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Posted in: Japan to give more financial aid for hospitals fighting pandemic See in context

One doctor complained his hospital didn’t need more money for equipment, they needed more nurses. It’s tough and dangerous work taking care of COVID-19 patients and nurses are working overtime; then some quit because they’re exhausted.

However, having more COVID-19 beds will look as if the politicians are doing something, useless as it might be. A COVID-19 bed with no nurses or doctors to handle the patient is a paperweight.

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Posted in: No 'bonenkai' this year ... and many employees won't miss them See in context

51-year-old advertising executive, “everything you say to the younger staff is ‘harassment.’

No, everything you Have Been Saying to the younger staff Has Always Been ‘harassment.’ Now, life has caught up to your sexist ways and you dunna like it, eh?

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Posted in: Virus surge leads to curfew in San Francisco See in context

Someday I hope discussions about a medical emergency could be restricted to medical problems and solutions.

The researchers and scientists who are working hard at trying to save our lives are probably focussing on the science of the new coronavirus and its COVID-19. 55 vaccines are being tested on humans; 87 others are being tested on animals. They didn't get this far by debating lifestyles or politics.

Politicalizing, name-calling, hyperbole, and "freedumb" speeches help no one except our own fragile (online) egos.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers plan to host 18 test events See in context

If an athlete from another country were to come to Japan to 'test' Japan's ability to handle COVID-19 and ends up getting the virus and getting it bad, that will essentially knock the athlete out of the Olympics. Especially if the athlete is in a 'test' held in May.

If a Japanese athlete were to get the virus during a 'test' event held in March, will they cancel the rest of the 'tests' or blame the athlete for not being Japanese enough to keep his or her infection secret?

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Posted in: There have been no major differences between 50 percent capacity and 86 percent capacity. There are no issues that we cannot overcome to increase the number of spectators. See in context

Of the 4.82 million who attended, how many were tested and how closely did they sit? On the toob I saw games where there was lots of open space between spectators. Decreasing that space might increase the number of patients.

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Posted in: 27,400 foreign travelers visited Japan in October: JNTO See in context


Lol! Schools start here in April so no, and there aren't THAT many American tourists here in Japan either!

Actually, school starts in September in many parts of the world, not just the US.


I don't understand why people stay when they don't enjoy it.

Because it's easy and people (including me) tend to fall into a routine/comfortable life they enjoy while still pointing out what they don't like about it.

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Posted in: The Japanese government is considering cutting back on child allowances for high-income households with two working parents and divert the funds saved to creating more daycare centers. How do you feel about this? See in context

The family might be high income Because they both work. And they both might work because they need money for daycare. (Plus food, rent, and school fees.) Suga wants to take that money away from them so he can provide them with daycare?

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Posted in: JAL test-flies drone to carry relief goods in mountainous area See in context

was grounded due to safety concerns as the wind blew from a different direction from the one expected.

Does not bode well for post-typhoon rescue services.

Plus, what's wrong with using a manned helicopter to these places? Some can carry quite a load in and carry injured residents out. Something drones can't handle, yet.

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Posted in: 27,400 foreign travelers visited Japan in October: JNTO See in context

13th straight month of declines due to the global coronavirus pandemic,

except the global coronavirus pandemic hasn't been around for 13 months; just nine. Four months must be for another reason. The start of schools? American football season?

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Posted in: English ad in Japan has some seeing a command to stay infected with coronavirus this Christmas See in context

Think Positive might have been more appropriate.

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Posted in: Gov't to give financial support for shorter hours as virus surges See in context

In doing research into the record number of ramen shops that have gone under because of the pandemic and soft lockdown, I discovered what some of those shops pay for rent in the Tokyo/Osaka area.

¥300,000 doesn’t cover it.

Some of the shops paid ¥1,000,000 a month in rent. (They grossed about ¥7,000,000/month).

The unfortunate part is a lot of Tokyo/Osaka ramen shops relied on office workers on their way home after drinking or working overtime; that demographic dried up really quickly.

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Posted in: Japan to keep Go To Travel campaign running despite virus surge See in context


In that vein, the mrs and I frequent local (and often family-owned) shops and restaurants over the corporate chains. Unfortunately, we don't go out that much; hopefully just enough to keep those local shops open.

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Posted in: 'Hanko' to be abolished for all but 83 kinds of official documents See in context

There must be more than 890 hanko makers. I see two or three on short walks around town. I suspect the AJSIA represents only major corporations and not the solo craftsman toiling away in his small shop?

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Posted in: For those of you working remotely from home, how much attention do you pay to what you wear and your general appearance (make-up, whether you have shaved, combed your hair, etc) when you have online meetings? Have you seen any of colleagues looking a bit disheveled online? See in context

I never actually dressed appropriately even when I worked in an office; got in trouble for being tie-less several times. Now, even less appropriate.

Although I might try Ms Yarrow's plot: the makeup, lipstick, and earrings – just to see what they say.

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Posted in: The goal is to encourage consumers to avoid buying unnecessary food by helping them see the losses involved. See in context

People need an app for that? I guess I'm still analog enough to remember the food I throw away after not eating it; which is seldom because I can also see the food in my fridge or cupboard.

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Posted in: JR East to test driverless bullet trains in 2021 See in context

the shot in the arm Japan Inc. needs to reestablish technical prowess on the world stage

I believe Disneyland had driver-less trains in the early 1960s. The Seattle airport has had them since the 70s. And, as Aly Ruston has pointed out, Vancouver has an excellent elevated train sans drivers for at least two decades.

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Posted in: Japan may shelve imperial succession decision See in context

There have been six empresses in the centuries of the imperial line. One was empress twice. This indicates she had some power.

Also, there have been a few emperors whose illegitimate son by a concubine have become emperor. Not to mention a few emperors who were the adopted sons of powerful daimyo who wielded power over the emperor.

In other words, not exactly a pristine line from Empress Himiko to Emperor Reiwa.

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Posted in: Japan to open English-speaking support office to lure foreign financial firms See in context

About ten years ago I went to a real estate office to rent an APT for my office. I was told no, not having a Japanese guarantor means I can't rent APT. I got a Japanese guarantor. Then, not having X amount of yen in the bank means I can't rent APT. (X amount was a year's rent; how they thought I'd let them have it if I skipped out, I don't know). I opted out of APT and found a better place cheaper almost across the street. APT is still unoccupied ten years later. And Suga wants foreign companies to face this?

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Posted in: A question for those with school-age children: How long has it been since your whole family sat down and watched a movie or TV program together? See in context

When the kids were young, often. When they were in high school, maybe two or three times a week, depending on the homework load, but often on a Saturday or Sunday night.

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Posted in: Do you support the government's call for companies to take an extended holiday over the New Year period until Jan 12? See in context

Yes, but I suspect it won't happen because companies need to make money. And if the time is taken, I bet lots of companies will 'encourage' telework during the week 'off.'

Second, I'd much rather see the government encourage companies to spread days off throughout the year – the employees' choice – rather than clump everyone together at the same time (New Year's, Obon, Golden Week).

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear arms ban treaty leaves Japan in a dilemma See in context

If the leaders of Japan would stop harping about how Japan is the only country to suffer from a nuclear bombing, I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t sign a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

But they do.

Every August. So, if they really hope that other countries shouldn’t suffer from a nuclear bombing, sign the treaty.

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Posted in: Lawmakers should serve as role models in efforts to stop passive smoking. See in context

Well, of course Diet members don't follow the laws they make. They are, as everyone knows, Above the Law. Their laws only apply to the lower classes such as taxpayers.

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Posted in: Abe says he didn’t want to cosplay as Mario at 2016 Olympics See in context

What does the 20-hour flight have to do with Abe demeaning the role of 'one of the most powerful politicians on the planet'? Oh, right, this is SoraNews 24. No need for....

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Posted in: Gov't puts off decision to release treated Fukushima water into sea See in context

Our neighborhood housewives don't buy food from Fukushima or food marked Kokunai (Japan) as they believe that to be a code for Fukushima. If our beloved government dumps contaminated water into the sea off the coast of Fukushima, the fishermen might as well move to Tokyo and get on the dole. Nobody is going to buy seafood marked Fukushima.

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

Great, now, instead of just visiting one set of in-laws people can visit both! Spreading whatever virus they might have to two areas of the country.

And, after starting a week later, Everyone will end up doing quadruple overtime to make up for the lost week.

Unless, of course as often happens, companies say:

'Sure, take the extra week off. Of course, you'll have to work 80 hours the week you come back to make up for lost time. OR, you (the worker) can come back early? Maybe? Like, say, a week early? I mean we (management) will start Jan. 4. And you?'

I wonder if Nishimura has ever lived in Japan.

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Posted in: A Japanese government panel has proposed amending the juvenile law to put 18- and 19-year-old criminal suspects on trial as adults. Do you agree with this? See in context

An 18-year-old who has been baby-sat since 4 is less likely to make intelligent decisions than an 18-year-old who has had to make decisions since he or she was 4.

Japanese ‘teenagers’ tend to be on the young side. They can vote but can’t drink alcohol. They can join the army, but they can’t sign contracts. The government needs to make up their mind. Are 18-year-olds Adults or Children?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic village may have COVID-19-focused health center See in context

A COVID19 clinic will basically be a hotel with lots and lots of rooms (with wifi) for isolating the athletes, coaches, judges, and hangers-on who come down with COVID 19 during the games. Including a few dozen ICU rooms equipped with all the tools needed to save lives. Paid for by... IOC? the fine taxpayers of Tokyo? the fine taxpayers of Japan? Money printed by the Bank of Japan? Dentsu? Hahahahaha, Dentsu.... Sorry.

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Posted in: University baseball powerhouse Tokai suspends activities due to illegal drug use See in context

If the university oyaji were serious, they’d investigate ALL the students, close all their campuses, refund student tuition, and make a deep respectful bow on TV pledging to ‘do better to win back the trust of the nation’. If they were serious.

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Posted in: We are glad the children and their parents are pleased with the halal lunches, and the school is willing to do everything possible to support them. See in context

In my few decades in Japan I've met quite a few Japanese who don't like fish, miso, natto, whale, and one that didn't particularly like rice. Yet in schools they were encouraged to enjoy eating what they didn't like because one of the 'beauties' of Japan is that we are all the same.

No one is forcing this nursery school to provide for the diversity of their students. They are doing it out of either love of the children or to attract more children of any religion or nationality because they need the money.

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