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I used to often wonder why I saw so many shoes on the road in Japan when I first started driving here. Then one day I was waiting at the lights and watched some workers leaving a construction site at the end of the day. They all took their work shoes off, and put their casual shoes on and jumped into theirs cars and trucks and headed off home. On the top of one of the trucks was a pair of sneakers, and about 50m down the road I watched the sneakers fall off and bounce on the road as the car poolers drove off into the distance. I now know why there are so many shoes on the sides of the road in Japan.

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Kan and Edano should auction them.

The overalls are appropriate, makes eveyone watching in Japan realise the severity of the situation, who cares what people overseas think. Back in Christchurch, the Prime Minister and the Mayor also wore bright orange jackets (just as bad looking as overalls). 3 weeks after the quake, the PM auctioned his, money went to quake fund. Kan should do the same, auction it internationally, would bring in a lot of money.

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Shutter Speed is 15seconds. f8.0

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