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Posted in: These things seem to come in waves and the new surge is linked to the elections, particularly in South Korea as criticizing Japan is a popular position. And now we have the North testing missiles as well, so there is plenty for Japan to get angry about. See in context

Plenty? Certainly, there are some things that Japan could be angry about currently... But given the history of the entire region and the systematic whitewashing of it by all governments within it, it seems there is plenty of anger to go around for everybody.. But how does any of that help the state of current affairs? And to exact that anger upon people solely on the basis of their nationality is infantile, intellectually lazy and unfortunately all the rage around the world today.

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Posted in: Johnson safe for now, but future in jeopardy over 'partygate' See in context

Time for a Borexit...

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. missile strike against Syria was also a warning to North Korea? See in context

I dont think Trump considered the impact the missile would have on NK at all. That's expecting far too much. More likely it was an attempt to appear as if he were distancing himself from the Russians. Having said that, some analysts claim that the Syria strike did make an impression on the N. Koreans. If so, I think it would have been unintentional on Trump's part-as that would have required an adeptness and knowledge of geopolitics that is not consistent with what can only be considered as an accidental presidency.

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Posted in: U.S. show of force to North Korea also could show U.S. weakness See in context

It depends on how it all plays out...but it seems like the US has little choice at the moment. Decades of poor US foreign policy have helped to paint the US into a corner. If North Korea, a country that for decades has been saying it will develop nukes and will use them, had been front and foremost on the agenda instead of Iraq, a country that stated it had no WMD, when the US launched its invasion in 2003, the world would not be in this situation.

The war in Iraq was a strategic failure on two fronts vis-a-vis North Korea as it stands today. It failed to deal with the rising threat of NK while it simultaneously diminished perceptions of America's invulnerability.... The Teddy Roosevelt maxim of 'Walk softly, carry a big stick' was ignored, leaving the US with little choice in the present situation.

In 2003, Iran was terrified by the stick America wielded...but it saw in Iraq how that stick could be whittled away in the vacuum of aftermath. The ensuing power vacuum created an ascendant Iran, the rise of ISIS and destablization in a region that once quivered at the threat of American force...While North Korea continuously expanded its capabilities. America showed its weakness 14 years ago by picking the wrong battle...

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Posted in: Who would you say has been the most famous fictional character of the past two centuries? See in context

Santa Claus-not my choice but the right answer. Every year without fail Christmas commercialism mass produces his image. None of the other characters have consistently been touted year in and year out on the same scale. Some fall in and out of vogue-but Santa in all his manifestations is like an ever present dictator in the popular imagination of children and manufacturers looking for that year end sales boost.

None of the other characters are even close....Again Santa would not be my choice-but there you have it.

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Posted in: Senator says GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health See in context

Question his mental health? Ya think so, Doctors? There's no putting anything past those guys...Truly a bunch of rocket surgeons if ever...

I suppose it is like saying the emperor is not wearing clothes when it is not politically expedient (different from correct) to do so. His sanity is truly the orange elephant in the room that a lot of the red elephants try and ignore in a party over country free fest....

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Posted in: U.S., Japan first ladies: Both unconventional yet poles apart See in context

Poles apart? One thing they have in common is their English speaking ability.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reportedly plans to propose a major economic cooperation package meant to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. when he meets with President Donald Trump on Friday See in context

I can't claim to understand what this would entail...

But on the face of it if you are dealing with someone who sees negotiating-and indeed whose very philosophy on life-is that its a zero sum game, and who's mantra is 'America First'...then how good could it be for Japan? On the other hand, if you throw in Trump ncompetence it might tip the scale in Japan's favor.

Then there's supply and demand-if you create more jobs in America then you create more demand for Japanese imports-but at the same time you make Japan less competitive if it loses jobs to America...So the devil is in the details...

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile; Abe, Trump condemn launch See in context

Knowing that Trump stands 100% behind Japan is such a relief, given that he wanted to lump Japan in with counttries like Mexico, China etal. for trade deals and currency manipulation that take advantage of the US not so long ago. Why the sudden about face?

Well, Abe I just hope frogs legs weren't on the menu....

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Posted in: Trump, Abe take a swing at golf diplomacy See in context

How about taking a swing at real diplomacy?

The Whitehouse handshake between the two certainly showed Abe's attempt to not so subtly connect with Trump on the one hand-but also pander to those in Japan who are worried about Trump. The painful grimace he gave after releasing Trump's hand was almost slapstick in its exaggerated attempt to say 'Look, how hard this is...I'm doing a really difficult job here...' It was definitely for the home crowd... Abe puts his hand between Trump and the cameras to suggest that his control over the situation...Trump then obscures Abe's hand by patting it patronizingly and thus reasserting his dominance.. So a lot of posturing...but diplomacy... I guess that happened on the ninth hole....

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Posted in: Do you think that U.S. President Donald Trump can unify his country, in view of the massive protests against him and his disputes with mainstream media? See in context

Aaah yes, Donald Trump the great healer, the unifier...right....He is a significant part of the division...He saw a crack and he exploited it for all it was worth while helping to make it bigger at the same time. Disunity was the platform he ran on.

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Posted in: Promises, pomp and protests as Trump sworn in See in context

'The American Carnage stops right here...' Does that mean America wont kill people anymore?...just saying...poorly worded....

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context

America is a sovereign country and has a right to its Constitution-but that does not mean it should be used as a model for other countries that don't have to wrestle with what is uniquely an American problem.

And I find it ludicrous that there are those who would ask for evidence of ths fact-as it is self-evident. Parsing words and playing with semantics and false analogies is the only refuge of those who would bury their heads in the sands of the exceptionalism of the 'shining city on the hill'. If they really cared about their country they would acknowledge that clearly the Constitution is not a perfect document and must be interpreted in a way that compensates for its glaring anachronisms.

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Posted in: Thousands of demonstrators plan to disrupt Trump inauguration See in context


I agree-but Trump's suckage exerts exponentially many more pounds per square inch. I bet a large number of these people ddint even vote....kind of like closing barn door after horse done gone...

But again the electoral college which provided the world with the Iraq war and the financial crisis is the gift that keeps on giving the least informed disproportionate voting power. Even Trumpty Dumpty knew that until it benefited him not to.

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context


You are being pedantic and you know it. I do not have to provide causation-to make my point. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it-and not the recipe.

As for your causation a 'creator' who supposedly dishes out inalienable rights and it then being the authority of the governemnt to preserve them? Really? Might as well livei in a Middle Eastern theocracy when you start founding a government that cannot separate church and state....

Like I said America is perfectly entitled to shoot itself to pieces-but I would not want that model foisted onto anyone else-and nor should it. 'Creator' indeed! What a loud of codswallop! When you can provide evidence of your causality then talk to me... Until then adios Gringo...

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context


'I would like to understand how you have come to your conclusion....'

The same way the governments of most first world industrialised nations come to their conclusions in regards to the matter of gun ownership. No need to italiciise the conclusions as being solely mine-as it MOST of the worlds largest industiralized societies that largely follow this model and America that does not.

Japan 6 gun related deaths a year-Anerica 99 gun related deaths every single day. Enuff said....


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Posted in: Trump team considers relocating White House media corps See in context

Trump once joked that he'd like to shoot the press-I wonder it this part of the preceeding round up...Get 'em all in one place...

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context

@Jeff Huffman

What does that have to do with whatever form of government a nation chooses and the guidelines it chooses to acheive this?

Well, when of those guidelines is the ownership of guns by private citizens is gun ownership then I would say ti has everything to do with it. We are not talking about a failed third wold state here-but a highly industrialized first world country which has the highest rate of gun related deaths in the world. America is welcome to its guns and its constitution but you can keep it...and one of the greatest threats to world peace is that America tries to forceably export its constituion to other countries.

America-keep your constitution and your guns to yourself...

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Posted in: In view of all the terror attacks that have hit Europe and countries in other parts of the world in the past two years, do you think the global security situation will get worse or better when Donald See in context

Does your finger get burned ff you put it in the flame? Will moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, banning Muslims entry to the US (when most of the recent attacks in America have been by homegrown second generation internet radicalized Muslims) reduce terrorism? Is the Pope of the Catholic persuasion?

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Posted in: Do you regard the U.S. Constitution as a model for the free world? See in context

Absolutely not...Then the whole world would have people running around shooting each other...

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Posted in: In view of all the terror attacks that have hit Europe and countries in other parts of the world in the past two years, do you think the global security situation will get worse or better when Donald See in context

I think it will get worse-not necessarily because of Trump per-se but because it seems to be heading that way anyway. However, mishandling foreign policy could ramp it up. As far as being tough on immigration in the US-most of the attacks in 2016 were by American born or previously naturalizwd muslims-so I dont think (but I dont know) if that will be a deterent for attacks in the US.

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Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends See in context

Well like Jeff Sessions said, 'Good people don't smoke marijuana...' And if he's good enough to be appointed by an intellectual dynamo like Trump, then that should be good enough for Japan too. Japan basically followed a pea brained western model in terms of the prohibition of marijuana...and when the west gets rid of its backwards thinking politicans and eventually legalizes it across the board Japan will do the same-although with a considerable lag.

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Posted in: Man held on stalking charge after leaving doll with needle in woman's photo on it outside her home See in context

Someone tell the guy voodoo doesnt really work....

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

@Burning Bush

'Why does the MSM never mention the emails themselves?' uunh maybe because they were classified and weren't supposed to be public in the first place and they don't want to do the Russians job for them?

There is such a thing a classified information-too bad Hillary didn't pay more attentinon to that fact, but nonetheless, that makes it even more of a moot point.

And if the whole rationale here is to defend a man who thinks 'stupid people or fools' is an exemplar of all the 'wonderful words' at his disposal then there is absolutely no point. It was simliar during the Bush years with a similarly lexically challenged leader, when people eloquently rushed to his defense-because he couldnt do it himself. And it boggles the mind how a man who can't speak ihis own language has defenders to speak on his behalf (again).

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

My point fails in so far as the Nobel Peace prize is somehow an objective benchmark in assessing the politcal realites of the world? Nah, don't think so...I've personally known a Nobel Peace prize winner who was anything but peaceful. I have also traveled extensively through the Middle East...So no, I have not forgotten Yemen... So go back to rainbow land and the reality of experiencng the world vicariously through google...

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context


Well considering that Nobel was the guy who invented dynamite a peace prize from his institute is what it is...and I have no doubt that the Obama administration has been responsible for anti-Russian propaganda, and sold more weapons...but the selling of weapons is likelly to increase under a Trump admin-not decrease...

And who in their right mind applauds a tweeting fool who cant distingush the fact that 'Stupid people' are a viable alternative to 'fools'. Nah, two wrongs don't mean the wrong'est' of the two is right be default. That is living in a rainbow world....Obama is terrible ergo Trump (despite all evidence to the contrary) must be right.

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

Nah, Putin shouldn't be blamed for everything. Trump should be blamed for attempting to masquerade as a politican, the republicans should be blamed for allowing Trump on their debate stage, Clinton shoud be blamed for running as a deeply flawed candidate and the list goes on and on-but a litany of wrongs doesn't make Putin the best thing since sliced bread. Its very dangerous to have a partisan view of nunced stuations that solely blames one element of the equation, but it is equally naive to completely absolve of an important contributer to the problem as being completely blameless...but hey partisan mentallities like simple equations.

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Posted in: I don’t want to preempt or try to guess what’s going to happen. It’s not a question that we are afraid or not afraid, we’re dealing with 160 markets in the world, different powers, different policies, See in context

How do you adapt 'your strategy to different polices' if you don't 'pre-empt or guess what's going to happen' in terms of 'the poilices' you are 'adapting your strategies' to. Carlos Gibson may be a smart man-and sometimes saying something that sounds impressive but says nothing is smart...but it can also be perceived as being cagey or incompetent if directed at a careful listener...but for the Trump administration, I'd say its perfect.

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

'The US has overthrown more governments and meddled in more elections that any other nation...'

Quite possibly.

'If Hillary had been elected, you would not have heard a peep about this story.'

Strange...because if Hillary had been elected then the Russian hackings would have not acheived their intended goal, ergo, there would have been considerably less of a need to report the story...

Vladimir Putin is ecstatic...because now he has a rube in the White House that he can play like a fiddle. 'Good Donald, Nice Donald...Ok...Now...Ukraine. Latvia, Estonai, Lithuania...please...Aw...come on, what's Poland between friends?

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Posted in: Trump: Only 'stupid' people, fools oppose better Russia ties See in context

` Really? 'Stupid people' or 'fools'? Is there a distinction there? This guy is a cretin of the highest order who clearly is an example of both a stupid person and a fool all in one package. Twitter is the perfect medium for a person who thinks in bite size portions of 140 characters or less, and the whole WORLD knows it...And none more so than Valdimir Putin-who unfornately is not a 'stupid person' or a 'fool' but a 'cunning' and 'sly person'... But this is just quibbling and doesn't address the issues of the 'WORLD'... which are likely to increase exponentially under a Trump persidency...

So take that Stupid people and Fools of the WORLD!

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