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If something is good, then it must be America. If the Russians, then this is necessarily bad. Where is the date of 1991, when the USSR was able to split up without drowning everything around in blood? And where was the American aid to the young Russian democracy? She wasn't there. And why then be surprised at the growth of revanchism in Russia? What did the world learn from Hitler's rise to power? Lessons must be learned. You have to learn from mistakes. Otherwise, the rake dance will be repeated over and over again.

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Posted in: How the image of a victimized Russia came to be so ingrained in the country's psyche See in context

When Putin came to power in 2000, the first thing Putin did was shut down independent TV channels. There is no freedom of speech in Russia, but there is strong propaganda. And if you are told from every iron 25 hours a day that the earth is flat, you will believe it. If you are told that all the Japanese dream day and night to come and drink all the oil in Russia, you will believe it. If you are told that Jehovah's Witnesses are terrorists, you will believe it. Or will you say what you believe - not many people want to go to jail for the freedom to criticize the government's mistakes. In Russia, criticism of the authorities is a crime under the law. Therefore, people will say "yes" to anything - are there enemies around Russia? -Yes. Martians interfere with the construction of public toilets in Russia? - Yes. Putin will live 5 million years? - Yes.

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Posted in: G20 finance chief meeting to highlight rift, not post-pandemic unity See in context

If not for China, one could firmly say that by the end of the year Russia would fall apart. And so - the agony drags on.

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Elon Musk is a successful businessman. And above all, this success is a product of his PR strategy. As a result, he has a lot of money, but no long-term goal. When he finds it, when he understands where human civilization is moving and stands not against, but at the head of this flow, then he will be happy not only in money.

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Posted in: Russians hold anti-war rallies in 48 cities despite ominous threats by Putin See in context

The war in Ukraine is Putin's war with free Ukrainians. These Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom, but also for the freedom of the Russian people. The freedom that Putin took away, after which he moved on to the physical destruction of the Russians. Officially, there are 145 million people in Russia. But according to the "grain index" - 80 million. In 20 years, Putin killed more Russians than Hitler and Stalin combined. The income of Russians is the same as that of the inhabitants of Upper Volta or Northern Nigeria. Only Russia is not Africa, it is really a very cold and harsh country where the poor do not survive, but die out.

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I have suggested many times to Japanese seismologists - let's launch an accurate earthquake prediction system. In response, they are silent - they do not want to lose their awards, conferences and preferences.

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I'm very, very interested - how can an Internet game exist without its own website? All contact details are social networks. Recently there was such a game project based on the series "The Squid Game". They took the money and ran away. As it turned out, the organizers didn't even have a Facebook profile. So here - a beautiful idea, a lot of advertising, all the implementation at the level of "tomorrow will be ..."

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Posted in: Gov't to raise ¥5 tril via stock sales for 2011 quake recovery See in context

TRON - technology for predicting the exact time of force, place and time of earthquakes reduces economic damage by 25%. Maybe it makes sense for Japan to implement it? It will also reduce the number of casualties by 90%.

 Description of the technology

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Posted in: Many scientists are atheists, but that doesn't mean they are anti-religious See in context

I am a scientist (the author of an online technology for accurate prediction of the strength, place and time of earthquakes). But I'm not an atheist, because I believe God. And I am sure that this technology was revealed to me by God.

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Posted in: New 'Monster Hunter' attraction at Universal Studios Japan lets you hunt monsters in VR See in context

It'll be cool

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Posted in: Wikipedia parent's new CEO wants to make it more global See in context

I can't figure out why Wikipedia doesn't serve ads? It's better than running a big banner: give it to us, beggars, out of your grace.

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Posted in: Doves and fighter jets: China's Communists mark their centenary See in context

I was born and raised in the USSR. It was a great power. China lagged behind us very much and people there lived much worse. In 1991, the USSR did not become - we lost the third world war. We abandoned communism and followed the path of Western democracy. Only the West did not help us - there was no Marshal's plan. And instead of the communists, bandits and thieves came to power. Life has become much harder and worse. And China went its own way. And today it has become the second largest economy in the world. Want to beat China? Start growing quickly as well. And if you cannot, then why envy and disturb others? The majority where he writes here lives in the "golden billion". Do you think other people do not want to eat deliciously and live richly just like you?

China is a country where today is better than yesterday. And I, too, once lived in such a country. And he was happy. How happy a billion Chinese are today. They are really proud of their country. I'm happy for them.

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Posted in: To navigate dangers of the web, you need critical thinking – and also critical ignoring See in context

The Internet is a big dump. And it is true. It is also true that there are grains of gold in this garbage, you just need to be able to look for them. If I need information, I look at three different sites. This helped me create an online technology for accurate prediction of the strength, place and time of earthquakes. If you look directly - scientists said that this is not possible. But as soon as I looked a little, it turned out that this is possible. Although this is unnecessary for seismologists - why should they lose their jobs, symposia and conferences?

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Posted in: Genocide survivors can offer a way to heal from the trauma of the pandemic See in context

Genocide is different. The time will come and the world will learn the truth about one more, "Russian genocide".

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I often think, what could the USSR be like if it collapsed? Where and who was China in 1980, and where is it compared to Russia now? We have lost our Tao, the Chinese have found it.

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If I lived in Japan, I would say that now is the time to move on to fundamentally new chipsets with ternary logic. As long as the US spends money on conventional chips with binary logic, Japan could get ahead in this race. Computing systems with ternary logic, they are, in principle, different: since they are based not on binary mathematics, but on ternary.

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Posted in: G7 to consider mechanism to counter Russian 'propaganda' See in context

Truth is the most powerful weapon. How can you lose an information war with the truth? If the truth is on the side of G7, then why are they afraid of Russia and China?

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You can also condemn typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes. This is all bad, but what to do about it? The fisherman wants to bequeath his sea to his children, but has he thought about his grandchildren? All the same, this water will not go anywhere by itself. Better a horrible end than endless horror.

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Posted in: Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer See in context

I have been living in Russia for 35 years. China is an hour away by car. Being engaged in business, at one time he had a firm in Hong Kong. I will speak from these positions.

Consolidation of political positions between Russia and China is taking place. The power structures of the two police regimes are very similar. The totalitarian system of China has recently been increasingly transforming into an authoritarian one, which Russia has been for 20 years. Xi Jinping and Putin have a common value system and understand each other well.

Russia's drift towards China is largely due to the inflexible policies of the West and the United States. They do not understand the principles of governance under authoritarian regimes and do not know how to work effectively with them. Russia needs China as a supplier of various goods, all industrial production in Russia has been destroyed. Today in Russian stores, on an ordinary shovel, there is a brand: Made in China.

On the part of China, no special political steps towards Russia have been made - it itself floats towards it. China needs Russia as a supplier of strategic raw materials: fertilizers, timber, metal, energy, in exchange for which China supplies beads to Russia.

Russia does not have modern military technologies - after the collapse of the USSR, 30 years have passed and all Soviet developments are already outdated. China has such developments, but it is not even close to sharing them, especially since Russia itself cannot produce anything - the overwhelming majority of military enterprises have been destroyed.

The only power that Russia has is the huge nuclear arsenal created during the years of the USSR. Even if these missiles do not fly anywhere, but explode in their mines, the damage caused will be colossal. Therefore, Putin is not afraid of any external aggression.

The rapprochement between Russia and China in reality does not create any new threat either for Japan or for South Korea. The only countries that should be wary of this union are Kazakhstan and Turkey. Both of these countries are not strongly integrated into the existing security system (although Turkey is a NATO member, and Kazakhstan periodically tries to show its super loyalty to China).

And the last thing. As a person whose ancestors were Ainu and for whom Japan is not a foreign country, I will say this: today Japan does not need to think about Russia or China. Nothing new is happening there. But relations with South Korea need to be changed - this is the closest friend and neighbor, albeit not the most ideal one. And Japan itself also needs to change - for 30 years already. how the Japanese economy stands still. Don't know what to change - ask me.

Rechkabo Kakuhoningen is the author of TRON /

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We need to produce other chips with three-digit logic. Such systems are faster and more efficient - this is what science and mathematics say. Don't put on a sail - the steamer will still be faster. Many want to stop progress for their own benefit. But no one ever succeeded. Chips with ternary logic - invested a million, received a billion.

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There are two types of fake news. The first are theories. Flat land. Reptilians around. An accurate forecast of earthquakes is impossible. Car engine on water. And then let him write whatever he wants. People have the right to make mistakes in thinking. The second fake news is practical medicine advice. Tips that people can use directly on themselves. And here it is necessary to punish harshly and immediately for deception. To fine two people a large sum for falsifying scientific results - no one else will lie.

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Posted in: AINU trademark application in China criticized by Japan's indigenous people See in context

I am Ainu from Russia. But here my people are banned. In Japan, Ainu were recognized by the people in 2008. And the state of Japan must protect our name. From everyone - from the Chinese, from the Americans, from the Russians, from the British - from everyone. We're few. So what? The man is big, weighs one hundred kilograms. He has an organ that leads a thousand times less - one hundred grams. It is not important, is it an organ? If the eye is small, then it is not important? Ainu is the eye of Japan through which she looks at her past. Take images of Emperor Jimmu and look at him. Seers see.

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Posted in: Japan builds 'Ethnic Harmony' tribute to indigenous Ainu See in context

Scholars say the Ainu settled in Japan's northernmost island and across Sakhalin, Russia, by the 1300s.

Who are these people? What are they talking about? What year is 1300? Do they even know the story? Or do they even have Wikipedia not working?

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These islands have a host. And this is not Russia. And this is not Japan. This is the land of the Ainu. In Japan, there are 20,000 of us. In Russia, there are 118. And in order to resolve the territorial dispute between Russia and Japan once and for all, these islands should be my people. 17,000 years have passed since Ayoyn, and his descendants have earned the right to have their own small land. But in another way.

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Why I love Japan in everyday terms. 1) No tip. 2) Carp in the river in the center of Tokyo. 3) Very beautiful women. 4) Service for the disabled.

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Posted in: Actress Emi Takei is TV commercial queen for 2013 See in context

This clip?

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Posted in: The Top 500 Japanese Words See in context

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Posted in: Rescued by monks See in context

Sect of fear - not to go to church

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Posted in: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang leaving company See in context

Now Yahoo has a good community for earthquakes. They could predict alternation Internet time, place, and the epicenter of the earthquake with the help of technology Tron But Yahoo does not want it. I asked them, why do not you want to make a prediction of earthquakes in Japan and China? Yahoo! is silent. Maybe the new CEO wants to make services for people, not for programmers?

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Posted in: Yahoo! restaurant reviews and rankings manipulated by fake comment companies See in context

Yahoo shameful company. Not for nothing they say about it: the titans of technology, the Pygmies in the business.

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