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Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next? See in context

I need some sand to stick my head in....I never really heard of Islam or Muslims in my first 35 years of life....I just wish it would all go away..

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Posted in: Ultraconservative lobby Nippon Kaigi backs constitution revision See in context

Meh....it's just a bunch of old geezers wishfully thinking. This Pokemon loving generation of young people couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag..... well, maybe if you take their iPhone's away they'll swing at you like a girl..

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

My mother in law has been giving her children and my daughter the maximum amount of gift money for years...upwards of 15 years now. She also started a tax sheltered education account of I believe 15 million yen for my daughter's education. She's doing her best to see that the government doesn't get a huge chunk of what she's worked so hard for during her lifetime. The money that we save in not having to pay for high education costs has been invested so we'll see how it all goes.

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Posted in: Seized Rolls-Royce Phantom to be auctioned online by tax agency See in context

2009....? at a starting bid of $80,000...? Good investment..! Take it back to the US and flip it. I mean a loaded pickup these days are up around $60,000.

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Posted in: Trump calls for 'complete shutdown' on Muslims entering U.S. See in context

Hard to take him seriously as a politician but I do kinda like him. He's like when I first watched Spinal Tap....when mocumetaries were a new thing. You're not really sure if he's for real or just messing with us...

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Posted in: New Zealand, Australia lead Japan whaling protest See in context

I'm all for battle on the high seas. Makes for good TV. Ramp it up Sea Shepherd..!!

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Posted in: As world mourns for Paris, many in Middle East see double standard See in context

Double standard..? Nah..... Just human nature..... We just physically and mentally CAN'T absorb all the daily horrific events in the middle east.

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Posted in: Gov't targets boosting birth rate to increase economic growth See in context

Porn....too much easily accessible porn. Dudes just aren't interested in the ladies any more. Partly I jest but I'll bet it's statistically significant.

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Posted in: American goes on trial for murder of woman dumped in bay See in context

Umm...Ya..watched The Shining many years ago. Hey,,,,All I want is the guy to be FOUND guilty...not ASSUMED guilty. The whole over the top 99% conviction rate and all that....

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat: Hiroshima A-bombing should never be repeated See in context

Round and round and round...we go.

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Posted in: Canadian Expat Voting Rights See in context

@M3M3M3......Summer or winter..Good question. Being from Victoria where the seasons are less defined than other parts of Canada the answer is a little more tricky. Probably summer I guess as fall, winter and spring are all fairly wet and cold...haha..

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Posted in: Canadian Expat Voting Rights See in context

Just a note....my post just above are my comments..NOT Donald Sutherlands. Sorry.

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Posted in: Canadian Expat Voting Rights See in context

I just read Donald Sutherland's article on the GlobeandMail.

I haven't been in Canada for 20 years although I will always identify myself as being a Canadian. I understand both sides I guess. I am not a resident so why should my vote influence local politics. I get that...... BUT...I also have zero burden to the country but spend a lot of money when I do come home for visits and have investments in Canada of which I pay a lot in tax. Most expats are medium to high earners and usually carry some influence in their opinions. Remembering that I am a "zero" on the books I will tell you that there are many ten's if not hundreds of people who have vacationed, studied or are living in Canada because of my suggestion to do so. Lots of dollars being spent I'll tell you. Us expats often have a somewhat fictional elevated image of our homeland. There's truth in the adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". I rave about Canada........ Now, compare my contributions to what a low income or socially assisted resident brings to the books. Well....better not go there I guess. My biggest disappointment is the calories (bucks) that are being burnt on THIS topic. Expat votes are statistically insignificant...I guess every vote "counts" but really...come on...Donald (or many of us) has done more for Canada than a great many residents have done for Canada..!!

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' makes North American box office history See in context

@kurisuupisu and Juan.... Umm...I think you meant "heroic".

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Posted in: Abe cuts short Middle East trip to deal with hostage crisis See in context

Roughneck.... for the win. That is the only way I'd ever spend 200 million in this case. Sorry, but these two are done for.

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Posted in: Mickey men: All-male trips to Tokyo Disneyland popular See in context

Beats the hell out of....groups of men severing heads and lining people up and shooting them. I think we can all use a little Disney vibe these days..

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Posted in: IS jihadists execute more than 40 tribesmen in Iraq's Anbar See in context

Sunnis killing Sunnis.....killing shiites who are killing Sunnis..... I think I get it now...

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

Haha.....talk about "dropping a load"...

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context


Well said. There are many points in your post above I'd consider quote worthy.

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Posted in: The U.S. is putting together a coalition, including Japan, to eradicate the threat to the global community from the Islamic State. Do you think military action will be effective or will it make the si See in context

I say let them kill each other to thin the herd of nutballs who are at some point going to unite and turn their gun sights on you and me... en mass. By proxy of Sharia Law there are no alternatives.

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

Well, there are at least 30 strays right around the area that I live in...They had a vet come in 5 or 6 years ago to do a fix and release and the number has leveled off but I do see a few new litters of kittens so I guess they missed a few or maybe they were too young at the time.

Not that I support this guy or his methods but I can certainly understand his sentiments. Now, all you yahoo posters screaming bloody blue murder.....check out the garbage bins behind any of the hundreds of animal shelters....

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Posted in: New Iraq PM says no to U.S. ground troops See in context

I say swallow your pride Mr. Obama and side with the lesser of two evils in Syria. This ISIS silliness has got to go..

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Posted in: Japan's whaling plans come under scrutiny at IWC meeting See in context

Hey CrazyJoe.......Just getting here now..?

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Posted in: Ryoko Shinohara’s smoldering lingerie ad is a Triumph See in context


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Posted in: Japan to resume Antarctic minke whale hunt despite ban See in context

Oh...it's on now. This is going to be good.

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Posted in: Video purports to show beheading of second U.S. journalist See in context

Droll Quarry wrote...."There it is, the racist card. Race has absolutely no part in this debate. The Muslims sit on the side lines while one extremist group after the other chops off heads in the name of religion . There is NO outcry from the world Muslims over these murders and the extremism. There are no Muslims on the WORLD STAGE decrying that this must stop. One can only surmise from the silence that they agree with the radicals and are unwilling to side against them."

Totally agree. And if they don't step up en mass denouncing these nut jobs...things are going to get very ugly.... and deservedly so.

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Posted in: Japan OKs use of smartphones, tablets during plane takeoffs, landings See in context

If it was ever a safety issue they would have made you check the phone in your luggage. It was BS from the start.

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

Good for them!!

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Posted in: Survey shows longer periods of smartphone use can lead to lower school exam scores See in context

My 11 yr old spends quite a bit of time on her iphone.

Essentially, she has replaced what she was watching on tv with the clips and programs of her choice on the phone.

With no mention of relation of time spent on other forms of entertainment....like tv and games, the survey has no point of reference.

weird and ambiguous..

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Posted in: Survey shows longer periods of smartphone use can lead to lower school exam scores See in context

Whoa.....I never would have guessed.

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