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McCain would clearly have won this election if the economic crisis hadn't suddenly flared up before the election with perfect timing. I guess "somebody" wanted Obama to win.

My theory is that it will make it easier for US to bomb and invade resource rich African and Middle Eastern countries with B "Hussein" Obama as the front man.

The prez is just the hole in the donut.

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Posted in: What do you think about the false accusation of groping against men on trains? See in context

Seperate railway carriages for men and women. In fact lets have different railway lines for men and women with different stations. The women's stations can all be painted pink and have train guards dressed to look like Korean actors, and the men's stations can have bars on the platform. Think of the money JR will make!

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I'd have to agree with the author. Tokyo sucks. For one thing you can't see anything coz the streets are so narrow and where there is a bit of sky its crowded with telephone wires. But it is clean! The other day I saw an old woman in the park knocking all the fallen leaves out of the bushes! Compared to US cities it may seem a bit cute, but next to Paris, London, or Rome, it's joke.

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Posted in: Glamour girl Jessica Michibata makes the right moves See in context

Why do we need to know about this vacuous nobody who has achieved nothing? Girls like her are two-a-penny down at the five-and-dime.

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Poverty is not always bad. It's a great motivator. One reason Japan became one of the richest countries in the world was because they had a lot of poverty in the past driving them.

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