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I saw the film here, twice. Strange to say I have a lot of education but I just like to see Gerard move! . I agree with those who think the combo on stage was very strange. He worked hard on the film , including working with seal team types, special agent types, secret service. The airplane chose to fly into US airspace over the White house, was a lumbering transport plane, not immediately seen as a threat. The movie does not make North Korea per se the enemy at all, but one North Korean who hates the US and is actually a well known terrorist. The North Korean government is not involved.

As far as Die Hard in the White House...believe me when I say men want to see Bruce Willis (over and over again, ad nauseum), but women want to see Gerard Butler in an action film. As Butler said elsewhere, he was surprised by the support of women to the action in the film.

Gosh Moonraker, Gerard is the best looking wax works dummy ever! LOL. The guy is a natural athlete, trained in using guns (an excellent shot), knives, spears, surfs, plays soccer, etc...etc...etc. He loves to go to remote places as well. Can't ask for much more in a 6'2 " guy with a beautiful accent....

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Keep in mind, he admits that in between films, he stops training and has to work hard at getting his body back. Take a look at him in the nude and nearly nude scene in Law Abiding Citizen. That is definitely not CGI!

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oh dear, ossahultra, these comments make you sound a little jealous. The 300 work out is available all over American internet, he has spoken many times about his training regimen for 300; he won the 2007 Taurus award for best American stunt actor,and his director and all the stunt men praised him for his dedication to the part and to making himself look the part. You can see many American interviews of him describing it and others describe it as well. The Director of 300 also participated in the severe exercise program.

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