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Posted in: Why do extremists drive Toyotas? asks U.S. See in context

To think a common love for a car brand could unite the world, and it happens to be Japanese. Someone should make a film about the life of a Japanese vehicle, from its beginning as a new car on display in a dealership to its ultimate fate as a classic collector's prize in the distant future. It's Anna Sewell's Black Beauty..with a car.

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Posted in: U.S. 'Attack on Titan' fans left waiting as subtitles freeze during first screenings See in context

Why do all of these characters have European names?

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Posted in: China detains 2 Japanese men on espionage charges See in context

Instead of having a go at the J-government's no-brainer comments on its official stance on foreign espionage, I'd like to ask whether those charges against the detained suspects are substantiated.

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Posted in: Doctor punches patient in stomach after his third visit to ER in one night See in context

So the doctor gave the patient his much needed overhaul, end of story.

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Posted in: Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics See in context

Pfffft...if keirin could make it into the summer games, I guess anything's fair game.

No pun intended.

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Posted in: Knights and dames honors dumped under new Australian PM: report See in context

services to racist, sexist and generally insulting one-liners?

It seems he has a natural talent for Australian humor.

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Posted in: BOJ to stand pat even as goals depart from reality See in context

No national policy, either fiscal or monetary will help this country anymore. Japan needs external input like immigration.

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Posted in: Documentary looks at why Japanese parents let young kids walk to school by themselves See in context

Nowadays, parents ought to be concerned not only about paedofiles, but also crazy teenagers and unemployed people who pose a danger to both young and old on the street.

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Posted in: 'Ted 2' tones down language with edited Japan version for 12-year-olds See in context

lol this is so pathetic. It's clearly an adult movie. Japan just locks onto the cuddly bear

or know nothing about Seth MacFarlane's work prior to Ted..including his satirical takes on Japanese culture

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Posted in: New defense bills may create Abe's version of a 'back-door draft' See in context

Resorting to expanded military spending with no credible threat in sight is the same is giving up on civil industries that made post-war Japan great.

I wonder if the children and grandchildren of Japanese government lawmakers and ministers still reside in Japan. How do we know they don't have foreign citizenship (as an electable future option perhaps), or take Chinese classes? because it's quite clear that policymakers, who must be shrewd otherwise they wouldn't have their current jobs, are not serious about securing the future of this country.

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Posted in: Teen novel prompts first New Zealand book ban in decades See in context

This is a country that banned the TV airing of Power Rangers because they deemed the show as too violent for children despite the fact that they were all too happy to allow foreign film crews to shoot new scenes and hire local teenage actors for this multi-series franchise within their country. It's might as well OK to assume that the kids in your country are 'more easily impressed' by violence and other stimulating themes, but here's what bothers me about this country the most:

NZ is a country where human rights and the constitution are not entrenched. Their parliament can simply abolish and amend any fundamental law in their country with a simple majority vote. I guess the Kiwis are exceptionally level headed people for allowing such an arrangement to exist between man and state in this day and age, when the only other developed country in the world with a similarly unrestrained government is Israel.

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Posted in: Japanese-American WWII war hero Ben Kuroki dies See in context

At first glance, it's odd for me to find a story about an American war hero who served primarily in the European Theater of WWII on Japantoday, a site about life in Japan, the country itself and the people that live there. The man was an American whose ancestors just happened to be Japanese, and many people of his background were persecuted during WWII by those who those hastily inferred that they have substantial connections with Japan, the country itself, and therefore disloyal to America. However, I'm not saying that the good people Japantoday have misplaced intentions to publish this story here, not at all. I bet some of them are Americans themselves who thought the guy deserves recognition wherever possible, and I don't blame them for thinking that and choosing to publish it here. After all, it's well known that the US media has a bias against Asians at large. Most of the time when we see Asians on mainstream American TV, cinema or media, if not exclusively, is when they fit the bill of negative racial stereotypes (including that submissive Asian woman/white male dynamic). So good on you JT.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

It must be terrible for a Brit to live in Japan, a non-Commonwealth country apart from France, where his ways are not the norm.

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Posted in: Birthday boy See in context

You are naive to assume that they aren't.

Bless you for saying so.

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Posted in: Birthday boy See in context

Since prince Hisato is a male descendant of the imperial family, I doubt he will have a single reason to worry in his entire life.

You are naive to assume that Japan, a mortal realm, is immune to growing feminist pressure.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

Japan is perhaps like the only place in East-Asia where expats can be easily assayed into those five categories beyond the bubble dwellers who we are so familiar with from places like HK, SIN and KL. What's amazing is that Westerners who didn't live through the Japanese Property Bubble are putting time and effort into learning Japanese shinjitai kanji.

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Posted in: Netflix starts Japan service See in context

SkyperfecTV has the rights to GoT in Japan apparently.

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Posted in: Man arrested for crossbow attack on newspaper deliveryman See in context

What shocks me is that crossbows were not used by the Japanese before the age of gunpowder.

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Posted in: New hope See in context

Welcome..to the new age?

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Posted in: Kyoto creates infographic to show tourists how to visit politely See in context

What happens when strict Muslim women in full Burqa visit?

What kind of Muslim would visit a Pagan holy site?

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan hit by another food scandal See in context

The gift that keeps on giving.

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Posted in: China sells Tojo ice cream on war end anniversary See in context

Again, Konoe gets no recognition despite starting the war in 1937.

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Posted in: Japanese residents in Beijing batten down ahead of parade See in context

President Xi Jinping will be joined on the podium by leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

So Russia is the only one of the few Allied countries that did the actual winning during WWII to send a dignitary to the parade?

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Posted in: The invisible expats: Support for trailing spouses and children See in context

You do know families can have troubles regardless of their financial status right?

Yeah, with 1 percenter problems like: -I miss my friends back home- The kid -It's difficult to get good bread here- the wife

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Posted in: The invisible expats: Support for trailing spouses and children See in context

Yeah, they have difficulties in their marriages due to the stresses of being transferred to other countries, but they get zero sympathy because they have money. Zero sympathy. Because we all know that money is everything, and nothing else matters when someone has money.

Why do I have this image of some foreign Bulge Bracket hot shot staring blankly at the window in his company paid Roppongi high rise condo with a glass of Scotch in his hand?

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Posted in: The invisible expats: Support for trailing spouses and children See in context

jerseyboy wrote:

Akula, I understand your frustration, but you need to recognize that Japan is a tough sell to expats right now given the poor economic outlook, sky-high cost-of-living, and general lack of a welcoming society. So companies have to make life there as comfortable as possible for them, even if that means they sort of live in a "bubble" for their time their. (My rent was 750,000 yen a month, plus tuition for my son, and membership to the American Club. At that was over ten years ago.)

Coming to Japan for work with no prepared connections is only asking for trouble. We have to keep on reminding ourselves that Tokyo is no Hong Kong, Singapore or KL where English speaking foreigners can easily fit in. To you would be Japan-bound jobseekers or students: unless you have an obsession with traditional Japanese culture and/or an expat hire package, think again, hard.

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Posted in: Netizens support foreign comic after Japanese man’s discriminatory remark See in context

Japan is blissfully mono-cultural and homogeneous. Thankfully we foreigners have the option to ignore this country if we can't keep up with their unique antics.

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Posted in: NTV pulls online videos depicting sexy rugby players after complaints See in context

sometime I think if Japan has got its moral wiring all messed up!?

You don't seem to be sure of yourself. I guess you don't live here.

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Posted in: Ueno gathering See in context

That very spot used to see a lot of mutilated WW2 veterans looking for donations.

I remember seeing them too when I was young. Ironically, it was when Japan was at its economic height.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russian PM's visit to disputed Kuril islands See in context

Japan protests Russian PM's visit

Dear Japan, don't hate the pet, hate the owner.

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