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Posted in: Getting a mobile phone in Japan: Your FAQs answered See in context

I just bought an unlocked smartphone on ebay and put my old Docomo SIM card into it. No Japanese malware inside. This is much cheaper than buying a smartphone in a Docomo shop (they are overpriced), but you must buy it for the first time to get a contract. You can even cut the borders of a SIM card in case it doesn't fit.

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Posted in: Japan's isolated older 'hikikomori' shun society for years See in context

Ikeida describes in his blog how his mother would hit him if he did not study hard enough and also subjected him to psychological pressure.

That's one idiot mother. It's very easy to traumatize a child, some parents just don't realize it.

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Posted in: 46-year-old man, 16-year-old girl found dead in apparent suicide at love hotel See in context

An unemployed 46-year-old man

Is it really important that he was unemployed? We don't know, maybe he was working from home.

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Posted in: How old is too old for a boy to go into the women’s hot spring bath in Japan? See in context

Gender segregation is the most stupid thing the humanity has invented. Lots of perversions developed because of gender segregation, because people are not used to seeing other people (either of the same or opposite sex, it doesn't matter) naked, making it a taboo from the young age. I'm against gender segregation in onsens, subway or any other places.

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Posted in: Japanese car giants team up to build hydrogen fueling stations See in context

This technology has a great potential, we need to move away from the combustion engine, one way or another. All major European nations have already declared plans to ban petrol and diesel cars in the coming years. The main problem is the all-powerful oil lobby and corrupted governments.

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Posted in: Casio to release first G-SHOCK 5000 Series watch See in context

I love Casio watches, they are simple, functional and reliable, I would never wear a "smartwatch". I like the design, though this particular model is too expensive.

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Posted in: Aston Martin shifts up a gear in Japan with luxury experiences, new brand center See in context

A little further down the line is the first Aston Martin SUV and a new generation of electric vehicles

I'm much more interested in this, than a 6.5 liter engine.

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Posted in: Putin unveils nuclear weapons to counter West See in context

Putin is just like Kim Jong Un, but much more dangerous, and he has far-reaching ambitions. The western democracies should stop this sicko before it's too late.

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Posted in: Japanese Embassy in U.S. : No human meat consumption in Japan See in context

I really miss the times when the news were made by real journalists, not random people from Facebook.

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Posted in: In Japan, Twitter sees a surge of users - and revenue See in context

Recently Twitter is flooded with ads, but still less annoying than FB. Well, anyways I prefer Dreamwidth, it has no ads, but it has Free and Paid accounts - it is a far better approach.

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Posted in: Saying 'Me Too' in Japan carries risk of being criticized, ignored See in context

It's not only rape, there are lots of stalkers and perverts here in Japan. Foreign women often become targets.

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Posted in: Japan considers deploying antiship missile unit to Okinawa's main island See in context

Good initiative. But Russia is a very serious threat too, don't forget to deploy the similar weapons in northern Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Japan launches rocket carrying reconnaissance satellite See in context

Now please make this rocket reusable, save the taxpayers' money.

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Posted in: Sales of online manga overtake book editions for 1st time See in context

It's not surprising at all, I mostly read ebooks these days. It's much easier to find them, they are cheaper and I can take my Kobo anywhere with me.

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Posted in: Major bike makers reorganize business amid shrinking domestic market See in context

Riding a bike is not so much fun in Japan, especially in Tokyo, because of very frustrating, narrow roads and lots of pedestrian crossings, I didn't really like the experience. Perhaps somewhere in Hokkaido it is more enjoyable.

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Posted in: After snowfall, Tokyo barely dodged a power blackout See in context

I know, it happened because I turned on my oil heater :) But seriously, the blackout would not happen if all Tokyo apartments had proper insulation, we are wasting so much energy.

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Posted in: Major bike makers reorganize business amid shrinking domestic market See in context

Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, please stop living in the XX century and start producing electric motorcycles. I don't need your 249cc petrol bikes, give me a mid size electric bike that I can use as a daily commuter and for weekend trips without polluting the environment. I have a Japanese bike license.

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Posted in: Trump says arming teachers could prevent school massacres See in context

Arming teachers is the most stupid idea that I've ever heard in my life. It will only make the situation worse, schools will look like prisons. The only right solution is joining the rest of the world and banning the assault rifles.

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Posted in: 10 everyday tips to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Japan See in context

They forgot these tips:

Use a bicycle for daily commute instead of the subway.

Sell your petrol/diesel car and buy an electric car instead.

Install a solar panel on the roof of your house if you own a house.

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Posted in: Sony jumps into Japan's taxi market with AI app plans See in context

They are losing customers because taxis became too expensive, and our salaries aren't growing. Neither app or AI will help to solve the problem. They need to make taxis more affordable by using electric and driverless vehicles, this is the only way to go.

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Posted in: Architecture firm unveils plans for world’s tallest wooden skyscraper in Japan See in context

Wooden structures certainly have their benefits. But I don't think that we need to build more skyscrapers in Tokyo, either wooden or concrete, the business district is already overpopulated. Moreover, in several decades the majority of people will be working from home, not from the huge open-space offices, which are really bad for physical and mental health. We need more comfortable, spacious and affordable residential property, not another soul sucking human farm.

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Posted in: 20-year-old student sent to prosecutors over fatal bike crash See in context

Cyclists have to ride on the sidewalks because there are so few bicycle lanes, and even if you are lucky to find them - they are completely blocked by cars, illegally parked every 100 meters. Of course the girl is guilty, but the problem is much more serious than this particular case. We need to have proper bicycle lanes - wide and physically separated from the main road, we need real bike lanes. So many cyclists here, but so poor bicycle infrastructure, as compared to Europe.

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Posted in: Dating danger? Businesses rethink workplace romance policies See in context

Company employees are not slaves, forcing people to end their relationship is a serious violation of human rights and intrusion into private life.

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Posted in: Some ordinary behavior can be classified as crimes See in context

A simple online privacy tip - never use your real name on social networks, never post your personal photos, videos or any other sensitive personal information. Remember - anything you post online may be used against you.

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Posted in: Homestyle cooking at foreigners' homes becoming popular See in context

"Since this was my first time to visit a foreigner's home, I was very nervous at first,"

Yeah, we foreigners are scary lol

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

Cool, I remember I was doing something like this when I was a kid, and many other things. This is like a game, it involves a lot if imagination.

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Posted in: U.S., Russians lose in men's ice hockey openers See in context

Yeah, it's really hard to win without doping. This is the first fair Olympics in a very long time.

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Posted in: United Korea team bonds to K-pop See in context

Winter is coming and the night is full of terrors. North and South Korea should stop fighting and reunite.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japanese men really want home-made chocolate, but are women willing to make it? See in context

Who said we want chocolate in the first place? Maybe we want whisky.

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Posted in: Man says he stabbed train passenger because he kept sitting in priority seats See in context

Why he was carrying a fruit knife in the first place? Not a pocket knife, a fruit knife. Perhaps he wanted to stab someone and was actively looking for a victim?

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