ...

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