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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Such kind of massacre had happened in Nanking. China army murdered many citizens of Nanking, who are against them.After, Japan entered to Nanking and fought with China army. So, it is true that China and Japan did a battle at Nanking. After war, China government prepared many photos to create a evidences of "Massacre by Japan army".Many photos came from non-related ones, some are the photos that Japanese are killed by Chinese, for contrary, some photos, same person is acting "killing person" or "dead" as both of Japanese or China army. Some of them are fromporn magazine of Shanghai (used as evidence of "rape").At that time, there had a boom of SM porn, torturing in Shanghai.So, needles to say, all evidences are very stupid but it always existed as a legend, because it was used for one of lecture of War Guilt Information Program, held by GHQ of USA. So, it is as so. I will not say that "Japan was good". Japan was doing invasion for other country, as same as Europe. And things such as "shooting to citizens" had happened in Japan army (as same as US and Europe). But it does not mean that China can create or add new history. History always must be as it used to be.

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