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Posted in: Inoue stops Nery in 6th round to defend titles See in context

Not to take anything away from him. But he hasn't reached Pacquiao's level yet. IMO. His promoter is cherry-picking his opponents (mostly nobodys/bums) and only chooses to hold fights in Japan to make sure Inoue wins and looks impressive.

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Posted in: North Korea says it test-fired long-range cruise missiles See in context

As long as it's only intended for testing and not hitting any other countries' territory, there's no need for us to worry.

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Posted in: 82-year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting woman after spiking her soup See in context

This is another case of "the mind is willing but the flesh is weak."

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more missiles; Japan calls for U.N. Security Council meeting See in context

It may be the best tactic by the West for the North to empty their missile arsenal. Do more drills, and they fire more.

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

One of the reasons for the low birthrate is the lack of nursery or kindergarten schools especially in the rural areas. The money spent on COVID19 financial aid to businesses should have been spent to build such facilities.

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Posted in: China censors rare, nationwide protests See in context

First in Iran, now in China. I hope these evil regimes fall and real democracy reigns.

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Posted in: Japan eases travel advisory for 36 nations See in context

Would have been helpful if JT showed us the complete list.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Prayers up to all the victims and their families. May this tragic incident bring change or END to the vicious cycle of gun violence in America.

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

Safe bet they came to visit their relatives and not for tourism.

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 4th launch this month See in context

He's at it again. Kimmy just trying to stay relevant.

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Posted in: WHO criticizes travel bans on southern African countries See in context

"Prevention is better than cure." nuff said.

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Posted in: Should we really worry about inflation? See in context

Naaah. Just a number. As long as you know how to manage your finances, you'll be fine.

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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

Take it from the expert mina san.

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

He thought this country would be his way out of the tough life back home. I hope the goverment would give this man a chance. Let him IN.

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

So he's also a member of the WHO now?

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Posted in: Bach to arrive in Tokyo on July 8; infections on rise again See in context

How come he'd only spend 3 days in isolation? While the rest of us would spend around 7 or more days?

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

Too much mulling and considering (pandemic response) clearly took a toll on her. Wish her a full and speedy recovery though.

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

Wish her full and speedy recovery. The IOC needs you.

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Posted in: Japanese cook shaves head in apology after customer complaint See in context

Hair regrowth is natural. So I'm not buying his old antics. Go buy some hairnets instead.

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Posted in: Myanmar security forces kill 12 anti-coup protesters See in context

About time for the whole WORLD to act against the tyranny that is going on in Myanmar. Fight fire with fire.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister slams U.S., S Korea See in context

Dennis Rodman is a "slam dunk" ambassador to the North. Perhaps, he could be of help.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

Survival of the fittest. That's what they are trying to imply.

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If they had done more tests, the number would have skyrocketed.

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

Racism is very strong and alive here in Japan.

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Posted in: South's unification minister resigns as Korean tensions rise See in context

It's always been like this for the North. Engineer crisis to leverage aid. This would never end unless we ignore them.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan amid concerns that face masks may cause heatstroke See in context

It all boils down to this, you gotta choose your own poison.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy picks worst woman to randomly ask if she wants to make an adult video See in context

Poor Taro could have said it was FAKE casting.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

The US is screwed right now.

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Posted in: Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

I got it. The government is bleeding cash to mitigate the effects of the virus on the economy. They just put money over life into this.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

Props to the leader of Taiwan. A lady with balls of steel.

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