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Posted in: How to disagree agreeably See in context

"I understand your opinion but please tell me again why I can''t have the extra staff". "Because it's the rule".

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Posted in: Sony, Toshiba to cut TV recycling rate See in context

Very misleading title. Couldn't a different word have been chosen instead of the ambiguous 'rate'?

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Posted in: Countdown to the collapse of the LDP See in context

It seems that Japan has given up on the idea of decent politicians and just expects corruption and incompetence. There really needs to be a change; hopefully another party will be able to do a much better job.

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Posted in: Belly up See in context

Or just turn the AC up slightly. Nothing worse than freezing your tits off in summer.

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Posted in: 'Vintage year divorce' hits older couples See in context

Only 2 of these paragraphs are not about some celebrity I've never heard of. Put this kind of article in the entertainment section please.

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Posted in: Australian police claim 'world's largest seizure of ecstasy' See in context

I tried it once and it was the best time I've ever had. Simply amazing. But I wouldn't want to be one of those people who do it all the time. Like any drug, that's pretty sad.

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Posted in: How airlines deal with 'customers of size' See in context

The weight is not really an issue, just if people need one seat or two. The weight of individual passengers is negligible compared to the weight of the aircraft itself.

If people need 2 seats they should have to pay for 2 seats.

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Posted in: Fashion ring See in context

What's unsightly about bulges suddenly?

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Posted in: ANA's profit plunges by 92.4% See in context

A 90% drop in profit seems high but we need a historical perspective or a graph to understand what this really means.

If a company makes 100 yen profit one year and then a 1 yen profit the next, that's a 99% profit drop. Likewise if they make 1 yen one year and 10 000 yen the next, that's a 1 000 000% increase.

I know the numbers are bigger in this case but a 92.4% fall would have more meaning if we could also see a graph of the last 10 years profit.

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Posted in: Life is one rule after another for taxi drivers See in context

As an Australian, where in some states it's illegal to smoke in a car with children, the fact that you're allowed to smoke in even some taxis is unbelievable.

Make it illegal in any public vehicle and do it immediately.

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Posted in: Exchanging holidays for pay See in context

Yeah, that's sweet how you only have to work 6 months and one day to get a year's worth of holidays. I worked for 2 years, 6 months and one day at my last job but they kind of get pissed off when people do that. The boss tried to make me repay money but I refused.

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Posted in: Australian man gets life for decapitating teenager, bowling with head See in context

I feel disappointed in my country when I hear news like this.

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Posted in: Hamas hunts down Fatah rivals after deadly Gaza bombing See in context

That should have italicised but instead I just got little stars. Boo.

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Posted in: Hamas hunts down Fatah rivals after deadly Gaza bombing See in context

That's a democratically elected Islamic terrorist organisation.

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Posted in: Qantas aircraft makes emergency landing in Philippines after blast leaves hole in fuselage See in context

QANTAS: The only major airline in the world to have never had a fatal accident. Go Aussie!

But when this kind of thing happens, you have to start worrying. A bit too much cost cutting going on perhaps?

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Posted in: Popular novel on Marxism draws young people to communist party See in context

True capitalism? If everything is for sale, it seems that governments are too (donations to parties that support big business). The leads to a vicious circle of donations and corporate welfare and the public end up getting screwed.

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Posted in: Comic about fear of growing old alone strikes chord among unmarried women See in context

Perhaps the problem is lack of good men? They all seem to be otakus, freeters or else workaholics.

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Posted in: Religious right AWOL from the real war See in context

tkoind, maybe you should Google 'North American Union'.

But the problem is not giving away America's indepedence to other countries, it's giving away independence to corporations.

The idea of the World Bank, IMF, North American Union etc is to help corporations make more money by weakening things like worker's rights, environmental laws etc. This includes in the US itself so companies will be able to enjoy high quality infrastructure and corporate welfare without paying lots of money in salaries, environmental fines etc.

We should all be worried about this.

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Posted in: Sanyo makes rechargeable battery pack for Nintendo Wii controllers See in context

For people who are too lazy to remove their batteries and put them in a standard battery recharger.

Not really practical for people who want to recharge their batteries AND play Wii simultaneously. A problem that is solved by buying 4 rechargable batteries and charging two while using two. Pretty damn simple.

But thanks anyway Sanyo. Some of your other products are pretty kick-arse.

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Posted in: Gates, Bloomberg put $375 million into global anti-smoking campaign See in context

I think making smoking uncool is the best idea. The Australian government actually succeeded in doing just that with massive advertising campaigns and now smokers are seen as losers who want to quit but can't. And smoking rates plummetted.

Of course, increasing taxes so that a packet of 20 cigarettes costs about 1100 yen probably helped too...

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Posted in: Beijing hotels slash rates as expected Olympic demand falters See in context

Good to see nobody's going to the Olympics. I'm still amazed China even got the Olympics in the first place. It's a dictatorship.

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Posted in: Popular novel on Marxism draws young people to communist party See in context

Good post tkoind.

I think communism has a good reputation in certain countries so bad governments (dictatorships) use that term as propaganda. China, North Korea etc. This allows capitalist countries to equate dictatorialism with communism.

The ideas of Marx are still valid.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for beating ex-classmate to death in Gunma See in context

TV mirrors society, society doesn't mirror TV. But it gives us all a nice scapegoat so we don't have to blame ourselves. Thanks TV.

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Posted in: U.S. leaders running out of options to deal with multiple economic crises See in context

Government bailouts of failing businesses. Jeezus. Like there's not enough welfare for the rich already. Billions of dollars given to the very people who caused all the financial trouble in the first place.

Meanwhile: poverty?

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Posted in: Popular novel on Marxism draws young people to communist party See in context

Marxism usually needs a revolution to come about but perhaps that's what Japan needs right now? Something new to strip away the inertia of old ideas and customs.

Workers generally have pretty crappy working conditions in Japan and the salaries are nothing special so if people continue to join the Communist Party perhaps the Liberal Democrats, big business etc will have noone to blame but themselves.

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Posted in: Medical priority system handled badly at Akihabara rampage scene See in context

I think this may be an abberation and Japan is actually reasonably prepared for major disasters/terrorist attacks. Remember that the Kobe earthquake was the biggest one since 1923 and the Aum attack was the first major terrorist attack (using gas) in Japan. So hopefully Japan has learnt from the past.

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Posted in: Japan to give nationality to illegitimate children: Nikkei See in context

A step that should have been taken decades ago but nevertheless, a good step.

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Posted in: NTT regional units ordered to stop misleading IP phone ads See in context

Oh, who cares LFRA? When most people read, they don't even notice stuff like that because we're reading for gist, not for grammar.

JT is a free site and some stuff is probably translated by volunteers, eager for the practice. I'm guessing professional translators cost more money than JT has?

If you don't like it, go to another site that translates Japanese news into English for free.

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Posted in: Miyazaki releases first film in four years See in context

I found the last two films a bit dull. I know they're filled with messages and morality but it didn't stop them being boring. Hopefully the new one will contain more action, like in his early films.

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Posted in: Chrysler makes its mark in Japan See in context

American cars are rubbish, let's be honest. They sell a lot in America because there aren't import costs and fees and because of the patriotism factor but outside the US there's simply no logical reason anyone would buy one.

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