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BoratLikeBarry comments

Posted in: Can the achievements of Steve Jobs be compared to those of Thomas Edison? See in context

I think you lot are missing the big one here - iTunes completely changed the way we buy and listen to music, rent or buy movies, tv programmes, applications, games, books. The whole industry changed as a result - bookstores are going out of business, nobody buys newspapers or magazines, music stores are losing massive amounts in CD/DVD sales, game companies are losing share in the gaming market to the iPhone/iPad. Next iCloud is going to make hard disks a thing of the past.

Not sure if Steve was "as great" as Edison as let's be honest, inventors in Edison's time had a lot more 'breakthroughs" to make than now - but Jobs is definitely one of the most influential and revolutionary of our times.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't agrees to take 1,000 tons of debris from city in Iwate See in context

Iwate is miles and miles away from Fukushima, yet predictably everyone is throwing a hissy fit thinking it's radioactive waste of something. Trying looking at a map.

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Posted in: Y10 mil 'for Tohoku' left in bag in Saitama municipal bldg restroom See in context

Brainiac - yeah, hats off to the honest worker for turning the cash in. Although it could actually have been 100 million yen in there...

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Posted in: 'Mad Men' 2011: Japan’s gender equality debate See in context

at least my kids can go to a park here and not risk getting beaten up by hoodies or stuck with needles.

Nicky, you really shouldn't believe everything the Daily Mail tells you - it's hardly that bad back in the UK, and it's not like we don't hear of kids being beat up, killed, bullied to suicide, etc over here.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino, jockey boyfriend announce wedding See in context

@Mirai - she used to do AV, you can see it all there.

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Posted in: Edano raps TEPCO over high salaries, compensation forms See in context

JT loves Edano. Give him a few years doing this sort of stuff and we may have a capable PM on our hands.

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Posted in: Corpse hotels offer new final destination See in context

I did not see that coming at all...but that is actually a brilliant idea for a business.

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

Keep M & F - if you are equipped with a 'certain item', you're a male - if not, you're a female. Determining somebody's gender is science, not psychology.

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

Are they trying to copy "Cool Britannia"?

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Posted in: 'Himizu' looks at love and madness in post-tsunami Japan See in context

that girl is not bad at all

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Posted in: James Murdoch 'knew about' News of World phone hacking See in context

Good to see the truth is finally coming out about these scumbags

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Posted in: Noda appoints Kan, Hatoyama as advisers See in context

Hatoyama is there to advise on "bottling it"

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Posted in: Noda's election sparks wariness in China See in context

It's all just gone on too long. Japan has apologised, given money back, blah blah blah. Once the generation who are 20-30 now are 40-50 and in charge of each country, I hope we can all just get along without harping on about the past all the time.

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Posted in: Noda's election sparks wariness in China See in context

Spidapig - do you take responsibility for whatever your country did in the past? I don't. And I certainly don't hold anything against people from countries that committed atrocities or whatever in mine. This is different to what Noda is saying (he is denying/trying to cover the past), but as long as YuriOtani recognises Japan's past, there is no need for he/she to take any sort of responsibility.

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Posted in: Give it your best shot See in context

Okami didn't get KTFO'd, but he was made to look a total n00b.

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Posted in: Give it your best shot See in context

oginome - It's not about people being beat up, the fighters aren't in there against their will. They are trained professionals, and the main thing everyone enjoys about MMA is watching how different styles and martial arts mesh. They are martial artists, not a bunch of schmucks fighting outside a bar like you seem to be thinking.

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Posted in: Give it your best shot See in context

warallthetime - Japanese fighters are usually undone by wrestling in the UFC. They can't hack the bigger fighters who are used to cutting weight putting relentless pressure on them. Yamamoto, Gomi and Akiyama are all getting done by that. This fight was different though - Anderson is in a totally different world to any fighter. Okami is no bum, but he was made to look an absolute tool yesterday, much like Belfort and all the others who have fallen to the great man. I'm not even sure if GSP could beat him - I think Jon Jones could, but Silva probably wouldn't move up to LHW.

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Posted in: Give it your best shot See in context

JT is covering MMA? Great. Okami was well and truly schooled yesterday. Anderson Silva is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

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Posted in: Five-way race to pick new prime minister begins See in context

If Kaieda gets in, we should do some sort of protest. The gaijin will at least unite against the stain on politics that is Ozawa.

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Posted in: Kan resigns; says he did all he could, given difficulties he faced See in context

Kan was alright. Next!

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Posted in: Texas man gets 99 years for cattle rustling See in context

Cattle rustling isn't really a crime, it's more of a practical joke.

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches Windows smartphone See in context


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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

As Admiral Akbar would say, ITS A TRAP

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Posted in: Patrol officer arrested over convenience store toilet camera in Kagawa See in context


For the record, J cops are a total joke. This website is full of stories about their endless mishaps on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Asian soccer stars reluctant to return home See in context

Harry Kewell is indeed a greedy filthbag, but seeing as footballers only have a limited time (age 18-38 ish) to make their money, I can't say I blame him for getting as much money as he can, while he can. We'd all probably do the same.

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Posted in: Patrol officer arrested over convenience store toilet camera in Kagawa See in context

Japan's finest at their best.

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Posted in: Asian soccer stars reluctant to return home See in context

Harry Kewell has been a load of rubbish ever since he left Leeds.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls Kan, cabinet 'not Japanese' for not visiting Yasukuni Shrine See in context

ThonTaddeo - I know this isn't the place for this discussion, but Ishihara still has about 20% or so votes from people in their 20s. I blame his election on the elderly buffoons like everybody else here, but it isn't like he has no young following. Hopefully the country is rid of this racist moron soon.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for public indecency in Saga restaurant parking lot See in context

I like his admission, classy.

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Posted in: Qantas, JAL, Mitsubishi Corp to form Jetstar Japan See in context

Papasmurf, check out Skymark - you can fly from Haneda to Okinawa, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kobe, etc for about 9000 yen if you book in advance. Plenty of cheap domestic routes with them, and a very smooth service overall.

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