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I am afraid that current policy trends within the Central Banks of the World are going to rob purchasing power from those of us in Japan, the U.S., Britain, The E.U. etc., through runaway inflation. If, you think Tokyo is expensive now, I can see by 2020 that it will be nearly impossible for a middle class husband and wife to afford essential items, housing, clothing, transportation, and food forget about trying to begin a family.. The same may also be said of NYC, in the States.. ~Fort Worth, Texas USA

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It's not just Japan, it's the "ASIAN ATTITUDE" toward the seas that has to be altered. They heat up their water in huge stock pots then pour bags and bags of SHARK FINS in the water for a few minutes then serve it to their patron calling and call it SOUP to the tune of up to hundreds of dollars per serving. * They do NOT seem to care that there are a finite number of sharks, I have recently heard that Asians BELIEVE sharks can regrow their dorsal fin's??

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Very funny Samuraiiki. . . .Please.

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