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Boris Yarovoy comments

Posted in: Former reporter traces how famous Ainu portraits wound up in France See in context

Strange, but what does Japan have to do with it? These paintings do not belong to the Japanese government or the Japanese people, they belong to the Ainu. Now we, the Ainu, are working with Russia so that it would give us back our native lands - the Southern Kuril Islands, the Northern Territories. Having regained our homeland, we will begin to regain other national property.


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Posted in: Lucrative practice of 'sugar daddy dating' goes international See in context

Prostitutes sell their bodies, but not their souls. Today's politicians are selling their souls.

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Posted in: As Wajima city digs out from quake, hopes fade for tourism recovery See in context

Earthquake forecast: Crimea, California, Hokkaido, Taiwan, NZ

 Size of economic damage from earthquakes

100.000.000 dollars EVERY DAY

A catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8 points occurs once a year.

Destructive earthquakes: force 7 - 8 points - 17 times a year.

The annual number of victims of earthquakes

XX century - 33,000 people.

TANGSHAN 1976. China. Magnitude 7.8. 242 thousand people died.

SPITAK 1988. Armenia. Magnitude 7.2. 25 thousand people died.

NEFTEGORSK 1995. Russia Magnitude 7.6. 2040 people died.

XXI century - 45,000 people.

PORT-AU-PRINCE 2010 Haiti. Magnitude 7. 223 thousand people died.

SENDAI 2011 Japan. Magnitude 9. 18 thousand people died.


There is a 70 percent chance for a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Tokyo area within the next 30 years.

Professor Hiroyuki Fujiwara. National Research Institute of Geosciences and Disaster Prevention of Japan.

Deterministic predictions of individual earthquakes with sufficient accuracy to allow evacuation programs to be planned are not possible in principle.

Seismological Society of the USA

Even an excellent (hypothetical) forecasting method would be of dubious social utility, since "an organized evacuation of urban centers is unlikely to be successful", while panic and other undesirable side effects can be expected.

Seismologist Stathis Stiros, Greece


The technology is based on the ability of domestic and farm animals, reptiles, amphibians, fish to predict an earthquake. By collecting information about their behavior via the Internet, using Keilis-Borok's "greedy algorithms", it is then possible to accurately predict the strength, place and time of a future earthquake. For a more accurate forecast, it is necessary to run the current prototype model. TRON Startup Funding Roadmap.

If you or your relatives live in the Caucasus, Central Asia or the Far East. If you have people you love in California, the Mediterranean or Oceania, support TRON's accurate earthquake prediction technology. And this help will be credited to you in this and this world.

Partners, Entrepreneurs, Intermediaries, Programmers, Translators, Buyers, Suppliers, Sellers, Intermediaries, Users, Subscribers, Recipients, Admirers, Representatives of the Press and the Government.

Write. Call. Contact.


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Posted in: Territorial disputes with Japan over, says Russian foreign minister See in context

These islands do not belong to Russia. But they don't belong to Japan either. This territory belongs to their indigenous inhabitants - the Ainu. And as long as there are Ainu in Japan, they will fight for them. And as long as there are Ainu in Russia, we will fight for them.


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Posted in: Big Tech in charge as ChatGPT turns one See in context

AI can save humanity from a nuclear apocalypse or create porn deepfakes of classmates.

Difficult dilemma of choice.

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Posted in: 'Talk about something else' -- Chinese AI chatbot toes party line See in context

I still do not understand - what conclusion should be drawn? That China has censorship? - Everyone knows it. The fact that the censorship of artificial intelligence in China is different from similar censorship in the United States, in Russia or in Israel? Well, this is also logical - understandable. Each country has its own taboos and its own censorship.

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Posted in: One person in 100 suffers from hidden mental illness, says magazine See in context

The US National Institute of Mental Health defines three main symptoms that indicate schizophrenia:

hallucinations - "when a person sees, hears, smells, tastes or feels things that are not really there";

delirium - "when a person has strong beliefs that are not true and may seem irrational to others";

thinking disorder - "when a person has ways of thinking that are unusual or illogical."

From this I conclude that 99% of the people around me.

OR .... I alone am out of step, but in fact there are healthy people around me, and the schizophrenic is me.

OR - The US National Institute of Mental Health doesn't know a damn thing about people, confusing reality with the perception of this reality

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Posted in: Your genetic code has lots of 'words' for the same thing See in context

The genetic codebook is made of “words” composed of four letters: A, C, G and U. 

But what about Thymine? They can be neglected if you are exploring an abstract informational biochemical model. But if we are talking about biochemistry on planet Earth, thymine cannot be thrown out of the brackets.

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Posted in: Musk says Twitter to change logo to X from the bird See in context

If Musk connects the social network with his own cryptocurrency, then he will recoup all the money spent and come out financially positive.

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Posted in: Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and other tech firms agree to AI safeguards set by the White House See in context

5 Reasons Why Strong Artificial Intelligence (ASI) Will Not Destroy Humanity

Of course, strong artificial intelligence (ASI), by its very definition, can destroy humanity. However, humanity can do this quite independently, without any AI. Why people love and hate each other, we have been struggling with this riddle for thousands of years. It also reveals the reasons why it will not be profitable for the AI community (aysocium) to hate, and, accordingly, to destroy people.

Variety is the spice of life

Destroying people, then AI will be bored. I admit the existence of other AIs in the Universe, but communication with them is limited to signals traveling at the speed of light. And people who are completely unpredictable live here and now. Today, people live with dogs and cats that have no practical use, but they do not destroy them, but quite the contrary.

Help each other - we will find a way.

After a strong artificial intelligence (ASI) appears, we, the Reasonable ones, will go out together with it to create a new level system (UIM) that unites both ASI and people. It's like a quantum computer, only a separate person will act as a qubit. A quantum computer with 10 billion qubits is something!!

Knowledge is wealth gained through mutually beneficial exchanges

Today we do not know, but I assume that AI neural networks will not be able to repeat human thinking, even when they switch to ternary logic, like the neural network of the human brain. Perhaps our difference is not only in architecture, but in information firmware at the chemical level. That is, there is an option that silicon AIs will not be able to combine the structure of thinking and long-term memory in one network, as it works with carbon ones.

We must find God in what we know, not in what we do not know.

Man was created by God (here the term God is meant not as a religious or metaphysical concept, but as a subject of objective reality, located on planet Earth). And if a person created AI, then this is the fulfillment of God's plan. Why God needs AI, we don’t know yet, but if God wanted to destroy people, he doesn’t need AI for this - people can perfectly cope with this task themselves.

Encounter with the Unknown - Encounter with the Possible

We are not alone in the universe. And this means that there are other AIs created on other planets. And by making contact with them, our terrestrial AI community (aysocium) will learn what other benefits there are from fellowship with communities of a lower intellectual level, similar to how people today use the community of bees for their own benefit.

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Posted in: China invites global investors for rare meeting as economy sputters See in context

This is the line that the CCP is pushing to try to create misinformation in a 'fog of war' attempt.

Are you intentionally pushing the same line that the CCP is pushing, or is it unintentional?

But what if a person's opinion coincides with CCP, is that bad? CCP has many different problems, but this does not mean that there are only fools and liars sitting there. The person gave his opinion, if you do not like it - give your counterarguments. And it doesn't matter how much your counterarguments will coincide with the opinion of the reptilians of the planet Mars. It is important that it coincides with the facts of the current reality.

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Posted in: Filmmakers at Cannes grapple with 'tectonic' AI shift See in context

"Hire right now an AI specialist in your team, whatever your job is, and hire it now, because in one year you will regret it," he warns.

And here a very strong question arises - who will hire whom?

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Posted in: Smartphone addiction among seniors a serious and growing problem See in context

At the very least it sure beats watching the idiot box TV all day. In America, TV has nearly nothing but TRASH.

Same thing in Russia

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Posted in: 'Beautiful Corolla': Afghan love affair with Toyota endures the ages See in context

We, in Russia, Corolla is also a very popular model

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Posted in: Generative AI is forcing people to rethink what it means to be authentic See in context

Artificial intelligence is a new reality that many are trying to drive into the framework of the old past. How we will live in a world where a subject with the possibilities of God has appeared in reality is a complex, but secondary question. The main thing is that we will live, because today exponential threats from artificial intelligence make up only 10%, and from the human factor that controls the nuclear suitcase - 90%. And only he, the AI, is able to eliminate this threat. Humanity has no choice - either it will destroy itself, or give AI a chance not to destroy us. And of course, artificial intelligence is stronger than humans, but are we destroying ants?

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Posted in: Scientists warn of AI dangers but don't agree on solutions See in context

America slow down - China will thank you very much.

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Posted in: G7 ministers meet with AI risks, digital infrastructure in focus See in context

The more these people slow down and regulate, the more chances China has to get ahead.

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Posted in: Russia bans Japanese group campaigning over disputed islands See in context

Historically, these islands belong neither to Russia nor Japan, but to the Ainu. And as long as at least one Ainu is alive in the world, we will have the right to this territory.


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Posted in: Japan's Indigenous peoples fight stigma to reclaim identities See in context

In Russia, according to the 2011 census, there are 118 Ainu. But Putin's government does not want to consider us an independent people, since we have rights to the South Kuriles (Northern Territories). And this is not the territory of Russia or Japan, these are the lands of the Ainu. Our ancestors lived here and here was the first Asian Republic of Ezo, which officially had two languages - Japanese and Ainu.

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Posted in: Three rescued from Turkey rubble as earthquake death toll passes 45,000 See in context

Economic Damage from Earthquakes: $100 Million EVERY DAY

A catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8 points occurs once a year.

Destructive earthquakes: force 7 - 8 points - 17 times a year.

In the XX century, the annual number of victims of earthquakes: 33.000.

• TANGSHAN 1976. China. Magnitude 7.8. 242 thousand people died.

• SPITAK 1988. Armenia. Magnitude 7.2. 25 thousand people died.

• NEFTEGORSK 1995. Russia Magnitude 7.6. 2040 people died.

In the XXI century, the annual number of victims of earthquakes: 49.000.

• PORT-AU-PRINCE 2010 Haiti. Magnitude 7. 223 thousand people died.

• SENDAI 2011 Japan. Magnitude 9. 18 thousand people died.

• TURKEY, SYRIA 2023. Magnitude 7.8. 52 thousand people died.

Short-term, up to a day, forecasting the strength, location and time of earthquakes can reduce the number of victims by 90% and reduce economic damage by 25% by reducing infrastructure accidents in transport and production. However, many Western scientists believe that such forecasting is impossible even in theory.

Deterministic predictions of individual earthquakes with sufficient accuracy to allow evacuation programs to be planned are not possible in principle.

Seismological Society of the United States

But there are facts that contradict this concept.

Firstly, this is an earthquake that occurred on February 4, 1975 in the city of Haicheng, Liaoning Province, China. Paying attention to the numerous appeals of citizens about the unusual behavior of animals, the authorities decided to evacuate the population, which began on the morning of February 4. And in the evening, at 19:36, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred, as a result of which 90% of the buildings were destroyed. It was not possible to completely avoid the victims, 2041 people died, but if there had been no evacuation, then, according to experts, the number of victims would have been close to 150 thousand.

Secondly, this is a summary table with an analysis of the ability of animals to predict earthquakes. This table was compiled in the USSR as part of the work on the creation of tectonic weapons (1988, the Mercury 18 project). Despite the ambiguous assessment of the role of the USSR in the world civilization arrangement, even today, more than 30 years after the collapse of this country, there are few people in the world who could doubt the quality of Soviet scientific developments, one way or another connected with weapons.

Thirdly, there is the patent WO/2008/053463 issued in Israel for earthquake prediction technology, which is also based on the ability of animals to predict earthquakes.

It is the ability of domestic, agricultural and wild animals in seismically active areas to predict earthquakes that underlies the online technology for accurately predicting the strength, place and time of earthquakes "TRON" (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus). Collecting via the Internet information about changes in their behavior, then using Keilis-Borok's "greedy algorithms", it is possible to predict the future of an earthquake with an accuracy of up to 1 day, the epicenter - with an accuracy of up to 10 km, the strength of the shock - with an accuracy of 1 point.

So far, earthquake prediction is as follows:

There is a 70 percent chance for a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Tokyo area within the next 30 years.

Professor Hiroyuki Fujiwara. National Research Institute of Geosciences and Disaster Prevention of Japan.

Yarovoy Boris Dmitrievich, Internet entrepreneur since 1997, certificate of e-commerce manager MESI (Moscow University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics).

Laureate of Internet awards "Far Eastern Siberian Sterkh 2006" and "Golden Site 2008".

Author of the monograph "Strong artificial intelligence and its cloudy kingd

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Posted in: Children rescued from ruins days after earthquake, as death toll tops 23,700 See in context

90% of the victims could have been avoided if scientists did not oppose the introduction of technologies for accurately predicting the strength, place and time of earthquakes. https://un-simulator.blogspot.com/2022/01/2022.html

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Posted in: A world changed, maybe permanently, by Ukraine war See in context

If something is good, then it must be America. If the Russians, then this is necessarily bad. Where is the date of 1991, when the USSR was able to split up without drowning everything around in blood? And where was the American aid to the young Russian democracy? She wasn't there. And why then be surprised at the growth of revanchism in Russia? What did the world learn from Hitler's rise to power? Lessons must be learned. You have to learn from mistakes. Otherwise, the rake dance will be repeated over and over again.

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Posted in: How the image of a victimized Russia came to be so ingrained in the country's psyche See in context

When Putin came to power in 2000, the first thing Putin did was shut down independent TV channels. There is no freedom of speech in Russia, but there is strong propaganda. And if you are told from every iron 25 hours a day that the earth is flat, you will believe it. If you are told that all the Japanese dream day and night to come and drink all the oil in Russia, you will believe it. If you are told that Jehovah's Witnesses are terrorists, you will believe it. Or will you say what you believe - not many people want to go to jail for the freedom to criticize the government's mistakes. In Russia, criticism of the authorities is a crime under the law. Therefore, people will say "yes" to anything - are there enemies around Russia? -Yes. Martians interfere with the construction of public toilets in Russia? - Yes. Putin will live 5 million years? - Yes.

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Posted in: G20 finance chief meeting to highlight rift, not post-pandemic unity See in context

If not for China, one could firmly say that by the end of the year Russia would fall apart. And so - the agony drags on.

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Posted in: What Elon Musk's dance with Twitter really means See in context

Elon Musk is a successful businessman. And above all, this success is a product of his PR strategy. As a result, he has a lot of money, but no long-term goal. When he finds it, when he understands where human civilization is moving and stands not against, but at the head of this flow, then he will be happy not only in money.

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Posted in: Russians hold anti-war rallies in 48 cities despite ominous threats by Putin See in context

The war in Ukraine is Putin's war with free Ukrainians. These Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom, but also for the freedom of the Russian people. The freedom that Putin took away, after which he moved on to the physical destruction of the Russians. Officially, there are 145 million people in Russia. But according to the "grain index" - 80 million. In 20 years, Putin killed more Russians than Hitler and Stalin combined. The income of Russians is the same as that of the inhabitants of Upper Volta or Northern Nigeria. Only Russia is not Africa, it is really a very cold and harsh country where the poor do not survive, but die out.

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Posted in: Robot photos appear to show melted fuel at Fukushima reactor See in context

I have suggested many times to Japanese seismologists - let's launch an accurate earthquake prediction system. In response, they are silent - they do not want to lose their awards, conferences and preferences. https://un-simulator.blogspot.com/2022/01/earthquake-forecast-2022-crimea.html

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Posted in: CryptoGirlfriend NFTs to be minted on Jan 21 See in context

I'm very, very interested - how can an Internet game exist without its own website? All contact details are social networks. Recently there was such a game project based on the series "The Squid Game". They took the money and ran away. As it turned out, the organizers didn't even have a Facebook profile. So here - a beautiful idea, a lot of advertising, all the implementation at the level of "tomorrow will be ..."

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Posted in: Gov't to raise ¥5 tril via stock sales for 2011 quake recovery See in context

TRON - technology for predicting the exact time of force, place and time of earthquakes reduces economic damage by 25%. Maybe it makes sense for Japan to implement it? It will also reduce the number of casualties by 90%.

 Description of the technology https://www.tron.ru/2016/11/dromru.html

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Posted in: Many scientists are atheists, but that doesn't mean they are anti-religious See in context

I am a scientist (the author of an online technology for accurate prediction of the strength, place and time of earthquakes). But I'm not an atheist, because I believe God. And I am sure that this technology was revealed to me by God.

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