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Posted in: Police still hoping killer's DNA will break 20-year-old Setagaya multiple murder case See in context

Man. Saw a quick image of the family and must say it's tragic. An entire family gone like that and a killer on the loose. I mean I agree with some of the profiles. Possible skater at that time. There was accounts of Mikio arguing with skaters, or maybe people around the park. He may have pissed someone off and they took it out on him later that night. Might mean the person did live in that area. Another thing was there was one site that said based on clothes abandoned, they had an image somewhere else of the killer so that would establish a location. Couldn't hurt to start there and work outward. They also have potential age, fingerprints, DNA, and honestly the laws of Japan and many countries for that matter should be changed to help prevent these things. I believe statute of limitations shouldn't be a thing. Why help someone commit a crime and get away with it? Why "protect" anyone with DNA from paying for what they have done where applicable? There are so many things that could be better about the world where this person may have likely been caught already. Who knows though? May e the person who did this is dead and that is what prevented him from being caught. If he never had the chance to commit a crime again, he likely would slip under the radar. Honestly, besides the lack of closure, that would probably be for the best. May the family RIP, my respects to the family and their families as well. Makes me wonder what they would have accomplished or where they would be if they were still alive.

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