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Posted in: What issues do you think will dominate the news in Japan and abroad this year? See in context

The logical consequences of all the things that dominated all the news cycles last year for the most part-with a few surprises that no one can predict at this point... One of the cycles will probably be Trump presiding over a grid locked Congress on his way to lame duckery in his first year...Another story that will continue will be the Russian hacks...That is something that will, quite rightly, be in the news for a very long time...

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Posted in: How do Japan’s subway and rail systems compare with other countries? See in context

second to none in my experience...although the crowding is also second to none too-and the delays by sucide... But the actual system itself is incredible in the big cities-but not nearly as good in some parts of the country. Having said that the stations are unnecessarily noisy in terms of announcements and particualrly the fairly long pieces of music that preceed them...After living in London for ten years I thought the stations were loud there-but upon returning to visit after living in Tokyo for ten years I found the sataions were comparatively quite due to the lack of unnecessary electronic music preceeding announcements.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

Its clear that those who cant see their nose to spite their face don't recognize what an absolutely sick person is about to go into the oval office. You dont have to be a liberal to see this. It is not a question of liberal/ conservative bias here. It is the actuallity of the of who the man is as a person.

I'd be the first to say that Hillary was an absolutely terrible candidate-and she should not have been running. But he really is a Mussolini like figure...more so than Hitler...because even Hitler before the height of his career had more impulse control than Trump. Look at stills of Trump scowling, nashing his teeth with his weird skin and dyed hair.

He has no impulse contrlol whatsoever. His texting will soon become a national security risk. He has the most sordid back catalogue of taped gaffs in presidential history. He is racist, sexist, infantile, egomaniacal, child, unable to conclude a simple sentences at times because his attention span is too short. He represents the worst aspects of humanity. A horrible person is a horrible person regardless of political persuasion..

He drunk texts while sober for goodness sake... Talk about putting the blinders on. If you think being repulsed by a nasty, sweaty, 70 year old man baby is purely a politcal judgement.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

'Many people were shocked by this election by this election and they're desperate for an outlet for their dismay and frustration. Watch how this drags on, but Trump is a strong enough leader to ignore this and move on'.

Shocked by the elextion? I'll say... Need an outlet for their dismay? Youre not wrong.. Drag on? You betcha...

Trump a strong eonugh leader to ignore this and move on? Errr. No, if he ignores it-it will only be because it could call into question the legimitacy of the election...and typically a man who frantically tweets pertulantly any time of day to vinidicate every perceived slight that has rubbed his thin skin the wrong way is not a strong anything-nevermind leader. He brings an 'unpresidented' level of mental midgetry, lunacy and childishness to what may the most powerful positon on the planet. He is morally repugnant and intellectually inferior to the demands of that particulalr office. And thiat is putting it in the nicest possible terms. He is the number one threat to world peace and economic stability.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

'WMD-They have already lied, in fact they colluded to lie in exactly the same fashion'.

Highly doubtful as they were under a republican regime at the it wouldn't have been in exactly the same fashion. They would have told republican lies. If they are lying now-which STILL remains to be seen-they will be lying in a democratic fashion....The notion that the intelligence services are completely impervious to the prevailing regime is a bit far fetched.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

@Serrano- you donn't know that...and five years ago you probably would have said Assange was 'lyin' because it fits your narrative. I certainly dont know who is lyin' anymore than you do...

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Posted in: In 2015, Japan accepted 27 refugees, including three Syrians, after some 7,500 people from 69 countries sought such status in Japan, according to the justice ministry. Do you think Japan should take i See in context

Yes.... 'Right go ahead, open up the floodgates' is a hysterical reaction given that only 27 refugees were let in to begin with-and only three of them were Syrians. It is that kind of knee-jerk hysteria that has fueled the dangerous rise of global anti-globalism. There is a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water-with unnecessarily shrill exhortations of 'Open up the floodgates...' Nobody is suggesting that the country just throws open its doors-but have a little humanity...The world and all its problems are interconnected and as such all countries do have a part in influencing situations that create refugees in the first place.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

'this nonsense is all an attack on the messenger, and not an attack on the messages themselves, whicih were far more damaging...'

Really? Hillary's email shenanigans are more damaging than any future outcomes of Trump's inexplicable warmth towards Vladimir Putin?

The other point ithat is often quoted is the failure of intelligence leading up to the Iraq war-and this is an arguement that is usually provided by the same people who supported the war-including Trump himself....where was the skepticism with the intelligence services from that particular quarter then?

And again Trump wanted Assange to get the death penalty in 2010 (despite the fact that Assange was neither an American citizen nor on American soil at the time) and now he quotes him as sufficient proof that the Russians did not hack the DNC? 'I want him dead...Wait, now I believe him'. 'Period..'

At the end of the day, the proof is in the borsht. Maybe, the intelligence services have got it wrong-but Trump certainly is no position to know that for sure. Trump knew Obama was a Kenyan muslim until he wasnt. 'Period'. Just as Trump knows without any shadow of a doubt that the Russians did not hack the DNC. Until it may behoove him to say it doesn't. 'Period'.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

So in 2010 Trump wanted Assange to die-but now he takes his word as proof to support his agenda? Talk about fair weather fascism... But this goes to the heart of the matter, which with all politic aside-is a glaring example of how as a human being (not-lleft or right, but purely on a personal level) Trump is spectacularly unqualified to be president.

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Posted in: Trump picks retired Gen James 'Mad Dog' Mattis to lead Pentagon See in context

Well dont sweat it. Mad Dog who knows a bit about dying and enjoys shooting people, and Trump who likes people who aren't captured are on the case. And the people that choose to go and die for them will go and die. Me personally, given the choice between playing pocketpool and dying for a multi-billionaire-I know which is the smart choice.

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Posted in: Trump picks retired Gen James 'Mad Dog' Mattis to lead Pentagon See in context

'Mad Dog'? Really? Just another annoying example of the infantile nature of Trump and all that he touches. This is not reality TV or a John Wayne movie...If you have to pick people with alpha-male nick names you should be a member of the cast in the war room on Dr. Strangelove-not in charge of the Pentagon in real life. What's this guy going to do ride an ICBM while waving his Stetson and shouting 'Ya-hooo!' Its so cliche is not even funny.

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Posted in: What do you think the Japan-U.S. relationship will be like after Donald Trump takes power? See in context

With someone as unsuitable for the office of POTUS as Trump it is impossible to know. He doesn't even know the answer himself. So it really is second guessing to be able predict what a US/Japan relationship will be under the leadership of a highly erratic, emotionally undeveloped person who sees bombast as an effective substitute for diplomacy.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister says deals with Russia to be 'win-win' See in context

'Win-win'....More like 'Da-Nyet'...

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Posted in: The top three global winners and losers in a Trump presidency See in context

Er...Russia....loser? Better tell them then, because judging by the spirited applause in the Kremlin at the announcement of Trump's victory, they evidently seened to think they were winning.

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context

'Sensible'? Trump? Yeah, I guess Tic-Tacs are a sensible form of breath freshener.

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Posted in: Freedom and globalization simultaneously possible See in context

Globalization is not a blanket term. If you mean multi-national corporations swallowing everything in sight and rolling over indigenous cultural diversity, then by all means get rid if of it. But if you mean an international community of sovereign countries working together in a spirit of global cooperation in order to make the world a safer less conflict ridden place, then it is absolutely indispensable.

The problem is that many politicians are marketing this as a single brand which is dangerous and has given rise to the ridiculously contradictory idea of a 'global community of like minded anti-globalists'.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of dentistry in Japan? See in context

I really love the metal wire bridgework that allows you to see exactly how some people's teeth are held in.

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Posted in: For Trump, it's time to put statesmanship over showmanship See in context

'....Its time to put statesmanship over showmanship...'

This makes two questionable assumptions. 'Showmanship' implies that he has a gift-rather than present the fact that people who somehow find 'reality TV' thought provoking, intelligent and generally a valuable form of discourse may be somewhat lacking in their expectations as to what constitutes 'showmanship'.

The second, and perhaps far more seriously mistaken assumption, is to actually credit him with having the potential for statesmanship to begin with.

In the words of one famous musician in regards to Trump 'You're nearly a laugh, but you're really a cry...'

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Posted in: How many days does it take Rolling Stones to make an album? See in context

The title and the conclusion of the article that it only takes three days is very misrepresentative of the situation. This is not an album of original Stones material, but rather a compilation of blues standards by other artists. Music that the Stones have been playing for years...So at the end of the day its basically just plug in and record. If you asked the same question about some of their own classic albums i.e. 'Exile on Main Street' etal then you are talking about a considerably longer period of time. At the end of the day, this is not really a Stones album-so the idea that it was miraculously produced in three days rings a bit false.

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Posted in: Moscow-to-Tokyo express: World's longest railway or just a pipe dream? See in context

Sounds good... if the International Association for Ultra-Nationalists garner enough political will to screw in a light bulb together it should be a real hit.

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context

Nice one Trump... As usual you've really thought this one through... 40 years of protocol out the window? Who cares...He's gonna be a trail blazer...that could set the whole world on fire by ripping up and smashing down every post war institution, alliance and agreement that has kept a world war at bay for the last 70 years. Well done pumpkin!

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Posted in: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wants Japan to pay more of the costs for hosting U.S. military bases. Should Japan pay more? See in context

I cant say I know one way or the other what percentage of the budget Japan pays for-and I'd be willing to bet Trump didnt know either when he first made the proposal. He just likes to make a lot of noise without really knowing the particulars of any of the hundreds of agreements he wants to tear up.

But from a US vantage point it seems that paying part of the expense to have their military stationed in Japan would be preferrable to paying 100 percent of having the same forces leave Japan to be stationed in a US territory. It also seems it would make a lot of sense strategically for the defense of US interests in the region-and even the US mainland itself by having troops stationed here. But I'm sure that Trump, being the circumspect and thorough person he is, has carefully considered as nuanced approach to this question as he has to all the other bathtubs full of babies he wants to throw out...

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for extorting over Y3 mil from someone they saw taking upskirt video See in context

What does a 'Voyeur Hunter Hunter Hunter business' do? They hunt the guys, who hunt the guys, who hunt the voyeurs? If so-why? I'm not quite sure what the point would be.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be a safer place with Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context

Absolutely not...He makes the world less safe just by being in it...

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Posted in: What do you expect from Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context

to build a wall, ban muslims, talk down to ethnic minorities whenever possible, to sexually harass, to not release his tax returns., to make fun of disabled people, to give Ukraine and the Baltic states to Vladimir Putin...and to be impeached before he can run for a second term....

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Posted in: Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate See in context

Its his 'duty' to ensure that Japan, at present a relatively safe haven, becomes as dangerous as the rest of the industrialized world in terms of becoming a target for international terrorism, when under the present Constitution Japan is fully capable of defending itself? I guess it translates into 'You're nobody if you don't have don't have ISIS attacks on your soil' or 'Aww, c'mon guys, how come you get to have all the fun in places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq? We want to play too.' So yeah, I guess in that sense its his duty to make a conutry that has never had an incident of international terrorism get it share of the limelight too.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

The mighty Abe prevails again... after calling an election when the timing was in his favor, when there was no viable oppostion and in a country where 54% turn out to vote, and in a country where a leader who whimpers about his bowel movements as an excuse for his resignation from his first time as Prime Minister, is not completely laughed out of politics all together....Well done Sir! You truly put the chicken in the hawk!

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Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next? See in context

Will IS target Japan? Not for the present...but Olympics...and a military foray into the Middlle Eastern arena just 'because everybody else is doing it' could make a nice round red target of the Hino Maru, if and when Abe's dreams of constitutional revisionism start to bear fruit. Chicken hawk politicians love painting targets on the backs of their own people.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context


Exactly right. Abe puts on a different face for international audiences and then does 180 degree about-- faces to mollify his right winged power base at home. In a few days, weeks or months you can expect him or his administration to say something that completely contradicts his apology when he thinks the world is not paying so much attention. And no doubt he'llll use a nitpicking justification llike 'Well, I was speaking in my official capacity-but my private views are different'-much in the same way he justified illegal tampering iwth the Constitution as 'reinterpreting' it,

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

Abe has consistently spent his time and efforts to alter the historical narrative, particularly in terms of how it is taught in schools-so it is extremely hard to believe his apology. He is quite right to say that future generations of Japanese should not have to apologize-but as long as there are people in power (like himself) that try and alter the narrative then that is not going to happen.

It was surreal to see him saying that the lessons of history should not be ignored, while at every turn he and his administration have made efforts to whitewash it. Once Japan stops doing that there will be no need for future generations to apollogize.

And while it is true that demands for apologies are used as a political tool by Korea and China, it is also true that every time an apology is retractred or a textbook is sanitized then those demands not only become justified, they WILL haunt future generations to come. Say sorry and MEAN it....or else get off the pot. It is precisely that kind of doublespeak that pften makes the woeld distrustful of Japan, Honnae and Tatamae may be understood in Japan...but in the rest of the world it comes off as lying..

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