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It looks terrible seeing a lot of the athletes walking in recording everything on their smartphones. 

They are participating in the ceremony, not watching it.

They’re not really in a ceremony so much as walking in an empty stadium to canned music. Are they waving to the cameras or friends on other teams?

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Good luck athletes and break a leg! Ignore the Debbie downers.

Nobody complained about the athletes; many people complained about the cost and the boring ceremony.

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It’s not the athletes people are against: it’s YOU. And your IOC Co-conspirators who are bleed Japan for your profit.

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Why is this sentence included in Every article:

The official cost of the Tokyo Olympics is $15.4 billion, though a government audit suggests it is much more.

Why can’t the article writers or copiers just write:

The cost of the Tokyo Olympics is $31 billion.

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Many countries are experiencing a surge in this virus. Most likely because of the Delta variety which is incredibly easy to transmit.

Will Suga have the ‘nads to call the Olympics off or ban athletes from countries with surging coronavirus numbers like Japan, the US, Indonesia et al?

Or will he parrot ‘Safe and Secure’ ‘For Fukushima’ ‘Victory over Coronavirus’ platitudes again?

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What’s next? ‘Requesting’ the oshibori distributors to stop supplying bars and restaurants with hot towels?

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It’s nice hard-working people (who pay taxes) can also be passionate and caring about the less fortunate.

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I’m reminded of the US prohibiting the sale of tuna in the 70’s because of the high level of mercury. Producers sold the tuna to ….. Japan.

Japan doesn’t want to use AstraZeneca here, so they’re using VaxxDiplomacy by dumping it on poorer countries.

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Posted in: The feelings of the emperor should not be spoken about in the open by ‘inferring’ things. See in context

Or, this high-ranking official in Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's office is criticizing Suga who, on June 25th, (according to Japan Today), said “Suga insists emperor not worried about Olympics.”

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This the same vaccine Japan doesn’t use after several European countries temporarily disallowed it?

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“May” coupled with “after problems are fixed” equals “never”.

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Posted in: Sake is losing ground as it fails to offer classic combinations, such as wine for steak and beer for ‘yakiniku’ grilled meat. It’s a critical situation. See in context

A Japanese co-worker complained that saké has no taste; all the different sakés taste the same to him. Asking around, most Japanese under 40 I asked had similar reactions.

Perhaps producers should tread the can chu hi route and add flavors. An abomination, in my opinion, but they want to make money, don’t they?

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Posted in: I saw professors only through a computer screen. There was no opportunity to make friends to talk to and ask questions from the classes. I felt lonely. See in context

As most Japanese universities are a guaranteed four-years of minimal study to graduate, this student is probably lamenting the fact that he’s not having fun with friends, partying, and having the time of his life before a lifetime of drudgery. Since when have Japanese students made friends of or asked questions to their professors?

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Foreign brotherhood army,

Why is the message for spectators in English?

Because, unlike the Japanese Olympic committee or the IOC which can’t make a decision in under two years, the venues probably had these posters printed up two years ago (in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) and now, realizing no foreign visitors are coming, slapped them up to empty space in their warehouse.

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No change, no responsibility.

I’m shocked they’d come up with that decision.

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Posted in: June has no national holiday in Japan. If there were to be a national holiday, do you have any suggestions what it should be for? See in context

This year there are no holidays in October and December either as Sports Day was moved from Oct to July for the all important 2020 Bubble Olympics. Next year June and December won’t have holidays. JT’s question should be: What Two holidays should be made?

June: The day Every Company was required to give two weeks vacation to employees and not count Shogatsu and Golden Week Day.

December: The day elementary, junior high, and high school class size was limited to 15, teachers weren’t required to work 80 hours a week, and could teach to the student, and students weren’t bullied Day.


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Sven Asai,

Like the ‘wide’ varieties of rice in this island burg I suspected consumers can’t tell the difference between Kagoshima or Shizuoka tea. Which is better, to go out of business with the best tea in the world or grow and expand oversease?

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Posted in: Long working hours have also been cited as a reason for an increase in the number of early retirees. Work style reform is an urgent matter. See in context

I remember when working long hours here in Japan was lauded as Great and proof of how hard "we Japanese" work (efficiency was low and not counted). I also remember the government and others saying something along the lines of "Work style reform is an urgent matter" for at least 20 years. Work-life balance was banded about for a while, too, with no discernible results.

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Great! Welcome to the Bubble Olympics!

No spectators from any country! No athletes or coaches leaving The Bubble! Constant testing (except for citizens of the host country or even the Host City)!

Meals shipped in for all Olympic athletes. I hope Japan figures out some athletes have dietary restrictions (health, religious, cultural) that they can match BEFORE the Olympics are over.

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Posted in: U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to nominate former Chicago Mayor Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan. Which do you think is more important for incoming ambassadors: To be well connected to their country's leader or to have a good knowledge of the country they are going to? See in context

Political appointees tend to be political (PA), oddly enough. Career diplomats who are foreign service officers (CD) tend to be chosen either for their expertise or ability to negotiation or their ability to run an embassy. America has more Career diplomats as ambassadors than Political appointees (although all ambassadors are appointed by the President).

Choice ambassadorships such as England, France, Japan, and the Vatican (because they can live in Italy) are often given to presidential friends who contributed to their campaigns, such as Caroline Kennedy supporting Obama.

Obviously knowing how to communicate America’s needs and wants to the host country is more valuable than being a chump for the president. If the ambassador has some ties with the country it would be nice, such as JF Kennedy’s Japanese ambassador Reischauer, who was fluent in Japanese and Chinese.

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Posted in: Do you think the extended state of emergency in parts of Japan will work for or against the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The SOE will have no affect on the IOC as the IOC only siphons cash from Japan and, according to Suga, is in charge of both Japan and the Olympics.

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Why is it taking them ten years instead of five? Do they have contracts with wholesalers (aka the Japanese government) or a stockpile of ten-years worth of cigarettes?

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Reuters called Noto's government but the person who answered was not authorised to speak with the press. Japan's government buildings were closed on Wednesday for annual Golden Week holidays.

So, call Thursday. I hardly think this is a Pulitzer Prize scoop in the works.

I'm in the right business, but need better contacts in government to cash in on this covid relief funding scam.

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Posted in: There has been growing demand in Japan for abortion pills that are widely used and considered safe and effective around the world. See in context

Professor Osuga seems to have forgotten that Japanese females have unique uteruses unlike any uteruses on the planet so it will take a Japanese pharmaceutical company to come up with a unique Japanese abortion pill, as soon as they reverse engineer LinePharma’s pill.

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Japan will face some hard times until these under-14-year-olds hit retirement age. They'll have to support retirees until they retire but there won't be enough money. Once they retire, less money will be needed and the country will adjust to a smaller population. For the next 50+ years the government will have to continue printing money, perhaps devaluing the currency.

IF there's a baby boom in the next six to sixteen years, maybe the current children will have a comfortable retirement.

I think. Is there another scenario I'm unaware of?

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The council is comprised of Suga 

So, Suga is advising Suga. I hope he listens, but I doubt he will.

We have children because my wife felt it was time. In my town 100% of the hospital birthing expenses is reimbursed. Oddly, my town has babies; anecdotal, but all of my neighbors have kids.

Second, while 'education' is free, it's all those 'essential' extras that add up. For example, the housewives in our elementary school district got together to ban school uniforms. Big savings. But couldn't convince the school that all the required extras for club activities (mandatory) in junior high were unnecessary. Big cost.

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These are called contingency plans and every competent military and/or government has them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the US has a contingency plan in case war is declared between it and Canada.

But Japan will do something if the US and China get into a tussle over Taiwan; they will profit mightily off of the conflict, as they did with the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

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It’s nice to see the terrorist in this poster is Japanese as all terrorist activities in Japan were instigated by Japanese citizens.

I worry about that small detail thanking citizens for cooperating and understanding police activities. What activities are they talking about? On the other hand, I realize this ‘cooperation and understanding’ is a set phrase most companies and other organizations use after stating something.

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I believe the Olympic organisers believe they can slap “symbolise the spirit of Fukushima” on anything and they think they’re doing something for the people of Fukushima. Remember when the Olympics were to show the “spirit of Fukushima” before being taken over by “symbolizing the defeat of Coronavirus.”

But I like the puppet; it’s walking like a giant freak show.

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Posted in: We will be asking for illuminations and neon signs to be turned off at night. Hopefully, that will discourage people from going out at night. We are also asking non-residents to refrain from entering Tokyo as much as possible. See in context

Instead of 'asking', why doesn't the gov't of Tokyo 'order under penalty' stores to turn off lights, pull the shutters down, lock up, and go home for 16 days?

Just to see if, as in Vietnam, New Zealand, and South Korea, a hard lockdown works.

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