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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

I hope they don't schedule it for late July/ early August when, according to Abe, the temperature is perfect for athletes but, according to reality, it's the worst.

And Abe 'says' he cared about the health of the athletes when he - and he alone apparently - postponed the Olympics.

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Posted in: Virus-striken Diamond Princess leaves Yokohama Port See in context

I'm amused by the 'sink it' crowd. Wouldn't it be interesting if the coronavirus thrived, mutated, and multiplied in salt water?

TheLongTermer's call for more facts is the way to go. The Diamond Princess is a floating lab for the virus and could yield important information in combating it.

It will be back in 2021, though, probably as extra housing for Olympic athletes now that the Olympic Village will be sold off before the Olympics starts.

Under a different name, of course. I suggest The Mississippi Queen. Do you know what I mean?

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Posted in: Japan considers one-year grace period for corporate taxpayers hit by virus See in context

Corporate tax relief first. Farmers (LDP block voters) second. Peons who vote for the LDP last, if ever.

I would be totally unsurprised if in 2021 a sales tax increase happens — to pay for an improvement in infrastructure for the Fukushima-Coronavirus Olympics, of course.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

calling for thorough ventilation of classrooms and warning against gathering in clusters.

• ‘thorough ventilation’ will probably result in an open window or two because most schools have no air conditioner and rely on kerosene heaters for warmth. (Not a problem now that the so-called winter is over).

• Japan has a new word! Clusters! In fact, a classroom is a cluster given the 30-40 students packed together in close quarters. Speaking of close quarters:

students and staff avoid conversing with others at close quarters, check their body temperature frequently and wear face masks.

• Standing a couple of arm lengths away from each other is good social distancing and helps hinder the spread of the virus. All 30-40 students can’t do it in their classrooms. Not enough room.

• Checking temperature - good idea.

• Wear a mask - because there’s no evidence it prevents contracting the virus but gives the impression of doing something (much like the government.)

When the Education Ministry makes urges, suggestions, and non-mandatory guidelines I often wonder when was the last time these government geniuses were in a classroom.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Parents who ‘almost’ hit their kids because school has been cancelled shouldn’t be parents.

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Posted in: No. of coronavirus infections in Japan passes 1,000 See in context

medical professionals wear masks because they meet many people every day who Might have the virus. The doctors and nurses Might get it from a carrier and they don’t want to spread it to other patients who might Not have the virus. So they wear a mask to prevent spreading a virus they might get.

Same as surgeons wear masks. Not to protect themselves from the patient but to protect the patient from the surgeons.

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Posted in: What do you think the global airline industry, which has been gutted by the coronavirus, will look like after the virus has been contained? See in context

After governments bail them out, and after this particular pandemic ends, the airlines will go back to doing what they do best: gouging passengers for every yen they can while cutting back on services. Except the CEOS will get huge bonuses for ‘saving’ the company (via government socialistic payouts).

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Posted in: Expert panel discourages large gatherings, recommends reopening some schools See in context

The infectious disease experts made no reference to the Tokyo Olympics,

Yes they did, Rocky. In the previous sentence you wrote.

large gatherings and enclosed areas that could reignite the contagion should still be avoided

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Posted in: We will work to increase our 'exchange population' through high-quality tourism programs to offset as much as possible economic stagnation triggered by drops in the number of residents. See in context

That sounds as much politician-gibberish as can be achieved in one sentence. Are ‘nonresident visitors’ also known as ‘tourists’ on the rest of the planet or something else?

Also, what is ‘high-quality tourism’? Another word for ‘expensive’ or ‘exclusionary’ or ‘limited?’

So many questions. I’m assuming he wants tourists to cover the economic decline caused by people leaving the prefecture? Why are they leaving? Better opportunities elsewhere or death?

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Posted in: Woman sues state, former finance bureaucrat over husband's suicide See in context

It’s a pity Akagi had no one he could inform about Sagawa’s orders to change documents to please Abe and his friends. If only there were an organization or department that allowed whistleblowers to submit documents. But being Japan is ruled by Abe this will never happen. Pity to Mrs Akagi and her family.

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Posted in: 26-year-old mother gets 10 years over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

Where could she have gotten help? Is there a city or prefecture office that could assist in taking care of a baby? If there is, does every new mother and father get information on how to contact this office?

I’m asking hoping that future mothers or fathers who become tired taking of their children will contact those offices.

Also, if she couldn’t take care of a child for two years, imagine how rundown she’d be in 16 more years.

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Posted in: 'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel See in context

How can a 16-year-old novel be ‘daring’ when the moron-in-chief is so much more over-the-top than a well-written novel by an intelligent author?

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Posted in: We haven't made any rules saying, 'This park is OK, but that other place is off-limits.' We can only remind guardians to be aware of the intent of the school closures. See in context

I like the schools that followed Abe’s closure rule but then turned right around and told their students that they would be allowed in but would have to bring their own lunches. So the schools can say “we’re closed,” with a straight face.

A very typical workaround in safety Japan to “Do This!” Say yes, then do something else. I like it.

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Posted in: Average paternity leave taken less than 1 month at many firms: poll See in context

I’m confused.

Is this article saying paternity leave and child-care leave are the same thing? It looks like it. It says 82% of females took child-care leave but 6% of males took less than a week of paternity leave.

I think they should compare maternity and paternity leave. In that case I suspect 100% of females would insist on maternity leave (usually a year? I’m not sure) to give birth. Unless the company has on-site birthing facilities.

Why did this piece not mention that Shinjiro Koizumi is “widely believed to be a future prime minister” like all the other articles do?

Women bear an extremely heavy burden of child care in Japan. The declining birth rate won't be curbed unless this is solved.

Women have always borne an extremely heavy burden of child care in Japan even Before the birthrate plummeted.

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Posted in: Abe, Johnson to work closely over coronavirus response See in context

I would prefer the so-called prime minister of Japan talk with the leaders of Italy, Korea, and China about how they are combating the coronavirus rather than a buffoon who sent the military in to prevent hoarding.

”How did mommy die, daddy?”

”She was shot trying to buy toilet paper.”

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested after reserving and canceling 1,873 seats at 2 baseball games to get more space See in context

Six months to catch him? Why? Wasn’t he the only one in a 1,872-seat area?

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Posted in: What is the point of exposing details of the infected people's actions? If they took a subway train, are you going to stop taking that one? See in context


If the government were to tell me a virus carrier went to a certain live house in Osaka or Kobe at the same concert I went to on the same day, I would be concerned and, possibly, limit my exposure to my work colleagues and stores. Maybe even wear a mask.

But to be told Kobe has a Virus Carrier. And I was in the same place at the same time, I but not given that information, I could very unknowingly spread the virus all over Kobe City Hall and other more important places.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

The IOC's contract with Tokyo gives it almost total control over cancellation

the Olympic body had until about the end of May to decide on going ahead — or something else.

Then do we care what Takahashi, Mori, or Muto have to say if the IOC will make the decision and are considering options. I realize Mori has to appear to be in charge and make it seem like the Tokyo committee is united, but who cares? It’s not their decision to make.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

Like some have posted about tourist spots in Japan: Now is the time to go! as there are fewer tourists.

Well, people are avoiding hospitals, too so hospitals won’t be overburdened. Now is the time to offer Help! (Plus, according to this article, hospitals don’t test the nasal swab anyway. They ship it out to labs.)

Oh, no, wait. That would mean the number of people with the virus will go up. Can’t have that 100+ days from the Olympics. Overburdened! Overburdened!

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Posted in: How do you feel about sporting events being held without spectators due to the coronavirus? See in context

On TV at least, you realize the game is about the athletes and the sport rather than the loud, repetitive singing and flag-waving from the crowd. It also shows baseball broadcasts, at least, can be quite boring as the camera crew can’t get shots of the crowd anymore.

The drama and spectacle of sports has been eliminated. How will that affect the sport itself, is the question.

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Posted in: We've conveyed all our sorrows and suffering to TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co). There is nothing more we can do. See in context

Unfortunately for those affected by the nuclear blowout run by TEPCO, that is how big corporations operate: jam the legal process for as long as possible so defendants such as Ueki get so tired and worn down they quit. And corporations live longer than people.

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Posted in: Increasingly desperate single women bear brunt of economic inequality See in context


Disparity in wages by gender is easily hidden. In my former job men were paid more because they ‘did’ more. In fact, a sales person and a sales assistant did the same work: visiting customers, filling out paperwork, phone calls, pushing new products, etc.

Except the females were not allowed to go overseas because ‘it is dangerous for a woman.’ The minor fact that no ‘man’ was ever in any danger anywhere was ignored.

So, because they were labeled ‘assistants’ and didn’t go abroad, they were paid less. But officially, the government doesn’t see anything wrong with the company deciding who should get paid less based on, well, nothing but their own prejudices, really.

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Posted in: How is the coronavirus affecting your livelihood? Have you lost any income? See in context

I was informed today that if any One of the some 1,000 employees at a company I frequent gets the virus, they’ll close for two weeks. While a few will be able to work from home, most, including me, will be SOL. And this is a company that does world-wide business. So I’m a bit concerned my income for the month might end up being zero.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils zero-interest loan scheme for firms hit by virus See in context

The government will also pay for programs to take care of children during the period of school closure.

I guess more of Abe’s friends will be making more money because a perfect place and program for children is their school with teachers who know them and can evaluate their health.

Abe likes to spend our tax money. In related news: a sales tax increase will be coming soon to a bankruupt business near you.'t-be-ruled-out.-it-is-a-matter-of-timing.

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Posted in: Japan to close all schools until early April to control spread of virus See in context


So... after school care centers

They’re closing too.

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Posted in: Japan to close all schools until early April to control spread of virus See in context

I guess Abe doesn’t care about the working mothers (full-time or part-time) because they’re the ones who will have to stay home to take care of the kids. And not earn money at the same time. (Fathers will be exempt because they have a pen1s.)

Maybe, like Hong Kong, Abe will send everyone a month or two’s worth of pay so they won’t starve to death, fall behind on their medication, and be able to pay rent. I’m definitely holding my breath on that.

darknuts - it’s always important to think only of yourself. Like a certain US president - screw everybody else.

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Posted in: Is teleworking practical for employees at your workplace? See in context

I took a quick survey of some sales people. Seems they answer 100-200 emails a day and talk to the people sitting at the next desk for a total of five-ten minutes. They do other paperwork and call customers and agents throughout the day.

So, yes, teleworking is very possible and practical. Will they? No friggin’ way. They’d rather cough in the office.

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Posted in: Conventionally, traffic safety education has been irrelevant to the perspectives of children. We learned that stop signs won’t enter the field of vision of children whose line of sight is low, and that they don’t recognize the meaning of ‘stop’ written on the road. I think it would be effective if we could put up stop signs using characters that attract their attention … at least on routes where they go to and from school. See in context

I know this is irrelevant according to JT editors because it's not about Japan specifically, but when I was a first-grade student in another land one of the first things we were taught was what a stop sign was, what it meant, and why we should obey it. Plus, long before elementary school, we were taught to look both ways before crossing a street, always be aware of moving cars, and don't walk close to the curb.

I guess Japan could import these concepts, even if they are foreign.

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Posted in: In the history of mankind, infectious diseases have often been used as a reason to attack other human beings. See in context


As seen by the evacuees after their quarantine: curtains were drawn on the bus as they left their quarantine while the crowds waved and shouted encouragement. The evacuees “knew” that if anyone could identify them, they were they would be discriminated against. And their children and families. As were some Fukushima evacuees.

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Posted in: If you have not yet retired, at what age would you like to retire (if at all)? Do you think you would get bored with retirement? See in context

I was bored at work so retiring ended that. My hobby keeps me busy, creative, and in contact with lots of people. However, the Health insurance is a big bite out of my pension. Big bite. Unfortunately, in the future I might have to use it.

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