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Posted in: Are Japan’s efforts at internationalization succeeding or not? See in context

Globalisation and internationalisation has made my country forget its culture. I live in South Africa and I have seen how our cultures have been chucked out and swopped out for something cooler and more american or english or italian. My people have lost their self-worth and pride for their culture and language which makes them different. Globalisation isn't a bad thing, it is how people interpret and manifest it. When this concept eventually gets to the average Joe, it reads as "you must know English to be cool" or "you must know English to get a job". I taught English in Japan and I would encourage any African to do so, but I would also encourage the same African to stick with their roots cause that's what makes internationalisation beautiful. When we can sit over a cup of tea and both exchange tea from our different countries and how it is apart of our culture(sharing experiences, not forcing them:apartheid/colonisation) then a trully beautiful thing starts happening and we can all stand back and view the colours of a rainbow.

People need to be able to embrace their differences and not try make everyone aspire to be the same.

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