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Posted in: If you live in Japan, when you visited family or friends overseas (in pre-corona days), did you take your shoes off before entering their home, as you would in Japan? See in context

I barely wear shoes outdoors back home; can recall entire summers when shoes or socks never touched my feet. When I did wear shoes my mother always complained that I dropped them everywhere, kicking them off as I entered, going upstairs, walking through the kitchen, heading to the bath to clean them, etc.

I shock my neighbors and irritate my wife here in Japan when I walk in my (small) garden or toss the garbage with bare feet; but nearly always clean them after.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Lightyear' banned in 14 markets after same-sex kiss controversy See in context

Again, if your religion can’t handle diversity, or education for females, or a cartoon maybe your religion is too weak to handle modern life.

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Posted in: 'We must change': Japan's morning-after pill debate See in context

Just don't have sex until you're married and ready for children.

It's really that simple

Everywhere abstinence is mandated, teen pregnancy rates increase. If you want fewer abortions, advocate for more contraceptives and more contraceptive choices.

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese firms struggle to get materials due to war in Ukraine See in context

Wedding venues

Please explain how wedding venues are affected by the Russian war?

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Posted in: Should there be an age limit for driving licenses? See in context

A lower limit is a good idea, 17 or 18. In Japan maybe 20?

After 70, a reaction time test or dementia test every year is another good idea.

An arbitrary cut off age is not a good idea as some older people are more careful than younger people and some older people are horrendous.

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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Narayamabushiko first filmed in 1952 with a remake in 1983 covers the same ground. Only the age of consent is lowered to 70. And a beautiful yet frightening movie.

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Posted in: Japan to require listed firms to disclose female manager ratio See in context

This will result in females given ‘executive’ titles but no executive duties. Tatemae and form-over-function is alive and well in a certain country.

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Posted in: 1st film written by Japanese AI bot takes movie-making to next phase See in context

"The quality (of the script) was about the same level as one written by a human.”

Hmm. What does this say about human screenwriters?

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Posted in: Never waste time arguing about what to eat for dinner again with Six Noodle Dice See in context

And another die to decide who will eat it. My, modern life is getting too complicated.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 3 people after ramming them with his car See in context

Usually means yak!

Actually it usually means unemployed. No self-respecting yakuza member will do something so stupid in front of witnesses.

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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

Antique - Have you factored in the unlikely (but who knows) chance of an interest rate rise.

We bought our house and land when rates were incredibly low and made sure we were locked in at that rate.

If the bank offers a good rate, make sure it isn’t ‘floating’ The bank emphasis the rate might go down but what they’re actually thinking is: it will go up.

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Posted in: Japanese firms try to encourage paternity leave under new law See in context

single digits for decades until it rose to 12.65 percent in 2020, in an apparent sign of changing attitudes.

Probably corresponds to a certain pandemic rather than a change in attitudes.

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Posted in: There needs to be a concerted effort to restore Japan's image and lure back all the international talent that has been lost. See in context

Yes, Japan’s Image has to be restored, not the actual facts of Japan, its image ie. Tatemae.

”International talent” (aka Students) has seen the True side of Japan and it isn’t pretty.

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Posted in: We want to contribute to dispelling the public’s anxiety and reassure people. See in context

I hope the fish they raise will be available forr consumption only at TEPCO headquarters.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis' declining health evident for some time: filmmakers See in context

Thanks all.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis' declining health evident for some time: filmmakers See in context

What causes aphasia and more directly, why did Bruce get it?

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Posted in: Ex-board chairman at Nihon University gets 1-year suspended sentence See in context

A profitable deal for all concerned. The criminal gets convicted so prosecutors can keep their conviction rate up, criminal gets to keep the majority of the cash, and can spend it at his leisure instead of wait in prison, and nobody is convicted of kickbacks so business can continue as usual. It’s not like a foreigner or lowlife stole anything, right?

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Posted in: Unpaid labor does not include just housework and child-rearing, but also caring for older adults and people with disabilities. These things should be taken care of by public systems in a welfare state, but the Japanese-style welfare state has burdened the family, especially women, with such responsibilities, and praised it as a great tradition. See in context

In general, hospitals rely on a family member to provide a lot of support, from washing clothes (sometimes bedding), providing extra food, delivering needed supplies (adult diapers etc). This ‘family member’ is often female (wife, elder son’s wife, eldest daughter) even if the husband is retired.

In fact, one experience I observed was a husband being told he could not wash the clothes and provide needed supplies Because he was a man and, obviously, men didn’t know how to do those things. The hospital actually asked if he had a daughter or sister who could provide support.

Gender-based attitudes are changing but glacially.

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Posted in: The wage gap between men and women is an economic and financial problem, and the prime minister has a sense of crisis about it. See in context

Companies will always find ways to pay females less: they go home early, they can take days off when period pain is too much, they get married and quit soon after, they aren't salesmen… etc.

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Posted in: Do you think Russia's invasion of Ukraine will spur Japan to acquire its own nuclear weapons? See in context

Japanese politicians will make this war the basis for their 'need' to have nuclear weapons, yes. But they will frame it so that they aren't making nuclear weapons sort of like they harvesting whales not for food but for 'research.'

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested for killing father See in context

Sawada lives with his parents and his mother

Last I checked parent’s includes the mother; or does he have a step-mother who shares the house?

I wonder what his reason will be?

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Posted in: FamilyMart to ban plastic forks ahead of ordinance enforcement See in context


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Posted in: FamilyMart to ban plastic forks ahead of ordinance enforcement See in context

So there going to ban plastic a month before plastic is banned? That’s forward thinking, eh?

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Posted in: McDonald's to temporarily close 850 stores in Russia See in context

Putin uses his favorite puppet’s phrase: “fake news” whenever there is news contrary to his liking (and throws the messenger in jail).

By closing down consumer products (Coke, Starbucks, Mac), ordinary Russian citizens are becoming aware of their Ukrainian war.

Once the oligarchs start losing money (closed banks, sale of oil restricted) on his war, Putin will be hard-pressed to keep his job.

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Posted in: Tabelog, a website that publishes customer-sourced restaurant reviews, is being sued by a Korean barbecue chain that complained its score was unfairly lowered and that its review methods are not transparent. What do you think of review sites like Tabelog? See in context

I don’t believe whatever I read on Tabelog and others (including Amazon) because often it appears the reviewer is either a shill (“This Place is Fantastic!”) or has an axe to grind (“This Place is Terrible!”); generic responses without details.

But I wish restaurants would get a website and not rely on Facebook or Tabelog. I don’t want to sign up on Facebook to find out the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays; I want a website I can go to.

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Posted in: Universities collaborate to improve Japanese skills of foreign workers See in context


Agreed. I just took a PCR test and my J-wife couldn’t understand the J-website.

On teaching Japanese, decades ago the local area had about 30 Vietnamese refugees and the teachers were teaching them Keigo - ultra-polite language because, the teachers told me, everyone in Japan will be above them socially.

Things have changed since then, but the teachers of Japanese have to be taught how to teach first.

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Posted in: TikTok videos get longer in challenge to YouTube See in context

The attention span declines? Then the videos should be shorter, not longer.

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Posted in: Ex-Ghosn aide Kelly confident of being acquitted on Thursday See in context

I think he’ll be found guilty (so as not to embarrass the prosecutors), but in such a way that he can leave Safety Japan immediately. A suspended sentence or a sentence equal to what he’s already served in jail.

The judge will be harsh but the sentence soft.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy who attacked mother of classmate, then stabbed himself, dies in hospital See in context

What a waste of a young life and a possible life-altering injury.

When will people find the emotional/psychological/mental help they obviously need? When will the government provide the help? When the death rate hits 30,000 like with suicide?

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Posted in: Which jobs in Japan have the most and least overtime? Survey investigates See in context

I’ve a friend who is a video/director person who works more overtime than humanly possible but he’s on a contract so the quicker he works the more money he makes. He averages about ¥100,000,000 a year. And works three weeks a month.

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