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Posted in: Motonosumi Inari Shrine: a site tourists are yet to discover See in context

I will visit again after. 25 years

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for confining and forcing 16-year-old girl into prostitution See in context

First of all they should be charged with Kid Napping. Post the mens Names and Addresses so the girls father can. Have a little chat with them

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Posted in: 'X-Files' makes its TV comeback, after 13-year absence See in context

Great News I Love it. I hope it contenues, I hope it gets air sooner. We need Star Trek to come back also.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context

The governor needs to read the treaty. The US has abided to everything agreed to after WWII and all most of the People on Okinawa want the Base there the only one that do not want it there. Mabe their ties to China are a lot stonger that everyone thinks.

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Posted in: Muslim man accidentally served bacon while being detained at immigration center See in context

He is being held foe a reason let Him starve until he can be sent home where ever that is!

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Posted in: Ehime man arrested for burying mother's body in garden of home See in context

What was the cause of her death.I know many 70 to 80 people here in Japan and when you meet then they apear to be in tHeir 50s and 6os! Just asking???

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

I always thought that Pierce Bronsnan is Gay so already Done and that it tells the World that Blacks have never or will never have original Charactors in the Movies

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Posted in: Blast destroys warehouse at U.S. military base in Sagamihara See in context

A Depot is not a Base it is a storage area. You never use water on a gasoline or electrical Fires.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for beating 82-year-old man at nursing home See in context

Post his home address on the internet and it will be taken care of. And someone should have a talk with the Head of the Nursing Home.

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Posted in: Tokyo named most liveable city in world by Monocle magazine See in context

Yes you are all right that is because its SUISIDE rate is one of the highest in the world and just walk down the sidewalks if you want a knife stuck in your Ribs or wait and maybe someone. Might drop a child on your head. Just read the dAily Crime Reports that get released. Just be a subscriber it Hulu Japan and look. At all the Lies posted on the daily new releases.

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Posted in: Gov't plans new rules for drone flights See in context

The man that set a Drone on the roof top of Mr. Abe,s with radioactive matreal on it should be tried for atemted murder or assanation of th P.M.of Japan

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Posted in: U.S. does damage control after defense chief’s remarks on Iraq See in context

Yes the U.S. In this case must. Be in Iraq the ISIL is an evil State and if left alone to do what they. Plan the will be many. More 911s in the U.S. And yes their military has run every time it gets tuff for them. The U.S. Need to go in full force and end it now.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 15-month-old grandson to death See in context

I wouLd not jump to quik to believe that Granny done itwait for the investagation is finished

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Posted in: Do you mix wasabi and soy sauce? Some people say you shouldn’t See in context

Well I. Like it both ways it depends on what Kind of Fish I am eating.

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Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police? See in context

In 1972 in Sasebo I just got paid and changed $300.00 to yen and went shopping but later I found that I had dropped it out of my back pocket and at yen was 360 yen to the dollor so $300.00 wasa large sum so I checked with the local cop shop and a young married couple found it and I was required to take a form to the to get my money back and I offered them a reward but they would not even take it. The thing is I was not even going to go to the police shop and report it but my girlfriend convenced to. I was fresh from the U.S. Stationed at the Marine barracks Fleet Activities Sasebo and I did not believe that anyone would turn it in to the Police and from then till now I Believe that the Japanese people are the most honest people in the world.the Young couple that turned it in was not well off and needed and could have used that money much more than me.So yes I would turn it in drug money or not.

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Posted in: Woman found stabbed to death in Shiga home See in context

It is not clear. TBS states that the husband is currently hospitalized. Had he been in the hospital before Tuesday or was he hospitalized because he was attacked also?

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Posted in: Swimmer Tomita gets 18-month ban for stealing camera See in context

Why did he take the camera. Was it the camera or what was on the camera that he wanted. I can not believe this man would steal a camera. What did he say I do not think. That Japan Know how much the Korean people hate Japan.


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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested over death of 7-year-old boy See in context

If is very about this young boy both for him,his family and the man driving the truck. The man should be taken into custady by the police to determan what happend. It could be just a very sad accedent or the driver was driving way over the speed limit. I live in Japan and the Speed Limit in front of my house is 15kph because it is a resedental area but many cars will be moving at least 30kph to 60kph and faster at that 4am to 9am every day. I have lived here for over 12 years and I have seen only 5 Police redar Speed checks in that time frame. I worry that someone will get hit someday and I am sure it will happen only a mater of when.

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Posted in: There is never an excuse for shooting unarmed suspects See in context

I must of missed something because for sure there was everyone in the Area that was close had a cell phone and took video of the conflick but may be scared to come forward this was a big man and has friends or have already sold them because if they implicated the officer they would of already been on te Net. Something is not being told think about it and be honest with yourself

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Posted in: New volcanic isle may collapse, create tsunami: study See in context

I agree with you fOX and BEAR anyway something should be done soon to control what can happen.Nature has a habit of changing what will happen and 18minutes may be all the 2000 people has if something is not done. 200,000 cubic meters of lava is a lot of heavy rock. Here in Hiroshima when many people were sleeping I do not think anyone would believe what 200 Milaleters of rain in One hour was going to cause but that could not have been prepared For. I guess what I am trying to say is that the Government needs to get off their ass an do something!

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Posted in: New volcanic isle may collapse, create tsunami: study See in context

If it is Posable it will happen so use Murphys Law! IF ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG IT WILL!!! If any place would need to be evacuated to keep people safe, Then do it now!! because Hind sight it this case is we should have evacuated not if we did maybe 2000 people would be alive. Do not be stupid send these people on vacation. And deal with it just like as it could be an Avolanch of Snow in the sky slopes. Give the SFDF a little Bombing pratice. Problem solved

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Posted in: Apple begins storing users' personal data on servers in China See in context

Chinas Government will already have access even before the center opens. All companys in China are owned by the Government it is Communest Government

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Posted in: DNA at Niigata murder scene links suspect to 2 other homicides See in context

I would that japan ha a serial killer in custady and should check into any unsalved murders for at least the past 10 years the have the same MO

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Posted in: Obama says that after 9/11, 'we tortured some folks' See in context

Obama is only tring to put the blame on someone else becuase he is a coward to do anything just like now when the US should be it Iraq with the full force of the U.S. Military and stop the killing of civilians weman and children and put a stop to that invading force that force has found the weapons that The US could not find and they will join Iran then Iran will give them atomic Weapons and they will use them on anyone at anytime. I will not lison to Obama putting the blame on anyone just to direct the attention away from himself.

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Posted in: Man reportedly tries to get 9-year-old girl into his car in Chiba See in context

The little girl done a good job and now it is up to the comunity as well as the police to find this man and he must be found because you can be sure that he had done this before and maybe did get some little girl and someone has seen him and maybe even knows who he is. This a nation wide search.

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Posted in: 400-year-old garden in Okayama to be replaced with condominium complex See in context

Sad and I put A curse on the property and the developers family. It should be investagated because this just smells of political coruption and someone in the local and Ken government has filled their pockets from the developers the government can stop it all they have to do is try.

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Posted in: Missing Okayama girl found unharmed; 49-year-old man arrested See in context

Thatis great news it is no ones falt that the girl was abducted except the man who abducted her . He planed it and she is lucky to be home today safe and that was because he mother did take notice of a car that was not sapose to be in the area GOOD JOB MOM

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother arrested after car crash kills 1-year-old son See in context

This young mother did not commit man slaughter She commited murder in the FIRST DEGREE and atempted MURDER no dought she decided to kill her husdban, even if may be a Grade A ass whole and her baby son, makes no defferance, if she used a car or a knife it is still MURDER!

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