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Posted in: Why do you think billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose foundation has plowed billions of dollars into making vaccines against diseases like polio, malaria and HIV, is a regular target for fringe groups and anti-vaxxers accusing him of benefiting from vaccination or even using them for harm. See in context

Anyone with money and power ends up being a target of conspiracy theorists. They care very little for facts. They often believe conflicting conspiracy theories.

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Posted in: People are becoming more aware of hygiene due to the spread of the coronavirus and taking measures such as sanitizing hands more often and wearing masks. See in context

Staying away from people, doing some basic personal hygiene, and wearing masks will protect most people from most diseases.

As for 'boosting' our immune systems, the research seems to show that exercise, healthy eating habits (including veggies & fruit), good sleep, and reduce stress are the only ways to generally 'improve' our immune systems.

However, babies need to get some microbes in order to even have an immune system and children exposed to colds and viruses have stronger immune systems as adults. By children, I mean less than three years old.

As adults, there is little we can do to boost our immunity, other than the above, but we can protect ourselves from specific diseases with, wait for it, vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan to seek record defense budget under Suga See in context

If Suga controls the diet and appointed Abe's brother to lead defense, shouldn't the headline be: "Suga Seeks Record Defense Budget" rather than pretend that the Japanese government ("Japan") is some how separate from Suga?

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Posted in: Japan's national park facilities upgraded with 'workation' in mind See in context

Aomori does indeed have a workation staton some place. The idea is dad (of course, mom never needs to work full-time) works in the AM and enjoys nature with the family in the PM. I doubt that ever happens as dad’s work will probably schedule Zoom meetings in the PM and/or dad will be ‘inspired’ to continue working into the afternoon. Maybe even into the night.

If you have the discipline to stop work, Aomori would be a great place for a vacation.

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Posted in: Bookings start for trips to and from Tokyo under Go To subsidy program See in context


it will be go to eat next month

Next month, where I live, will be Go to イート. Which took me a minute to figure out. Fortunately, it’s not JTB or Dentsu we have to go to but the Post office. Amazingly efficient. Must use the tickets by March 31. No statement from the Gov on whether it can be used just for alcohol or not.

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Posted in: Murray wants Australia to rename Margaret Court Arena over her anti-gay views See in context


Here is the Biblical support for the figurative ‘stay in the kitchen.’ There’s also a phrase that women cannot speak in church, which, I believe, a pastor must do. There are more.

1 Timothy 2:11-15

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent...

1 Corinthians 11:3-16 Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man...

Titus 2: 4-5

Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands so that no one will malign the word of God.

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Posted in: Suga says he is committed to advancing Abe's policies See in context

Of course he’s going to follow Abe’s policies; he’s been manipulating politicians for eight years to get Abe’s policies in place. And look at his success rate! Wonderful, right?

On the other hand, he often starts a statement with something like “this administration (cabinet) will work for the good of the people” indicating the last administration (Abe’s) didn’t.

It will be wonderful to watch if Suga (71) modernizes the gov’t bureaucracy into the 20th century with this new-fangled “digital technology.” Will he really want to match power points with the hanko-cartel? It will be great to watch.

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Posted in: Japan's new first lady thanks supporters as husband rises to top post See in context

Has PM Suga started a political dynasty? Will one of his sons take over his Yokohama seat, become a Diet member, and eventually a cabinet minister? Maybe even prime minister‽

Will the Suga family eventually push out the Abe-Kishida-Abe-Koizumi families? Exciting times here in Ole Japan, ne?

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Ten under 60! A new record? Wonderful Japanese politicians!

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Posted in: Japan's exports extend double-digit decline See in context

shrank due to a global demand slowdown from the coronavirus pandemic

Is what the 'experts' are saying but

exports fell for their 21st straight month

is what the numbers are saying. I'm not expert but the coronavirus hasn't been around for 21 months, has it?

Abenomics is really working its magic. I'm glad now we will see an upsurge thanks to Suganomics (or Abenomics Light.)

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Posted in: Suga faces tricky call on snap election See in context

If this is a vexing problem, I hope he doesn’t have to face anything more serious like a world-wide pandemic and economic downturn, and increasing nationalism throughout the world, plus a Japanese economy heading for the toilet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to rob convenience store across road from koban See in context

Unemployed or retired?

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Posted in: Mitsui OSK to spend $9.4 mil on Mauritius clean-up after fuel spill See in context

Not nearly enough.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Kyoto after failing to return rental car over a year past deadline See in context

Why did it take the rental agency nearly a year to figure out he hadn't returned the car? Why did the police 'catch up' to him so long after the car was supposed to be returned?

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Posted in: Crown princess wants to respect daughter's wish over delayed marriage See in context

I'm confused about the Imperial Household Agency's concern about the fiancé's mother's financial problems. Once Princess Mako marries the dude, she's out. No connection with the IHA or her parents. She's just another commoner they don't care about. So, why the concern?

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Posted in: Mother, son found with stab wounds in car in Fukuoka See in context

Hopefully they will recover some sanity in their household and/or their son will get the help he needs. And the mother will learn some coping strategies that don't include attempted murder.

Also love how these reports always mention the police "rushed" to the scene as opposed to "When the police arrived they found..."

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Posted in: Why has wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic become a political issue in some countries? See in context

Because the sign

No shirt

No shoes

No Service

was too complicated. One more No... resulted in a political breakdown.

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Posted in: Self-driving buses being tested across Japan let you pay with your face See in context

Great reporting! Great article! Wonderful information! Not an iota of misinformation! Great job, Sora News sama!

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

A company doesn't stay in business for 300 years without adapting quickly and competently.

In those 300 years were massive famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil wars, world wars, the closing and opening of Japan, and tinkering of the economy by the government (allowing more foreign goods, limiting foreign goods, monetary reforms, and taxation).

Covid19 is just an excuse, not the cause. If these department stores couldn't adapt quickly and competently, they need new leaders.

Perhaps they should go online? Perhaps they should set up a home delivery system? Perhaps they should change their business model from huge stores with overpriced goods nobody wants to boutiques?

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Posted in: Actor Iseya arrested for alleged cannabis possession See in context

20 grams is less than an ounce, a volume police in the US casually hand back to the culprit and say have a nice day. (Depending on why they stopped the culprit in the first place).

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Posted in: Olympics sponsors in limbo as year-end contract expiration looms See in context

politically important national project

That's the main problem. It should be an athletically important project, not a political one.

With 75% of the Japanese public not caring for the Olympics, pulling out probably won't damage a company's bottom line too much.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will go ahead with or without COVID, says IOC's Coates See in context

So if the coronavirus builds up a second wave (as almost all pandemics in the last 200 years have), and endangers many more people so that countries like Canada will say, nope, not going to die for a footrace in Japan, the Olympics will go on. Good to know. Now I can make my plans for being in Tokyo during the hottest, most humid time of the year.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga suggests overhaul of health ministry See in context

First time I remember seeing this youngster smile.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK will quit Brexit talks if no deal by Oct 15 See in context

Why would the UK pump public money into UK industries if, as Boris claims, a No-deal break will be good for Britain?

Because they know Boris doesn’t understand basic economics?

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Posted in: What reforms do you think are needed at the World Health Organization (WHO)? See in context

in addition to Recless' suggestion, the need financing that is independent of individual countries. How, I don't know, but health issues should not be politicized.

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Posted in: Rwandan single mothers turn to online babysitting of Japanese kids See in context

I suppose sitting in front of a computer for an hour a day is a terrible experience for a child. Especially when they are forced to sing in a foreign language or Japanese. And watch a woman not Japanese cook, shop, and slice unfamiliar vegetables. Imagine the horror of the child to discover people who don't resemble Japanese exist! Yes, best to isolate them in a cocoon of this society so they never develop empathy for other cultures; other peoples; learn of the world. Also, who knows what nefarious actions these online predators - all employees of that Osakan restaurant owner - will inflict on the poor child. While their mother or father watches!

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Posted in: Handheld mask for dinner use See in context

Don’t most people put their masks on their chins when they eat, drink, talk, drive, smoke, or breathe while in a restaurant, office, home, car, hospital, or store?

BTW, Aso’s welder’s face shield has been proven ineffective. This will be, too, I’m afraid.

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Posted in: Trump calls Abe 'greatest prime minister in Japan's history' See in context


If best is defined as getting things done to change Japan. Postwar, I’d go with Tanaka, Fukuda, Nakasone, Tojo, and MacArthur (not in any order).

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Posted in: Don't say you love watermelon until you've tasted the Japanese version of this summer treat See in context

I liked watermelons before I came to Japan and saw a bunch of kids (some in their 30s) wolf watermelon slices down like they were starving to death. Quite unappetizing. As for the watermelon themselves, sorry, but I don’t see a huge difference between ones I’ve eaten in the US, Europe, and Singapore. Maybe they were all Japanese watermelons.

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Posted in: Honda goes small with first all-electric car See in context

There are no side mirrors but the camera connected to the “interior displays” sticks out about the same as a mirror would; maybe a bit less, so the

Side mirrors have been replaced with interior displays to avoid bumps and scrapes during parking.

is hogwash, mostly. Plus, do you all routinely bump and scrap your side mirrors while parking? I never have.

More expensive, smaller, less range than its competitor; hmm. Sounds guaranteed not to succeed.

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