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BoredToTears comments

Posted in: 3D printing will change the world, say researchers See in context

I like to build plastic model planes, ships, and cars, and I think that a 3D printer could be cool for the hobby.

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Hmmm, does "China" think Chiang Kai Shek a hero?

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Posted in: Prostitutes and payoffs: U.S. Navy rocked by scandal See in context

From the various articles I've read about this, it sounds to me like this bribery thing was passed on to the next officer assigned to that position.

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Posted in: Kyoto eatery offers Megaburgerpizza See in context

Burger King had one too once. It was too big for one person, but I liked it. I kind of wished they would have made a normal size hamburger like this, or just put the pizza sauce and cheese on a Whopper.

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Posted in: New Chinese video game lets players retake disputed islands See in context

I wonder if they'll have a side mission where you can run over protesting students with a tank.

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Posted in: More protests planned over acquittal in black teen's murder See in context

Actually Probie, it WAS a hate crime. When Rachel Jeantel testified under oath that Trayvon Martin described George Zimmerman as a "creepy ass cracker", it proved Martin's attack on Zimmerman was a racially motivated hate crime. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. If racial slurs makes other attacks hate crimes, you can't excuse this one just because the perpetrator got shot and killed.

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Posted in: Black Sabbath emerges from the dark with new album See in context

I've read Bill Ward's side of the story,but haven't seen anything from the rest of the band. But if what he wrote was true, I have lost all respect for Black Sabbath.

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Posted in: Is Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on vast surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency that trawl through telephone and Internet records a hero or traitor? See in context

I'm leaning toward traitor. We're supposed to believe this guy is all about freedom, and that the people have a right to know what the government is doing and he runs to... wait for it... China? Think it's a coincidence that while Obama is talking with Xi about all this hacking crap China is pulling, that this guy does his little whistle blowing act and runs to China?

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Posted in: U.S. F-15 fighter crashes 115 kms east of Okinawa See in context

1st, grounding planes to find out if the cause of the crash was a freak accident with that particular aircraft or a possible problem with all aircraft of that type is fairly normal from what I've seen in the news. 2nd, I'm wondering if the sequestration funding cuts caused this plane (and others) to skip maintenance.

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

USNinJapan2 - Interesting, I didn't know .38s weren't issued anymore. I was thinking the .38 might have been issued to a pilot, most likely a helo pilot being from Zama.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't survey on employees' union activities called unfair practice See in context

I think it would be great to show Hashimoto a dossier on a "goverment employee" with his family history, and past and present activities see if he finds this person should be fired. I'd be he would in a heartbeat.

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Posted in: Status quo or radical change? Who will be next pope? See in context

Reminds me of the Ray Stevens song "Would Jesus Wear A Rolex".

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Posted in: Obama to visit Israel for first time as president See in context

How's he going to explain giving F-16s and M1 Abrams to the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt?

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

These laws work in Japan, because Japan citizens are used to being sheep. They never had the right to own weapons, and have accepted it. And who, I wonder, decided that the peasants shouldn't have the means to defend themselves or revolt?

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

Erik Rick, sorry about that. I'm in Yokosuka. I must have misread something, I thought you were from Yokosuka, too. Well, I don't know much about Sasebo other than it's supposed to be pretty quiet there. I can tell you that anything like that happening here would end up with Security posting watches on Command Hill (as has happened in the past), which is something that everybody can see.

But yes there are things that happen that not everybody knows about, but people talk. A lot. True some are just rumor mill stuff, but a lot ends up being true. And you know that if three drunk sailors walked into strangers houses on base, the whole base would be talking about it, and there'd probably be some "housing safety" training for everybody.

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Posted in: Inside job: 2 Canadian militants involved in Algeria siege See in context

Zen student, you're leaving out the part about the terrorists trying to hide in schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods. Perhaps if this fictional Monammed kid of yours had parents with a set of balls, they wouldn't let terrorist operate in thier back yards. Which would keep them from taking the colateral damage when the terrorists are taken out. Remember, you're with us or against us. It's as simple as that.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

Erik Rick, I'm on the base. If this crap happened, I'd (or somebody I know) would hear about it. If you're here too, you know how small this base is, and how fast word travels. Obviously, things do happen on base, I'm not saying they don't. But not these TYPES of things. From reading these articles, you'd think it's natural for Americans to just go wandering into peoples houses. Like I said, they do this crap in places they won't get beat down or killed for doing it. They KNOW what they're doing.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

You'll notice that these idiots aren't pulling this crap on base. You don't hear about a drunk 24 year old walking into a CO's house do you? As somebody mentioned above, you don't hear about them walking into strangers houses back in the States either. Why? Because they KNOW what would happen to them if they did. They're too comfortable here, they know they can get away with thier bull$hit behavior.

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Posted in: NRA slams 'elitist hypocrite' Obama See in context

Why would anybody be surprised? Is Obama's family on Obamacare? Then why would they expect he would deprive himself and his family the proctection of armed guards, just because he wants to disarm law abiding US citizens?

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

I don't care if NHK did approve her leaving. If NHK decided her "temporary" replacement was better, why should NHK take her back?

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Posted in: New York passes 1st U.S. gun control bill since Newtown massacre See in context

Great! Take guns away from NYPD today! If criminals can't have these weapons anymore, the cops won't need guns either, right? Crime is going to go away now, right? Idiots.

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Posted in: Hide and seek See in context

Interesting. I wonder what kind of rifle that is.

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Posted in: Veteran rockers Alice to embark on first ever national tour See in context

Cool! I just put on "Fuyu No Inazuma" after reading this.

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Posted in: Obama calls for gun control proposals within a month See in context

More liberal bu!!$hit on how nobody is responsible for thier actions.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

Yuri, so you would have no problem with Chinese ships doing the same thing the SS does as long as they did it in international waters? Really? As far as I'm concerned nobody has jurisdiction in international waters, until criminal activity is perpetrated, then ALL countries have a responsibility to uphold international sea laws. What the SS does is terrorism plain and simple. The fact that you agree with saving whales has nothing to do with whaling being legal and illegal. Whether you believe it's a loophole or not, the IWC allows the whalers to hunt a limited number of whales. If you or anybody else doesn't agree with that, you need to petition the Japanese government and the IWC. Trying to kill Japanese sailors is NOT the answer.

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Posted in: Obama may struggle to deliver on massacre rhetoric See in context

oikawa, I agree with you. With liberals in charge, there is no point in having laws. Nothing is anybody's fault, it's some outside influence, right? Until liberals pull thier heads out of thier a$$e$ and grasp the concept of personal responsiblity, nothing will change. You don't think the shooter was a criminal? He didn't understand what he was doing was wrong? You're the perfect example of the problem.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

Sorry, I meant "as a form of protest."

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

Yuri, if it was a Chinese ship throwing acid at fishing boats near Senkaku what would your reaction be? Terrorists are terrorists, it doesn't matter what stupid cause they believe in. Violence is not tolerated by law. Simply not liking something or an activity does NOT grant you the right to use violence at a form of "protest".

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

Sink the pirates if they close within 500 yards!

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Posted in: Tokyo bank heist unsolved, 44 years on See in context

Those were old style bills, right? I wonder if you can still get them changed at the bank.

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