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Many don’t trust gov’t reassurances and rightly so. Ainu Russia for six months writing letters to the Japanese officials that they would have used our technology treatment of children Fukushima. But officials of Japan, it is not necessary. In the next 16 years, Japanese people will pay billions for the fact that today in 2011 the Japanese government is asleep.

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dharmadan Yakuza don't need no religion. In the yakuza have their very, very ancient religion. And if the Japanese will not yakuza, the crime will be like in America. The Japanese want it?

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There are various problems with the translation. Such as Google translates the name of the Ainu people with character "barbarians." The Ainu were once our ancestors and us strange to read a translation about the people who invented the world's first pottery and created the first in Asia republic. But if 29,000 Ainu in Japan believe their ancestors barbarians, we are, Aynur (Ainu Russia), only 100 people, and we ourselves do not believe the barbarians. Translation from one language to another should be done only bilingual, then no problem.

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In Russia there are people offering to return the Kurile Islands of Japan. But Japan does not want to work in this direction. Politicians are accustomed to lots of talk and not do anything really.

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Mr. YOSHITO HORI Let the total words to action. There is a technology of earthquake prediction PEPO < > Make it so that it would project worked in Japan. He gave jobs to Japan, paid taxes, developed related technology. Make and let the whole world to see that Japan's high-tech business do better than in America or China. Today, more people believe in real actions, not fine words.

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From the ocean to rise no Gozo, and Cthulhu, who is also Chronos - an ancient dragon, guardian priest of life on Earth.

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ironchef +++ Even we, as wild barbarians, as we pervodit Google, and it is already there

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It's not about the amounts and in their heads. You can spend $ 100,000,000 other people's money and get the same result for $ 1000. In business it is to be able to invest. If the Japanese government is able to invest, then I do not Ainu, and Korean spaceship. Today, politics - is the ability to please people. And I think the main thing for a politician is the ability to help people. Or am I wrong?

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Hi. In Kiev I was when there was Chernobyl. The very first thing sdedali then - it took all the children of the city. Children's bodies are very sensitive to radiation, is very much more than an adult. In the Soviet Union did not immediately realize what was happening and what the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in the medical, environmental and social terms. Some believe that because of the Chernobyl USSR collapsed. In Japan, now the same thing. I live in Vladivostok, here we have a consulate in Japan, Japanese business center and a Representative office NHK. I'd like to meet them and tell them that they now urgently need to do. The Japanese Business Center said, "Oh, but we did not know ... - and all." Consul of Japan, and NHK refused to even meet - they have no time to communicate with the Ainu people of Russia. As an adult, who has worked for 20 years, Generel Director, I responsibly declare: "The next 15 years the people of Japan will pay for drugs from the radiation to their children a lot of money. And there are rare Ingredients for such drugs, which today can still be purchased for $ 10. A tomorrow's parents will pay them $ 1,000. I could have done this a lot of money. But I Ainu, for me, conscience and honor, these are not empty sounds. Although the Japanese, I certainly barbaric,

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I was in Kiev in 1996. They initially thought about children, and then on the other. In Japan today, officials do not want to think, and we are not allowed to help. Tomorrow dad mom and children will be paying millions for what today we might do a thousand. And all just because of the hypocrisy and stupidity of government officials in Japan in relation to the Ainu people of Russia. PS I congratulate you. Today is the anniversary signing of the

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Item (e) Exporting to and Operating in Foreign Countries will not work - Fukushima. Further Promote Entry of Human Resources - this will solve many problems. Japan does not need investment in Japan, a lot of money. Japan needs people who know how to work with the investment. Japan needs a new revolution Meijin. You can start with earthquake prediction. < >Japan is spending hundreds of billions of where it was possible to do a few million. And the fact that people are dying, I'm not even talking about.

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Each helps earthquake victims as you can. Who the money, who the song, who just wants to have them, the victims, there was no more.

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It's funny. Japanese programmers are good at copying, but that would fight the information war, one would think. In 2009, Japan shut down the project TRON, system Rubi barely alive, and wants prvitelstvo using mobile phones to fight cybercrime. First you need to take a rag and wave it near the phone antenna - this will eliminate interference on the phone. And then turn on the brains and start thinking and not PR deal.

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And good to know in advance when an earthquake will be. Such technology already exists, it can be done in a month. The only pity is that the Japanese government does not want to introduce TRON.

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To $ 20 billion, Bill Gates would be able to find a cure for cancer within 3 years. It should only be a businessman, not a husband.

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1 First of all, politicians must develop a positive and bright vision. - is wrong. *First of all, politicians must develop a REAL and bright vision.

2 We want our politicians to consider what the most important requirement is in enhancing Japan’s national IDEAS. Without a strong IDEOLOGY, new industries and new jobs will not be generated. Without a strong IDEOLOGY, a good social security system cannot be created. Without a strong IDEOLOGY, tax revenues will not increase and fiscal collapse cannot be avoided. After the Meiji Restoration, Japan prioritized the economy under the slogan, “rich country, strong military.” Japan should today adopt a new slogan, “wise country, happy people” (coined by Kakuhoningen) that commits us to “strengthening the IDEOLOGY to ensure the affluence of the people.”

3 Political leaders must of course participate in international conferences. But that is not enough. They should actively express and convey their opinions to the INTERNET international community as representatives of Japan.

4.... not be labeled as “incompetent leaders” in the foreign media. - in the foreign media I propose to remove this. Foreign media can write what they want. They do not define who is a good politician in Japan who are poor.

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It's very strange, when entrepreneur lozhit profit in his pocket, and damages paid by the state.

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I live in Russia, and I know what place it occupies in the world. This is a colossus on clay legs.

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There are technology forecasting earthquakes and tsunamis - TRON. TRON can be done in a month. She came up with the Ainu of Russia. Therefore, the Japanese government does not want to introduce. Then there will be new victims and new billions for the construction of homes destroyed.

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Question on the islands must be solved in new ways. And not only between Russia and Japan, but also with the participation of the Ainu people. From the outset it was our island, and not Russian or Japanese.

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Beautiful words, the small business. Fukushima children need medication from the radiation, rather than lanterns.

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Yahoo must move forward, not stand still. Google made ​​a Google+, Facebook made a CivWor, but that did Yahoo? They offer to make the technology online rapidly predict earthquakes TRON - they refused. If they think that the prediction of earthquakes in Japan, no one wants, then what else the new proposal they have?

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Ainu Russia handed to the Government of Japan for disease prevention technology of radiation, which allows you to save tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of Dallara. We hope that it will benefit and those who have suffered from radiation children.

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I would like to find links to pictures - suddenly I see something new.

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Chinese Culture Asia rules the last three thousand years, with a break of 200 years. And will rule for another thousand years. There comes a time in Japan to decide to whom she was - with a close relative of the poor, or from a distant neighbor. War with China, stupid must be friends with him.

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Other Toyota division develops technology "more real."

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Posted in: NTV broadcasts static for 8 minutes due to glitch See in context

It hackers Ainu exercise. In one of the richest countries in the world chaos, people do not know what to do, and the TV shows "Good-bye, our Kindergarten

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