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No it is a magnificient and splendid statue!!!!

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This is nothing to do with origin.

YubaruApr. 24 05:20 pm JST

I take my time too and I am a guy. I find nothing worse than getting a bad tomato or potato in a bag, or rotten strawberries on the bottom, or a dented can. Plus I look at the dates. Takes time to grab from behind.

You aint Japanese either!

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Hot chocolate the best !!!

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Official laws of modern Canada cope with indigenous 's ancestral laws or vice versa. Which is the good one?

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We re not on an equal footing concerning health issue. Some will respond badly to a specific attack on their own and others will just move away without any damages. Be just as much respectful on mental health issue as you could do on common and physical (so visible) health issue.

We do not have to blame the employee but only the boss.

Let's have kindness on your comments.

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Let's change the place of the swimming leg a second time !

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Why should we call them poachers ? We are in a disputed area. NK has faced starvation (and unfortunatelly nowadays again), they have the right to forage for food! Let's be human!

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No one will watch that !!

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