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Posted in: Why Britain is losing its fight against radicalisation See in context

scipantheist is absolutely correct. Third-world stone age beliefs imported and injected into an advanced nation and allowed to fester until that country is brought to its knees. Incredible! Should never have let them past immigration.

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Posted in: Azumi says yen's strength not economically justified See in context

"yen's strength not economically justified" what does he know! He has zero experience in the markets, so you know he can only f--k things up.

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Posted in: Running with hope See in context

illsayit what is wrong with these athletes showing their support? I think it is a lovely gesture of goodwill.

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Posted in: Plugging the WikiLeak: What can U.S. government do? See in context

This story is way off track and is sensational nonsense.

The U.S. government doesn't need to break the encryption code to discover what the "insurance" file contains because it already knows what is inside. Assange asked the White House weeks ago to help Wikileaks vet the remaining 15,000 files. And all the talk of destroying their website or erasing files isn't going to do much good given that news organizations around the world have already downloaded the file and are just waiting on the encryption key to open it.

Enjoy some irony with your Monday... U.S. Senators have today called on "Whistler Blowers" in the UK and Scottish governments to leaks evidence of a link between the release the Lockerbie bomber and an oil deal.

Can the U.S. government have it both ways? Sounds like it.

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Posted in: Sunrise See in context

I've climbed many mountains around the world and Fuji is not high on the list of memorable climbs. Its a large ashtray jam backed with hordes of people. Litter is everywhere along the trail and the climb itself isn't very interesting or imaginative. However the views from the top can be breathtaking.

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Posted in: Majority of weight-loss products fail to cut kilos See in context

It is so very simple.

Eat a balanced diet and do structured intensive exercise regularly.

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Posted in: Couple charged with killing son of Japanese film producer in Beverly Hills See in context

The women in this case is an African American and not Japanese.

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Posted in: Blatter apologizes for referee errors; says FIFA will reopen debate on video tech See in context

Blatter is a corrupt old fart. You can't take anything he says seriously but you can't remove him from power either. He is worst than Havelange.

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Posted in: ANA to launch 5 international routes from Haneda See in context

Finally... Now how long until they can get rid of Narita.

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Posted in: Super Sonic Wave SP spikes See in context

Its mainly adidas at the world cup.

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Posted in: Dad who tried to take kids from Japan sues Tennessee judge See in context

The Judge made a big mistake by allowing her to return to Japan on holiday. He simply didn't understand what was going to happen. But it was clear to the husband that this might be the result and he was trying to stop it from the outset.

The thing is in the U.S. parents have the right to see their kids. They may not always have joint custody but they can get visitation rights. But in Japan the woman can and often does cut the kids off completely from former foreign husbands and there is nothing the husband can do to gain access. It really is criminal but in Japan its shoganai.

So the more pressure that is applied on Japan to change its system the better. I put my hands up to this guy and salute him for trying against all the odds. I hope he can gain access to his children in the future.

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Posted in: Retired cop's NPO patrols popular suicide venue See in context

Wish there was a link to the NGO's website so I could donate to this very noble cause.

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Posted in: Shoe repair man See in context

A few years ago it used to cost 500yen outside Tokyo Station.

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Posted in: Shoe repair man See in context

Speaking of the shoe shiner. I got my shoes polished there on the way to work once. Sure your shoes look shiny after a quick 20 second buffing but they leave WAY too much polish on there. So much so that it gets all over your trousers later in the day. Avoid them unless you want an expensive drycleaning bill.

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Posted in: Shoe repair man See in context

Look at where the grounded pigeon has positioned himself.

Its gonna cop-a-look up just as that sweat honey takes a seat.

That is one iiyashi bird.

Looks like its mates are too hasukashi to make a similar move as they are holding back on the 'nampa' fence.

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Posted in: Apple revamps MacBook laptops See in context

Only the low end macbook came down in cost the highest spec macbook actually rose in price.

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Posted in: Mizuho Financial opens in-house day-care facility See in context

As the J population continues to age and shrink you will see an increase in daycare centres. Everyone will have to work or hire more foreigners. Probably a bit of both.

They need to allow men use of the facility as well and whats with the one day policy? I guess it is to give grandma and grandpa one weekday off nappy duty.

Well I suppose it is a start in the right direction.

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context


Visa?! He is gonna be welcome to stay in Japan a long time. Might even become a celebrity.

He is more entertaining than most of those monkeys on J-TV.

I'll bet this Ninja will have himself parked at a local eikaiwa in the next few weeks. He will probably fit right in as a model english teacher. The students won't even realize that he is off his trolley when he starts mouthing off. Probably think it is part of the lesson.

I would suggest that the Ueno Zoo employees him in the monkey cage. Or better yet let him make friends with that green polar bear. They both like chasing after little men in uniform, they both like swimming in nasty water and they both have enough blubber to make it comfortable through the winter together.

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Posted in: South Africa to sell ivory to Japan, China See in context

This may initially feed Asian demand for Ivory but the move could back fire by creating even more demand for the white gold. Instead this could lead to further poaching pressures in the future. I fear it is a slippery slope.

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context

While I thought the video was funny I'm left wondering how this guy got let off so easily.

Video shows Baldie trying to hit the police with a plastic pole. He was swinging away with some force. That is assault in any ones books.

Now if you get into a fight with a J-cop and get arrested be prepared to spend several weeks in jail.

This guy is one lucky mother ......

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Posted in: Record number of climbers scale Fuji in summer See in context

*LIBERTAS at 06:53 AM JST - 5th September


Its a volcano, and the mountain in one big ash pile. When descending you kick up loose soot.

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Posted in: Russian sumo wrestler denies marijuana use; wants new test See in context

The question here is who conducted the test?

Was it a WADA sanctioned anti doping test? Or did the JSA cobble together some local test?

If it wasn't sanctioned by WADA and wasn't done in an accredited lab then the Court of Arbitration for Sport, (the highest sports court in the world) can and would likely toss out the results.

Nothing has been mentioned about an A or B sample which makes me believe that this wasn't a proper drug test.

Wakanoho should come see me and I'll get him back to wrestling within a few months along with a nice pay packet and an apology from the JSA.

The JSA think they can walk all over athletes but they often forget that they themselves must abide by the rules of CAS and the IOC. After all they signed up to be recognized as part of the Olympic sports family. It could come back to haunt them if one of the wrestlers got wise and decided to sue them in a Swiss court.

Further you can't ban an athlete for life until they have had a proper hearing. You can suspend them but you can't do what the JSA did.

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Posted in: Russian sumo wrestler banned for life See in context

He hasn't been convicted of the offense yet so a life time ban is very fast in coming particularly as it only just happened.

If he isn't convicted in a court of law he could very easily appeal the ban at the court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland (CAS), which the JSA is obligated to follow as a IOC recognized sporting body.

CAS would likely toss the life time ban out pronto.

Has he even been drug tested by a WADA sanctioned agency? The JSA would appear to be particularly harsh on foreigners in this matter.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2nd most expensive city for expats after Moscow See in context

Try living cheaply in central London. My small flat is 2.5 times the price of my former house in Azabu. Then there is every kind of imaginable tax added to ones 40% income tax. Your left with wondering why you are even working in the UK. Basically all the workers are paying for all the illegals to lay about on benefits and fat housing allowances. I say let them move into blue sheeted houses under a bridge and give me back my hard earned salary. Tokyo is definitely not more expensive than London.

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Posted in: Lawyer arrested for flashing woman on train in Kanagawa See in context

He has shot his career over a blank load.

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Posted in: If it were possible, do you wish non-Americans could vote in the U.S. presidential election? See in context

I think this is a very interesting question. America has great influence over the rest of the world. Many people benefit and many also suffer from the decisions made by a few. The U.S. started an illegal war recently, killed thousands of innocent people, destroyed a sovereign country all based on lies that it created in order to sell the war to its voters. What message are they sending the rest of the world. Perhaps great power, such as the U.S. wields, shouldn't be in the hands of so few individuals. Particularly when the majority of those voters are idiots. I for one don't want my kid's future to be decided by a group of muppets who live on another planet from the rest of us.

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