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boriswood comments

Posted in: Kyoto river tour resumes after fatal boat accident in March See in context

I'm not sure you can conclude low safety standards when there has been one accident due to human error. They have learned and upgraded their safety so there would be even less risk than before.

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Posted in: Japan’s weirdest gadget maker has a new fan just to dry off your legs See in context

I would be good for oldies with mobility issues too.

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival begins; open to public for first time since 2020 See in context

The article is wrong in that it was fully open in February 2020. We were there. Masks were not being worn and the pandemic had only just started.

Moderator: Yes, you are correct. We apologize for the mistake.

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Posted in: Traveling to Japan soon? New entry requirements you need to know about See in context

If you don't have a smart phone, you simply do it the old way and wait much longer in lines to be checked.

The big time saver is getting your Covid vaccination or testing status verified.

Similar systems are being rolled out in other countries although Australia has stuffed theirs up and we are back to paper forms.

We entered Japan recently and it was very quick with no paperwork to fill out. There was still a queue to get the visitor sticker in our passports but it moved quickly.

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Posted in: Turn up the humidity at Hotel New Otani’s Naked Night Sauna x Night Pool event See in context

Naked Inc. is the name of the company.

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Posted in: New shinkansen luggage rules start See in context

Our cases are usually under the size limit but can weigh 20+ kg. Unless I can make a booking, I will have to lift them up to the luggage rack.

We will be able to buy the new rail pass online which works with the ticket gates and you can pre-book seats online. The Catch 22 is that this pass costs more than the current pass. It will certainly be convenient not to have to go through a manned gate waiting for people asking all sorts of questions.

I know you can pre-book seats on these lines but we have found the process to be messy and time consuming.

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Posted in: Australia accelerates COVID-19 testing after securing 10 mil kits; dispute with China continues See in context

With the way many Australians have absolutely ignored social distancing and shelter in place orders, it tells you something that those things aren't what's most important in controlling the coronavirus.

As an Australian living in Melbourne, I can assure you that social distancing is not being ignored at all. The roads are empty, the shopping centres and even supermarkets are mostly empty. Many people are working from home and schools are closed except for children of essential workers. Several states have closed their borders. Social distancing combined with very strict restrictions on travel are what has Australia with close to the lowest number of cases and deaths per million people in the world. In Melbourne, people are being fined A$1,600 for not abiding by the social distancing laws. This includes, for example, people who attended a child's birthday party.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

While the station is not much use right now, construction has already started on building a trade centre and other buildings over the rail yards surrounding the station. Also, the terminal station for the sc maglev to Nagoya is to be built under this station I believe so it will become very important.

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Posted in: Yahiko: A little village in Niigata with big things happening See in context

We had a lovely day trip from Niigata to Yahiko a few years ago. We got the ropeway up to the top of the mountain but did do a lot of walking around the town. It was great to visit an interesting place with very few other people about.

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

I don't understand why there are so many negative comments. We have had facial recognition in Australia for entry and exit for several years. There were some initial problems but it works well now. When the system doesn't work for you which is not often even after a long flight, you go to a person and get checked in the same way as previously but without the queues. It is also able to be used by nationals of quite a few other countries who have the same system.

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