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Posted in: Late-night train services planned during Tokyo Olympics See in context

Why is the government ‘urging’ the railway lines to make more money? Can’t the CEOs of the railways figure that out by themselves? (More trains at peak times - before & after games; more trains when demand - night - rises)

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Posted in: First woman enters Japan's submarine academy See in context

Amazing how gender privacy concerns are ‘easily’ overcome once they discover doors. And a serious labor shortage for their cramped, underwater floating guns prods their brains to come up with a solution.

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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

Two weeks off spread over three months. That’s like 4.5 days off a month. Like Premium Friday!

How about he take a Year off? As Allowed by Law! A law his LDP passed to get votes.

• At least he wasn’t described as ‘a possible future prime minister’ like he usually is.

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Posted in: Woman unharmed after being held hostage for 18 hours See in context

The sources added that the man is believed to have had relationship problems with someone at the company,

Not a bad conclusion after the culprit

told police during the standoff that he had "a personal grudge against someone related to Ueda Cold.”

Good on the police for figuring that out.

• Watched her ‘around the clock’ for 18 hours. Which isn’t ‘around the clock.’

Also, good to know that 75-year-old normally doesn’t lock his windows.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's airport immigration offices have been the rudest or most difficult to deal with? See in context


No, no need for a personality at immigration but sometimes being able to have a quick chat - Off The Script - with the immigration officer makes the procedure less of a drudge. Not saying Japanese immigration officials have to have a personality, mind you, just pointing out a difference.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's airport immigration offices have been the rudest or most difficult to deal with? See in context

If you’re black African (vs black American), France.

I’ve had rude US immigration agents and professional friendly ones - it all depends on the training/personality. In contrast, Japanese immigration seems, like many things in Japan, professional and efficient, yet souless (or personality-free).

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Posted in: Thais debate use of 'Death Railway' for World Heritage application See in context

Look, Japan is not China right? They are not that immature and sensitive that they need to pressure other countries into submission and denial of history right?

Which is why the j-gov’t never goes to foreign countries to ‘request’ them to take down their ‘comfort women’ statues. Oh, wait. They do that all the time. Even to ‘request’ a Nanking massacre reference be removed from a US histoery textbook.

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Posted in: There are budgetary limits to increase tree shade, but we can spread portable 'shade' much easier. See in context

There might be “budgetary limits” to planting more trees for shade, but if they were to stop chopping off every limb of every municipal tree at the beginning of summer, they could save money on tree “maintenance” and still have more shade than they do now.

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Posted in: What do you think of rakugo storytelling? Can it be successfully translated into English, for example, and be funny? See in context

Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams both did a pretty good job of rakugo-esque storytelling. Especially WInters with his very small facial expressions that conveyed a huge range of emotions or unspoken lines. Bill Cosby in his younger days, too.

Of course, if by “translating rakugo into English” you mean the exact same stories and gestures, then probably no.

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Posted in: Would you be in favor of Japan switching to daylight saving time in summer? See in context

Since the Japanese gov’t wants SummerTime for the Olympics which, I believe, are the Tokyo Olympics, maybe SummerTime can be set just for Tokyo and the rest of the country can continue as is without the onerous task of re-setting a clock twice or confused barnyard animals.

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Posted in: Would you be in favor of Japan switching to daylight saving time in summer? See in context


Oddly enough, barnyard animals are probably confused (if animals can be confused) now. Very few animals have alarm clocks. They get up with the sun and then sit around for four hours waiting for Mr Farmer to get up to feed and/or milk them. Then they go to sleep when the sun sets and wonder why Mr Farmer is milking/ and/or feeding them again.

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Posted in: Elderly couple arrested for killing 50-year-old son See in context

That’s quite the emotion-wrenching decision on the parents’ part. They saw no other alternative. But I’m sure they’re wondering why he became violent reently.

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Posted in: Officials push parasols for men as heatwave hits See in context

I’m a macho-macho man, I don’t carry no female parasol. I pluck my eyebrows instead, and spend hours coiffing my hair. And collapse from the heat at handshaking appearances of 14-year-old “idols.”

Indian men must be more comfortable in their (non-cancerous) skins ‘cause they often carry parasols in the heat.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party objects to lawmaker calling LGBT unproductive See in context

Does Tomu Tanigawa think same sex marriage is ‘like a hobby” because his dual-sex marriage is his hobby?

One LDP politician takes foot out of mouth, another sticks his or hers in,

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Posted in: 2 Japan Post employees arrested for burning neck, forcing dirty socks into mouth of coworker See in context

Third possibility:

The two guys are bullying sadists and the 20 coworkers don’t want to be on the receiving end of their sadism so they keep their eyes averted and their mouths shut, just like they’re supposed to.

Apply knowledge of Japan’s “unique’ kohai/sempai system.

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Posted in: JR doing away with train departure chimes on Joban line in bid to stop dangerous mad dashes See in context

First year in Japan I trundled off to the beach in the summer to enjoy the sound of the waves and gleefully laughing children only to be met with J Pop at Super Volume. Asked a J-friend what he thought and his answer was “They play music at the beach? Really?”

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Britain's willingness to join TPP, pledges support See in context

Puts a new spin on the word Trans-Pacific, doesn’t it?

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Posted in: Japan picks $1.2 bil Lockheed radar for Aegis Ashore batteries See in context


If having a missile defense system is required for you to sleep better, how have you survived for the past 70 years? Also, congratulations on hitting your 73rd birthday.

Second, do you really think Japan is Trumpo’s #1 ally? He’d gonna tariff your butt back to China if he could. Unless you buy a billion-dollar system from Him. (Not lockheed).

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Posted in: Consumer spending is expected to grow on increasing demand for beer, ice cream, air conditioners and other seasonal items. See in context

And don’t forget how the economy of Hiroshima will virtually Explode when people rush out to buy new shoes, clothes, cars, houses, and land. Good numbers for Abe et al, right?

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Posted in: Olympic boss Moriyasu appointed as Japan national football coach See in context

If you’re the coach for almost three years and then some upstart jumps in and “coaches” for the final game and wins, who wins? The original coach - who worked hard for almost three years - or the upstart who snuck in at the last minute?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to provide extra aid to areas hit by heavy rains See in context

I have a question: if the land under your house is now in the ocean, where do you rebuild? If, for example, Taro’s house was on the side of a mountain and that side is now spread out all over the alluvial plain, where does Taro build his new house?

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Posted in: Walmart prepares to pull out of Japan See in context

I believe Sears in the US did this Everyday Low Prices gambit for a couple of years. They lost both customers and market share. They went back to advertising “specials” and business picked up. People will buy what they think is on sale whether they need it or not.

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Posted in: Hot fuss: 2 years out, fears linger over Tokyo's toasty Olympics See in context

I’m sure when they bid for the Olympics, the people in charge (Mori and Blinky) had no idea a summer in Tokyo would be hot. I’m sure they are shocked, I tell you, shocked all the way to the bank.

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Posted in: Seoul considers reducing troops along N. Korea border zone See in context

Meanwhile, Japan’s Great Leader is forking over Billions of taxpayer money to buy a weapons system from his Orange Golf buddy that, according to even the Orange Head, isn’t needed anymore.

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Posted in: I’ve seen the posters but I’m not sure what hours we’re supposed to work to qualify as Jisa Biz. See in context

Jisa Biz is working overtime with Premium Friday on the irrelevant and forgotten train.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy large patrol boats to guard nuclear plants See in context

How will these boats stop earthquakes and tsunamis from destroying the nuclear power plants? If I recall, the Fukushima tsunami took boats of this size and dropped them several kilometers inland.

Also, the government is quick to respond to IAEA’s request for more security, (money for the military) but it was molasses slow to respond to their request for more competent management (pouring radioactive waste into a plastic bucket, for example).

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Posted in: One of the arguments given by people who are against the death penalty is that it doesn't deter serious crimes such as murder, for example. Do you think the possibility of being sentenced to life in prison deters such crimes? See in context

It’s not what I think, it’s what is happening. A life or death sentence has not deterred murder or murders would have disappeared 3,000 or 4,000 years ago.

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Posted in: BOJ's Kuroda urges restraint on tariffs See in context

World’s highest tariffs? Iran. Among the lowest? Japan. The tariff on rice is high, but many countries protect their agriculture. The US has a high tariff on peanuts, for example.

In another site, Bermuda had the highest tariffs.

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Posted in: Autonomous taxi test to start in Tokyo See in context

How are autonomous taxis better than ride sharing taxis like Uber?

Hinomaru Kotsu will conduct...

Never mind.

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Posted in: Many lawmakers are calling for measures to make the country more resistant to disasters by improving related infrastructure. Do you think this possible, considering the nation's geography and fiscal problems? See in context

I had the pleasure over several years of watching a local government make a seaside beach “resistant to natural disasters.” First came the concrete on the beach. A storm took that away the next year. Next came tetrapods in the water, but no concrete on the beach. A storm took the beach away. Next, the government put concrete on the beach again and more tetrapods. Finally! The sea was subdued and the beach was protected from natural disasters.

And all the tourists with their money went away.

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