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Posted in: Court scraps acquittal of man; sentences him to 10 years for raping daughter See in context

He wouldn't last a month in a US prison before someone gave him the sentence he deserved.

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Posted in: Australia to use biosecurity law to restrict movements of coronavirus patients See in context

What is with TP? are people worried they wont be able to wipe their butts? Would think water and food would be priority, but no - toilet paper...

Why would water be a priority? Tap water will still be accessible even if you can't leave your home in a pandemic. The same can't be said for TP.

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Posted in: New study shows wildlife thriving in areas evacuated after Fukushima nuclear meltdown See in context

Serows aren't rare at all, I see them all the time when riding my bike in the countryside. Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka, etc.

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Posted in: Japanese woman turns 117, extending record as world's oldest person See in context

She has the same name as the guy in the Kung Fu TV show. Maybe she shares his Buddhist ideals and that's why she's lived so long.

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Posted in: 15-year-girl on bike hit, killed by truck; driver arrested See in context

Meanwhile the former top bureaucrat who killed a mother and her 3-year-old daughter remains free. It's not what you do but who you know.

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Posted in: Women to get gender-neutral rugby World Cup from 2021 See in context

Unless they compete against men they'll still be a women's league. What pretend otherwise?

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Posted in: Man on scooter killed in hit-and-run See in context

Red light cameras would soon fix this problem.>

No, red light cameras increase accidents because they cause people to suddenly slam on their brakes and get rear-ended.

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Posted in: 23-year-old police officer dies after shooting himself in head in koban in Ibaraki See in context

The first step would be to make suicide illegal, like it is in the US. Most Japanese are law-abiding so this could save lives.

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Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men See in context

Pepper spray would solve this problem fast.

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Posted in: Trump's campaign manager charged with roughing up reporter See in context

Fields grabbed Trump twice before Lewandowski intervened. She should be charged with assault.

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Posted in: After sibling, 'Matrix' co-director comes out as transgender See in context

Why not just stay a man if he wanted to marry a woman?

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Posted in: Fiennes defends playing Michael Jackson, colorblind casting See in context

Yet no one blinks when a black actor is cast in a white role. Double standards!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for suffocating 4-month-old daughter with pillow See in context

Hanging would be too good for her.

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Good, there are far better looking women I'd rather watch on TV than her.

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Posted in: 2 sisters dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Simply moving out would have been a far better option.

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Posted in: Debate on separate spouse surnames heats up before court ruling See in context

Maxplank, basically you've got zero rights in your household, including being your daughter's legal guardian. I would say you've been suckered...

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Posted in: Documentary looks at why Japanese parents let young kids walk to school by themselves See in context

Growing up in '70s America, it was common for kids to walk to school or to the distant bus stop alone from a young age, not to mention spending weekends roaming around their neighborhoods as they pleased. Studies show that the crime rate was the same back then as now, the difference is everything is so much more sensationalized in the Internet age people think crime against kids is much more rampant. What a shame...

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Posted in: Smoke haters go after smokers with a vengeance See in context

Carry a cigar with you to restaurants. If smokers near you ignore your request that they not light up, wait till they start eating, then pull out the cigar and send some smoke clouds their way. Then they'll get the message. :)

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Posted in: Hotel in Seoul refuses to hold party by Japanese embassy for SDF See in context

That's it, I'm not buying any Lotte products.

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Posted in: Miyagi police officer commits suicide; note blames power harassment See in context

He should have watched Death Wish a couple times. Probably would have found a better solution to his problem.

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Posted in: China frees ship after Mitsui O.S.K. pays $28 mil See in context

Now Mitsui should get compensated by the Japanese government, which caused the problem in the first place.

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Posted in: Cup rice ad is classic crazy Japan See in context

My girlfriend enjoys Kare Meishi.

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Posted in: China seizes Mitsui O.S.K. ship over unpaid wartime contract compensation See in context

Mitsui failed to uphold its end of the contract, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Romanian youth says he didn't mean to kill Japanese woman See in context

Hang 'em high!

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Posted in: WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong: ex-PM Murayama See in context

Park should have met him, would have sent a meaningful message to Abe.

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Posted in: Hulu Japan offers not just movies, but a little education and awesome customer service too See in context

Hulu Japan is great for households who need the Japanese subtitles and dubbing. But if you only want US movie and television content in English you're better off getting a VPN and subscribing to Netflix.

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Posted in: Retired cop kills moviegoer for texting in Florida theater See in context

I can understand it if the vicim had been talking but shooting him for texting seems a bit OTT.

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Posted in: Japan faces crematorium shortage See in context

beavis at 11:49 AM JST - Crematoriums must cost a lot of money to operate and probably contribute to a poor air quality. There are options other than cremation. Recycling as a food source for farm animals for instance.

Moderator: Stay on topic please.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context

Maybe the mother did it because couldn't afford to kill the baby legally through abortion.

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Posted in: Hakkeijima See in context

Those belugas have a sweet gig. Slurrrp!

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