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Posted in: Outrage in Hong Kong as China pushes security law See in context

May the democracy gods be with all the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Stand up and slay that dragon.

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Posted in: Sons of murdered Saudi journalist Khashoggi say they 'forgive' killers See in context

Money talks and justice can be bought.

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Posted in: Truck driver abandons body of suicide victim, claiming he thought it was a doll See in context

What do you expect from truck drivers here? Not surprised at all.

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Posted in: Japan launches new unit to step up defense in outer space See in context

Come to your senses. Step up your defenses against the real threat which is China.

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Posted in: 100 tons of water 'stolen' from Ibaraki karaoke venue See in context

We all know it's now WATER under the bridge.

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Posted in: New virus cases in Tokyo drop to 5; none reported in Osaka See in context

How did they do it? Few tests = Few cases.

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Posted in: Telework challenge: Do you find it easy to work, live and relax in the same space? See in context

My home is my HAPPY place. And nothing's gonna beat that.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two projectiles off east coast into sea See in context

Kim's whining so he could leverage aid from the outside world.

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Posted in: Japan's crowdless sports: A prelude to a coronavirus-hit Olympics? See in context

Baseball's popularity has been on a decline lately. Just a prelude...

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Posted in: More details emerge on Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

His escape would make a good Hollywood movie.

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Posted in: New Zealand launches criminal investigation into deadly volcanic eruption See in context

"If you play with fire, you get burned." R.I.P. to all who perished  and complete and speedy healing to all the injured.

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Posted in: Boeing says it has to ‘re-earn’ public’s trust after crashes See in context

I would avoid flying the MAXs like the plague.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

This is just the tip of the ice berg. Have all celebrities undergo random drug testing.

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

That's a ton of money gone down the sink. Could have been spent on more public welfare programs to offset the effects of the raised consumption tax.

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Posted in: Many typhoon victims unable to watch enthronement due to clean-up See in context

There's a reason why YouTube is made.

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Posted in: China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters See in context

China hates it when others intervene yet it's busy grabbing territories here and there. SMH.

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Posted in: Chinese state media slam NBA in free speech row See in context

China is the most important market for the NBA. So it's easy to see why it folded to the combme.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

So basically there are only 4 countries playing at this year's World Cup. Tonga, Fiji, NZ and ???

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Posted in: 7 injured after taxi veers into street music event in Nagoya See in context

At his age, he should have been retired and enjoying life with his family or garden.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Before lending a hand to the evil regime in Saudi Arabia, why don't you turn your attention to the millions of innocent civilians badly affected by the war inflicted by the Saudis in Yemen?

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Mental health is one of the most overlooked issues in this country. I think it's about time, the government must address this serious problem. My love and prayers go out to all the victims.

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Posted in: Chinese trainee gets suspended term for abandoning baby See in context

Work contracts for "Technical Trainees" MUST also include the right to enter into a relationship, have a family and children. To avoid such incident from happening again.

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Posted in: Osaka downplays dispute over skin color in anime See in context

Some  people are still stuck in the old time mentality. SKIN COLOR would still be a big issue to them. Can't you just thank this girl for bringing glory and honor to your country?

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Posted in: Filipino man arrested over murder of Japanese student in 2004 See in context

"There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience." A few seconds of joy turned into a lifetime of misery for these criminals.

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Posted in: Another Japanese firm admits falsifying data for quake shock absorbers See in context

Such act is no better than Made in China goods.

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

It's gonna be robots vs ALTs after Tokyo 2020.

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Posted in: Student held for production of explosives and 3D gun also charged with stimulant possession See in context

Use your talent and skills in a good way young man.

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Posted in: Japanese artist sues association over goldfish-filled phone box See in context

That's what you call "innovation" there and that's one thing many J companies is lacking nowadays. No wonder big names such as Toshiba, Sony are losing money because most of their products lack innovation.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Such incident underscores the need for Jcops to train in martial arts/self defense harder.

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