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As the civil war escalates, more people will come to support Biden's decision to abide by the contractual obligation of Trump's screwed up negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Color me stupid, but what benefit accrues from changing one's gender/sex on government paperwork? Extra money?

How about we call you orange? Obviously, there are opportunities available people to specific based on gender. Loans, scholarships, jobs and competitions are examples to name a few.

A well-trained naturally born bigger man with gender reassignment has a better chance of winning a gold medal in female weightlifting or wrestling during the Olympics than someone physically born a woman.

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I don't think requiring people who are transgendered to use private facilities only is really helping, that just whiffs of segregation-era policies. Gender-free toilets though, absolutely. I don't know what people are typically doing in bathrooms that toilets need to be separated to begin with.

If they used an openspace design for all public facilities to have private stalls with a mini sink and mirror inside of them then the problem would be solved for everyone. Basically, they would be luxury "port a potties." People of all designations have no problem using them with different people around at concerts and other outdoor events. There would be relative equality and safety for all.

Just make them look better with more advanced technology.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

People should have the right to dress like a man or a woman if they like. However, I am more inclined to support the legal right's of people who have gotten gender reassignment surgery. Regardless of feeling like a different sex, they should not have the legal status and all of the benefits that come with switching genders without a lengthy application process. It should be a gradual process as the technology used for gender reassignment improves as well as to see if the individual are really sure this is what they want. Some people may be simply curious to try it, or they may also want the best of both worlds. That is their right, but for legal matters it should be like applying for citizenship. Unless they are willing to go under the knife, testosterone, or gene therapy, it appears to the average person to be only "live action role playing."

I definitely do not want a grown man who has not had surgery share a public toilet with my young daughter when I cannot be in there with her. I am not assuming that the person is a pervert. I just cannot judge based on appearance whether they are serious about changing genders or if it is a "Bosom Buddies" situation. I also cannot tell whether the person has had surgery, yet.

Until some safe guards in place, there has to be some limitations in place to stop those wanting to game the system because it hurts all those that are serious about switching genders and the LGBTQ community as a whole.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte will not cooperate with ICC drug war probe See in context

Duerte was just eliminating the competition and cleaning up his family's messes. His family is in the manufacturing and wholesale drug business along with other criminal activities. He runs a crime family.

He is the Philippines' version of the Trump family. Every bureaucratic decision must somehow benefit him and his circle of cronies.

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And.....water is wet!

I do not think that anyone who has lived in Japan or visited for a significant amount of time would be surprised by such revelations!

This is not the first incident of abuse that has made the media rounds.

The shock is the Japanese government's response to the blatant abuse.

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> US already has a QUAD aiming to contain China, now going for an Indo-Pacific security alliance with UK and Australia. This time, trying to coerce Beijing openly?

All these can only go to show that US dares not face China alone. It needs others' help to make hollow noise to scare Beijing.

How distressingly inadequate..

You confused China with the US.

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Wait until the GOP retake the House and look into The Biden’s relations with China and Xi, more investigations for sure to come.

That is funny!

Trump also said recently that "the US will end in 3 years" followed by "I will run in 2024."

Coincidence? I think not!

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for assaulting 87-year-old nursing home resident for ‘not going to sleep’ See in context

It takes a certain kind of person to deal with elderly people on a daily basis. They could be dealing with seniors with life-threatening issues, second childhoods, or memory loss. All can put lots of stress on the caregiver.

To reduce this kind of abuse, more training and support should be provided to caregivers. In addition, they should be provided mandatory counseling like psychiatrist. Psychiatry is the only medical profession that I know of that requires practitioners to have routine counseling with another peer to discuss their mental issues related with dealing with other people's problems all the time.

They realize that interacting with people dealing with stressful issues affect all those involved with that individual including the healthcare worker! Thus, it may affect the quality of treatment the patient receives.

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Posted in: Japan cat lovers give ¥207 million to kidney research See in context

That mama cat looks very proud of her children.

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Posted in: Biden announces Indo-Pacific alliance with UK, Australia See in context

China has been developing their submarine fleet. There was article a few days ago about a Chinese submarine enter Japanese waters. An American Chinese business owner in the US was sentences to several years in prison for using his business to purchase marine technology, so he could sell it to the Chinese military for their Navy.

Biden changing his focus away from Afghanistan to China is good idea. The big issues now are cybersecurity and traditional military. Thats will counter China's hard power. To counter the soft power, the US needs to rebuild all of the relationships that the dysfunctional previous president ruined.

The Republican heads must be exploding now because they can't say he is weak on China. There is not much that trump or trump wannabe use as a campaign issue.

I suspect China might try to influence Afghanistan or Pakistan to terrorize American interests as a distraction.

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Posted in: Ex-cop's appeal over murder of family denied; death penalty upheld See in context

If guilty, I support the upholding of the punishment. If there is any shadow of doubt or a possibly of another reason for the loss of life then I think life would be appropriate.

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Police said Miyazaki had previously consulted with them several times before her murder this month. However, police declined to give further details, saying it “concerns [her] privacy.”

The police might also be covering their butts because it could have possibly been avoided if they would have followed up instead of "Taihen, ne!"

Now they got to go back and do the job they should have done the first time.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

It appears that Sanae has had some work done. She has been eyeing the PM position for sometime and will say and do whatever it takes to cover her bases and to get the votes.

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Posted in: Congress asks tech companies for Jan 6 records See in context

Would McCarthy have to explain those conversations with Trump that he keeps forgetting he had but the media keeps reminding us about?

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Posted in: Germany's 'Blade Jumper' gets gold at Tokyo Paralympics See in context

This category of jumper becomes more about the technology behind the prosthetic.

Must they jump off of their leg or can they jump-off from the blade?

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Posted in: Congress asks tech companies for Jan 6 records See in context

All the news that I see has been the GOP going on the record of threaten Telecommunication companies because they do not want to be caught conspiring with Trump to overthrow a legally, democratically and fairly elected government.

Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene Threaten Telecoms Not To Give Data to 1/6 Committee

I wonder the entire nation would like the GOP if they took away their cellphone and internet service.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for COVID See in context

The new trend in political circles has been the "Sympathy bump". Whenever a politician gets caught doing something embarrassing, they all of sudden get diagnosed with COVID to get out of the spotlight and let the heat die down. It has been very popular with the GOP in the US in the last 5 months.

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Posted in: COVID spurs dramatic surge of 'konkatsu' among middle-aged people See in context

Referring to Ishigami:

Just recently, he says, he connected with a banker. She’s 41, comely, vivacious; they met for dinner, had a good time, arranged a second date. Before it happened he received a message from her via Line: “Damn you, you old creep!” How? Why? What had he done? He’s still shaking his head – and gamely preparing to go back to square one.

It sounds like this busy 60 year-old might be telling these younger women who are looking for sugar daddies lies to get some loving. He is probably lying to the reporter, too!

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

That is misinformation and not true! They have the option of both. Yokosuka, Okinawa I know for a fact offer choices, as I’ve got a Pfizer shot at each location.

@Bubonam Justin Kayce........A good friend of mine, his wife and university son got Moderna at Yokosuka.

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Posted in: Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart to perform at 9/11 benefit show See in context

Strangerland wrote:

No, he's a top comedic giant because he made it into Saturday Night Live cast, one of the hardest comedy troupes there are to get into, he has made comedy movies, and he's done stand-up. In otherwords, he's been proven as a top comedian.

Oh sorry, did I destroy your narrative by proving that someone at the top of comedy finds Schumer smart? My bad.

Mate, you are not even attempting to make sense, anymore. I don't think that you have destroyed anyone's narrative. If anything you have strengthened the other sides point. You have also confirmed your lack of knowledge on the topic with that Pete Davidson point!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,989 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 18,822 See in context

At least, it was not 5,000!

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Posted in: Biden to host 'summit' to rally democracies over autocrats See in context


Does anyone actually believe this? He can start at home with his own team. The US is in no position to call any other country an autocracy.

You are right! Especially when the conservative supporters in the US elected an autocrat wannabe like Trump who lead a violent insurrection to stop a legally and fairly elected democratic president from taking office.

Trump is the stain on the US's credibility about anything!

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Posted in: Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart to perform at 9/11 benefit show See in context

Strangerland wrote:

A comedian who has made millions off comedy specials, sells out arenas for her stand-up, and got a comedy show re-signed for multiple seasons. On top of this story right here, were one of the greatest comedians of all time (Chappelle) is bringing her on his tour. You think he'd do that if he didn't think she's funny? Or do you think Dave Chappelle is one to sell out for money?

Iff this is not proof, then there isn't any proof that would satisfy you. Literally millions of people think she's funny. I don't need to prove it, their dollars already have.

You don't have to think she's funny. Her humor doesn't even really make me laugh much. But there is zero doubt that she is officially a funny person, whether any internet poster thinks so or not, as not only the masses, but also the masters (Chappelle, Joe Rogan) have declared so as well.

Actually, there are a number of reasons why a person can be rich and famous celebrity, and it does not necessarily have anything to do with talent. She might have had connections. (ie. "Schumer")

Also, this is not a Chappelle show or tour. He is just one of the biggest names on the event, so your proof is not really true.

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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context

And still he retains he overall popularity with GOP voters overwhelmingly. Not a good sign for Dems as their second attempt at conviction failed and failed miserably.

Bass.......It says more about the "moral compass" and hypocrisy of the GOP and conservatives.

I do. Parlor isn’t online, Marjorie Greene’s account has been blocked as well as Trump’s. That’s more than enough evidence.

HAHA! How convenient that your evidence is on a shutdown website known for spreading conspiracies!

That is your hard evidence?

Gawd! I wish I were....

You do not seem to need a wish after all!

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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context

It’s not going to happen. Trump is not going to prison, that’s a promise.

Bass.............that means that you do not have any evidence!

So, are you just making things up?

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The problem is that the left these days want to silence things they don't agree with instead of engaging in reasonable discussion, or just ignoring things they don't like. Trying to censor opposition will just make them bite back, so don't say you haven't been warned.


Gooch.................Not only is trump trying to silence critics but also FOXNEWS:

Jeanine Pirro Abruptly Ends Segment After Guest Says Biden Is ‘Making America Great Again’


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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context


Um, you're aware of what happened in that country between 1917 and 1991, right?

Um, you're aware that Russia is lead by a man that was a former KGB agent between 1917 and 1991.

Putin Wants to Rebuild Soviet Union, Former Head of British Army Warns

The country that trump, GOP, and FOXNEWS endorses and see as a friend!

Not to mention, trump's uneducated insurrectionists!

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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context


No, by Mueller

How has Mueller proven that trump will never be convicted of crimes, and he will never be involved in politics, again?

Real relevant examples..............?

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Posted in: Trump to launch own social media platform: ex-aide See in context

baring - bearing

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