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Posted in: Two men arrested for setting fire to former employee See in context

All flamables are obviously dangerous.

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Posted in: 3 die in Saitama scooter crash See in context

Feel bad for the parents, but why weren't they in bed sleeping and then getting ready for school?

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Posted in: DPJ wants to extend Diet session until Sept 8 See in context

I suggest that all forms of media stop reporting on affairs of Japanese politicians. The spotlight you give them, th more important they feel they are. Ignore them, nothing over here folks move along. Sooner or later they will be begging for someone to give a rats and take notice. Hopefully on that day things will change.

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Posted in: 6-yr-old boy injured after falling from rollercoaster in Gunma See in context

Tough fella, 1.5 metre fall on to concrete while moving. Lucky not to have hit his head on the way down.

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Posted in: Samoa beats Japan 27-26 to win Pacific Nations Cup See in context

Japan is definitely getting better, few more years and they will be a bit more competitive.

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Posted in: Simpson stuns stars to win U.S. Open See in context

He had a break out year last year, earned 6.3 million dollars. He played smart the 4 rounds, good to see someone new win.

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Posted in: Elderly to account for 40% of Japanese in 2060 See in context

This is 48 years away, the country might not make it to 2030 unless change happens now. Gee in 2060 in will be 81 years old. Its my son's children who will have to pay for this.

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

Bet he couldn't wait to get out. This legal system is a damn joke. Knew a bangladeshi guy who burn't his Gaijin Card 20 years at protest, he was arrested and locked up for 6 months without charges.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

The mother simply ran back to Japan in selfish act to protect her best interests, clearly at time the kid was more western that Japanese. The mother thought is was totally acceptable to change they way of living overnight. Furthermore she was quite happy to raise a multi-cultural girl as a single mother in a country that is not as forgiving. Then have the gaul to try and keep her green card from a country he fleed from. Smacks of arrogance and selfishness but totally acceptable actions by the majority of Japanese readers here. This country will never change, because change means we the Japanese gov't and people were wrong for too long, Japanese mis-placed pride and their inferiority complex won't allow it.

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Posted in: TEPCO compensation hotline overwhelmed by 3,000 complaints per day See in context

What a Croc of Cr@p. Noda needs to come and demand 1000 tepco employees travel to where the refugees are and fill it in for them.

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