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Posted in: Looking at the global environment, Japan is lagging in attracting high-skilled and knowledgeable foreign human resources. See in context

Looking at the global environment, Japan is lagging in attracting high-skilled and knowledgeable foreign human resources.

They have before, but the problem is when the foreigners are too good then the Japanese coworkers get jealous. After that, you begin to have the scheming by Japanese colleagues leading to them trying to find ways to get rid them. The same situation happened to Ghosn with Nissan colluding with corrupt officials in Abe's political party.

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Posted in: Mayweather expects 'easy payday, easy opponent' in Japan fight See in context


Mayweather would fight his own shadow as long as people are stupid enough to pay. He claims to be the goat of boxing but has a very very limited knowledge, or probably scant regard for boxing history. Ask any boxer , amateur or pro, who is the greatest of all time and they’ll say sugar ray robinson.

You have an opinion like Mayweather. Robinson being the goat is not fact. People also say that Rocky Marciano is the goat.

Depending on each person's criteria, Mayweather could definitely be considered the goat.

has a very very limited knowledge, or probably scant regard for boxing history.

Considering the most past and current boxing experts and champions have described Mayweather as having genius-level boxing IQ. I doubt you can tell him anything about history.

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Posted in: Fan misbehavior on rise in English soccer, government says See in context

That is not a new phenomenon. Soccer has always attracted violent and racists fans. I would say more so than any other sport because of its large international appeal and popularity.

Did not the term "soccer hooligan" begin in Europe (UK)?

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Posted in: Iran's Raisi warns against 'acts of chaos' as protests over woman's death rage See in context

Iran has a VERY young population. If the extremists and the supreme leader was removed, Iran could have a very bright future.

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Posted in: Celebrities coming back to White House after Trump drought See in context

LOL!......Nobody really likes Trump!

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Posted in: Political worries, low yen attracting more Chinese buyers to Japan's real estate market See in context

These are not government agents. These are wealthy Chinese fleeing the jaws of the CCP. They all saw what happened to Jack Ma and realize their wealth is not secure in China. They will be a positive addition to Japan as most bring with them considerable wealth and entrepreneurial spirit.

@Desert tortoise.......that is true, but the Chinese are now limited on how much wealth Chinese can invest outside the country each year. You will not see rich Chinese coming in and buying vineyards like back in the day unless they get direct permission from the CCP. Usually those individuals are friends or family members of government officials which means they get a piece, too!

Large purchases outside the situation described above are mostly government plans to help send workers abroad to bring revenue back to China and keep an eye on them at the same time.

With residential and commercial real estate, the CCP can set up businesses and provide housing. Those same locations can also be cover for espionage activity.

Report: China’s unofficial ‘police stations’ operating under the radar in London, other parts of the world


China has opened up its latest secret "overseas police service centers" in Chinese restaurants and shops throughout the United Kingdom and other China towns around the world. (Real estate!)

That means Europe, the Americas, Asia (Japan), and Africa.

The Chinese Communist Party runs 54 police centers outside of China, 36 in Europe alone. One of the two in London claims to be a real estate company, while one in Glasgow operates in a Chinese restaurant.

Yokohama and Ikebukuro looks a whole lot different knowing those details.

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Posted in: Drunk driver arrested after head-on collision kills 2 women See in context

Regular car versus kei car: The driver of the former survives in a head-on collision, those of the latter perish. Those tiny death traps are only for those who put money over life.

This argument that everyone is spouting makes no sense. The car was not the problem. The drunk driver was the problem. People can drive an SUV and still die from a head on collision. In that case, people should not ride motorcycles on the road because a head on collision is certainly fatal.

No one should be blaming the victim in this situation.

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Posted in: Sweeteners may be linked to heart disease risk, study suggests See in context

Not surprising!

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Posted in: Japan reports record high 207,000 child abuse cases in FY2021 See in context

Like the pandemic, Japan similar to other countries likes to hide its dirty laundry. When it is exposed, then its common strategy is to deflect to the Whataboutism.

That seems to be the easiest rebuttal for the ill-informed. Sometimes, those comparisons are not even correct.

I have seen it so many times dealing with Japanese coworkers and personal relationships with Japanese people.

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Posted in: Ukraine retakes territory in Kharkiv region as Russian front crumbles See in context

Interestingly the Russian press are now, by some accounts,, depicting Ukrainian forces as this vast hoard armed to the teeth with the best western weapons and swimming in western military advisors.

If this report is true it is a very interesting change.

It could be a campaign to play the victim and win over their people and Russian sympathizers. trump goes back and forth with this whining strategy all the time.

It could also be an anti-Putin/war movement swelling in Russia.

Local Russian lawmakers called for Putin's removal from power over the war in Ukraine, and then the police went after them

It has to start somewhere.

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Posted in: Putin mocks West; says Russia will press on in Ukraine See in context

Ooops....Is it impossible to have all these issues at the same time?

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Posted in: Putin mocks West; says Russia will press on in Ukraine See in context

All I am saying is that for the past 7 months according to the western news, the western pundits, the comment section here, the guy looks good for someone that has cancer/Alzheimer's/dementia/Parkinson's all at the same time!

Is it impossible not to have these issues at the same time? Dementia is general term, while Alzhemer's is a type of dementia. People with Parkinson's develop dementia around 10 years after showing symptoms of Parkinson's.

The only thing we do not know is what particular disease Putin is suffering from, but he is suffering from something. It would explain the last ditched effort to take Ukraine. His reign is ending and his ego wants the world to remember him for something other than the sham elections and poisoning rivals.

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Posted in: Famed directors denounce sexual abuse in Japanese film industry See in context

With my personal connections, I have heard some foul things about Sono. There was no hiding or secrecy about what he has been doing!

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Posted in: China lashes Washington over Quad, North Korea See in context

China lashes Washington over Quad:

Why would China worry about Quad that is already in terminal illness and malfunctional?

Without the unstable India, AUKUS has become the Quad in disguise, with Japan sticking to US all the time..

China sees India as a direct threat! It borders their territory. It is competing in all the same sectors! It has more technology credibility globally. How many major international companies are run by Chinese leaders compared to Indian CEOs or presidents like Google? China is not trusted. Finally, it is a democratic yet "corrupt" nuclear superpower.

On top of that, India spanked China's butt in all the most recent skirmishes. China cannot beat India in war; the Quad would humiliate them.

That is what they fear!

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Posted in: Russia detains U.S. Olympic basketball champion on drugs charge See in context

A WNBA spokeswoman told the New York Times on Saturday that all WNBA players apart from Griner had left Russia and Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion of the neighboring country.

It is a Russian hostage situation. Putin is pretty desperate. He must be loosing his grip on power, and this is his last stand to keep his grip on power. This could also be his bucket list. He could mental or physically ill.

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Posted in: Trump's social media app launches year after Twitter ban See in context

trump has $450 million in debt, his followers probably think that is an achievement!!!

Also, being tried for tax fraud is considered a badge of honor amongst his supporters!

He is screwing it to "the man!" YEEAAAHH!

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Posted in: Amnesty joins rights groups in accusing Israel of apartheid See in context

Interesting. I had to check that one out, and it seems you're right, but only in his early life. He changed as he grew older.

@Blackstar.......Conservatives never have a problem with prejudice and discrimination until it happens to them.

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Posted in: Amnesty joins rights groups in accusing Israel of apartheid See in context

Brothers in arms - Israel's secret pact with Pretoria

The European Jews that moved and occupied the territory known as Israel was also a big supporter of apartheid in South Africa and had close ties with its White government.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

Have they come up with evidence of genocide yet? That a factory or school photo equals genocide is wishful thinking.

@quercetum......I had a class mate in Japan who is a Uyghur. Her family member ( a doctor) was kidnapped by the Chinese government. Taken from their family home in the middle of the night. No different than being arrested in Japan. No one heard from him for six months. She was contacted by the Chinese government to return to China or others in her family would also disappear. This was 3 years ago. No one has heard from her since.

Is that enough evidence that something is not right in China?

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

Everyone should boycott the Olympics because of the slave labor and systematic extermination (sterilization) of a Muslim ethnicity not Han in China. Not to mention, China has caused and covered up another pandemic that the world is still dealing with.

We should also boycott the sponsors! We should also boycott Japanese companies supporting the Junta and the massacres being committed in Myanmar.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't overstated data on construction orders for 8 years See in context

It is reasonable to believe that the COVID-19 infection numbers before and after the Olympics are probably misleading, too! Abe's whole time in office has been misleading!!! More scandals are coming out. Has anyone notice that Abe did not make another appearance in the media this week, while the scandals are coming out? He does not wan people to remember that he was connected.

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Posted in: Accused of lying to police, Smollett takes the stand See in context

Smollet is guilty! He wanted to be a victim to garner sympathy because he was being written out of his show

Also, once everyone leaves this article, and it gets quiet Blacklabel will comeback and delete all of these posts like they were a ghost! It happened to me and others. Smollet probably did not have anything else lined for his next project. He was desperate! Poor choice on his part!

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Posted in: South Korea breaks daily virus record for 2nd straight day See in context


PMs can drop like flies as long as the people aren't suffering.

People are suffering if they are not satisfied with their leadership. PMs who realize that they will not be re-elected resign or do not seek re-election.

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Posted in: Paternal violence against newborns shows urgent need for education See in context

Numan wrote:

Bad parenting is a maternal and paternal issue. All couples who want to be parents should be required to get a license like driving. The certification course should be offered free of charge by the government. Bad parenting is cultural. It is passed on from parent to child. The only way the cycle is broken is if the wannabe parent is aware of the faults of their upbringing and make a conscious/sincere effort to change. The alternative is a third-party stepping in and forcing the would-be parent to change. Think about the all the terrible acts that people commit in society that are directly related to their mommy ad daddy issues. Requiring certifications to have children would improve the society as whole.

Bad parenting is passed through generations of family members making it cultural. The culture of that home or family just like the culture at the office.

Not only that, but it can be an effective form of birth control. If people knew what they were getting into, they would think twice before being irresponsible especially younger people. It would reduce the number of unwanted births possibly reducing the number of abortions and abuse from unfit parents. That would also put less of a strain on child services that must take care of these unwanted or abused children.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike resumes work after recovering from fatigue See in context

And like clockwork her and Shinzo coming out of the shadows after all the public hate is all clear.

Most people her hospital visits are either COVID or hiding from scandal.

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Posted in: As the shrinking population becomes a more serious problem and if Japan wants to be seen as a good option for overseas workers, it needs to communicate that it has the proper structure in place to welcome them. See in context

Japan is not a good option for foreign workers because the pay is horrible and working conditions are worse.

Japan's ideal foreigners is a Westerner willing to stay in their place as a cool second-class resident. That is what people may call the "Nova Business Model." They come for the Shimo-Kitazawa, Harajuku, Setagaya, Naka Meguro and Jiyugaoka scenes. They came to Japan for their hobby like anime, cosplay or bujutsu. employment options are limited with an obvious "glass ceiling".

However, most Westerners that involve higher paying jobs at foreign companies in Japan do not want to live in Japan long term even if married to a Japanese person. They can live in a virtual "foreigner bubble" and insulate themselves from most of Japan. Foreign friendly areas like Hiroo, Roppongi, Kagurazaka, and the military facilities. Any attempt of Japan to attract more of these types of people will lead to more Japanese executives and government officials scheming and plotting against foreigners more capable than themselves (Ghosn incident). They do not want to see foreigners doing better themselves in Japan. That goes for most of Japanese society.

Most foreigners come from developing asian countries and work "3D jobs" (dangerous, dirty, and difficult). They too have their own enclaves that usually rely on Japanese people as their main customers like Chinatown Little Nepal, India, Brazilian enclaves, Viet enclaves and Koreatown. Once again, their status and place in Japanese society is obvious and limited.

The exceptions are always entrepreneurs.

Did I mention the pay usually sucks for most foreigners working for Japan Inc?

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Posted in: IS suicide bomber kills 50 inside Afghanistan mosque See in context

As the civil war escalates, more people will come to support Biden's decision to abide by the contractual obligation of Trump's screwed up negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context


Color me stupid, but what benefit accrues from changing one's gender/sex on government paperwork? Extra money?

How about we call you orange? Obviously, there are opportunities available people to specific based on gender. Loans, scholarships, jobs and competitions are examples to name a few.

A well-trained naturally born bigger man with gender reassignment has a better chance of winning a gold medal in female weightlifting or wrestling during the Olympics than someone physically born a woman.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

I don't think requiring people who are transgendered to use private facilities only is really helping, that just whiffs of segregation-era policies. Gender-free toilets though, absolutely. I don't know what people are typically doing in bathrooms that toilets need to be separated to begin with.

If they used an openspace design for all public facilities to have private stalls with a mini sink and mirror inside of them then the problem would be solved for everyone. Basically, they would be luxury "port a potties." People of all designations have no problem using them with different people around at concerts and other outdoor events. There would be relative equality and safety for all.

Just make them look better with more advanced technology.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

People should have the right to dress like a man or a woman if they like. However, I am more inclined to support the legal right's of people who have gotten gender reassignment surgery. Regardless of feeling like a different sex, they should not have the legal status and all of the benefits that come with switching genders without a lengthy application process. It should be a gradual process as the technology used for gender reassignment improves as well as to see if the individual are really sure this is what they want. Some people may be simply curious to try it, or they may also want the best of both worlds. That is their right, but for legal matters it should be like applying for citizenship. Unless they are willing to go under the knife, testosterone, or gene therapy, it appears to the average person to be only "live action role playing."

I definitely do not want a grown man who has not had surgery share a public toilet with my young daughter when I cannot be in there with her. I am not assuming that the person is a pervert. I just cannot judge based on appearance whether they are serious about changing genders or if it is a "Bosom Buddies" situation. I also cannot tell whether the person has had surgery, yet.

Until some safe guards in place, there has to be some limitations in place to stop those wanting to game the system because it hurts all those that are serious about switching genders and the LGBTQ community as a whole.

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