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Posted in: Anti-Japan protest in Seoul See in context

I have a parable for S. Koreans that can't move on: "Keep picking a scab, it's going to get severely infected and kill your whole body!" Look at most Muslim dominated Nations for prime examples that keep bringing up crap from the past, just continued death and destruction.

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Posted in: Wreck of MSDF copter found; 3 crew confirmed dead See in context

Prayers for those men and their families.

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Posted in: Ex-adviser to Abe praises apartheid as means of immigration control See in context

Borders, language, culture, are the keystones to keeping a Nation whole. How is 'multiculturalism' working out for the USA, UK, and Western Europe?! Not very good by the growing riots, bombings, shootings by those who fail to assimilate to their host Nation's culture. Islam is the worst of it all. I advise watching the newest movie coming out via Act for America where many prominent, popular Imam's and spoke person's of Islam speak of nothing but making the whole World Islamic. This is what may have prompted this subject of immigration control to come out now and especially after the recent beheading murders of the two Japanese by ISIS.

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Posted in: Obama invites China's Xi, Japan's Abe for state visits See in context

Agree with 'bvitt' on primary reason for this invitation, but conversely, this is the last place the Obama can really screw up the US's relations with before he leaves Office since he's already severely damaged US relations with every other region. It will be up the the Republican Congress to ensure that the purposes and outcomes of these visits are positive for everyone.

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

Just watch this one instead: http://youtu.be/5Xuqa1xKxOs at least there's cool music to go with ChiCom military on parade.

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Posted in: AKB48 founder plans Japan48 idol group for Olympics, Phillipines spinoff See in context

Someone call James Bond 007 and tell him there is a nefarious plan to take over the World with '48' groups !!

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

The World has changed and Military use abroad is something that the Japanese People need to address. The German's have done it and no one really cares. The wars of our Grandfathers were their wars, we just have to learn the harsh lessons of them and not to repeat them. ISIS is a criminal entity that needs to be dealt with before it gets any worse for this entire World.

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Posted in: Japan says it is looking at all possible ways to free hostages See in context

Arman Fatahi: Muslims will kill anyone that doesn't believe exactly what they believe in, and then it gets back down to the tribal level 1000's of years old. So, being a convert is no solution for anyone. The World, and Japan, needs to realize that all non Muslims, and even Muslims themselves, are dealing with people whose ideology is based upon very strict religious tenants that do not translate into the Modern World. For any religion and or political ideology, it has to evolve in order to grow. While base features remain in stone..... other aspects need to grow and adapt with the changing times of mankind, lessons from history and technology. This 'radical Islam' that seems to be sweeping all of Islam, be they Sunni or Shite, is never going to peacefully coexist with any other peoples in this World. That is a truth that everyone needs to admit in order for all of mankind to move forward without killing each other off. Those two poor souls are probably already dead, the murderer's just use the videos now for propaganda purposes.

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Posted in: Abe cuts short Middle East trip to deal with hostage crisis See in context

Japan is now being introduced to what Islam is truly about. As with the deaths of all other hostages, what we did not see is a unified response by the 'Islamic World' in condemning and stopping ISIS and all other forms of 'radical Islam'. Here, nor anywhere in Africa, Europe,Middle East where 'radical Islam' is killing unabated.

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Posted in: New Okinawan governor snubbed by Abe, Suga See in context

Such is the politics of politicians. What is at stake though is a lot of humans lives first and foremost, secondly, a lot of money. All sides should take a step back and re-evaluate the best long term decision possible. I broke out my soapbox on this issue long ago, and 'long term' strategic planning is not in this current plan !! Presence must be maintained on Okinawa, but only in USAF,USN two main bases of Kadena and White Beach. Because of the advancements in weaponry by China and N. Korea and any other belligerent players in the arena, having so many USMC assets exposed is foolish.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

I give loud resounding 'NO'! We live in the USA, and 90% of our "TV" time is spent watching Japanese TV shows, JDrama's-comedies, Tiaga drama's. We love them. We find them entertaining, educational, and thought provoking. U.S. television is full of what is complained about in this article, stupid game shows, predictable laugh lines, or way overboard graphic crime shows, and last and worst...."reality TV shows". Television has become like book stores, there is so much produced now, it's hard to find good quality shows to watch, like it's hard to find a good book. I hope Japan keeps doing what they are doing and don't worry about the whining of foreigners and keep their TV - Japanese!

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

If and when the Marines are moved out, that will open up prime real estate for developers. Whomever has the most to gain there is probably crying the loudest !!!! Something to think about. I've long advocated a realignment and positioning of our Forces off of Okinawa. It is too close to China, we could lose too many combat personnel too fast due to quick strikes by either China or a lucky North Korean missile shot. Strategically, yes, Okinawa is vital, which is why both Kadena and White Beach Naval Facility must remain. Removing the Marines is an easy option. (Nay sayers - look how fast U.S. Forces were out of Philippines after Pinatubo blew up! It can be done.) Guam is already ramping up for the Marines, Australia is as well. Might sound odd to some, but a good local for 3rdMarDiv is Alaska. But for the next 40 years, Kadena and White Beach have to stay.

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Posted in: Woman held for murder after dropping 3-year-old daughter from bridge into river See in context

This is just sad. I only hope and pray, Angels were right there to scoop that little girl up. Seems like there are some more social issues that need immediate attention at all levels of government.

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

A lot of comments here on this story. I guess now his friend's neighbors know why he was always keeping to himself and often in a happy, quiet mood when he was outside. Might be some collectors items in all of that.

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Posted in: Former PM Fukuda to meet Chinese president next week See in context

China has it's 10-20-40 year plans and they pretty much stick to it. Coddling with neighbors is necessary to further their plans, then they do it. The Hong Kong democracy demonstrations, minor Islamic terrorist, other World economy issues, those are things the deal with along the way to their goal, which is China being the number one Economic & Military Power in the World by mid century. Japan and all other Nation's need to realize China long term goals and deal with it accordingly. All the nice nice talk is just that...talk. Remember when China bought the aircraft carrier from Russia, China publicly came out and said, no worries, we're going to build a Casino out of it..... and what did China do? Retrofit it and now it's an warship once again and they reversed engineered it to build their own. China's goals.

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Posted in: Obuchi resigns over misuse of political funds; justice minister also resigns See in context

Fools. Minister Obuchi did not have to resign. No one person can be accountable for all people and organizations that support them. A person is accountable for themselves and their own actions. Unless a person directly authorizes an action, how can he/she be accountable?! And to be accountable for a group of people so far removed from their sphere of direct access, is beyond common sense. This is only political witchhunting by the opposition that is in bed with Communist China. Anyone believing that 'Abenomics' is going to change Japan's economy overnight is a fool as well. Real change takes time to happen, to form, to set in motion, and for that change to take place. The entire World is in an economic malaise, no Nation is going to come out any of this World recession at a breakneck pace. China is now doing the same thing as the U.S. Fed, pumping printed money to prop up their Government programs. Japan is one of the few countries thriving at this time, doing anything less than what Abe has been doing will take Japan down a very bad road.

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Posted in: Violent video games linked to risk of crime, alcohol abuse See in context

Just like a food diet, one's mental diet is affected by what is consumed....junk in, junk out.

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Posted in: Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later See in context

So to sum it up...China is just like the radical Islamist.....drag up issues not even remotely connected to them this day and age to use as a pretext, lame excuse, false reason, just to start a war and or kill people. Toshiko did a great posting on history of China and Japan's 'military' engagements. China...you attacked and invaded Japan twice!! Remember?!! That's history but using President Xi's Administration's excuse of bringing up history to make it relevant to present day. As we say in America...'if the shoe fits!!'

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

I wish they'd close them here in the States, it's all a bunch of crap food these days. Employee often people that don't care if they have job or not, more often you end up with diarrhea after eating there (and most other fast food outlets) . Japan has so much more better quality in food choices than American Fast food. When I visit Japan, I don't want to eat at an 'American' restaurant. It's a fun novelty that has worn it's time.

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Posted in: North Korean ship symbolizes hopes for better Japan ties See in context

With the ChiCom's latest snub of North Korea by going to the South first, Lil' Kim is trying to play Japan against China by looking all buddy buddy with Japan. Japan had better not lift a finger to assist the North until all questions of the abducted Japanese citizens is fully answered. Then slowly, start with humanitarian aid, and oversight of it distributed to the North Korean people that are starving in the countryside and not given to the NK Army. The China-S.Korea weekly bashing of Japan over World War Two is ..to say the least, childish.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

He's been watching too many JDrama's, thinks that his acting is going to get him leniency for his criminal actions.

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Posted in: Japan set for landmark easing of constitutional limits on military See in context

The World's Nations have witnessed, that if you have relied upon the United States for the past 65 years to do most of the fighting for you...under Obama and the DNC, those days are gone. Obama has turned his back on every traditional and non-traditional US ally. With China, Russia, and growing Islamic radical terrorist armies, threats to peace and security are challenged and faced every day. We had a saying in the Marines, 'No one likes to fight, but somebody has to know how'. PM Abe is doing his best to find real solutions for Japan's present and future security, and as well, build International trust and bonds. In Japan's immediate neighborhood, China keeps rattling it's saber, expanding it's maps to cover absolutely ridiculous areas of the Globe that they lay claim to. Then there is the ultimate nut job in North Korea that actually fired off 3 short range missiles in a temper tantrum ...over a MOVIE!! Un will start a war with the South or Japan, bet on it. Then China will use that as a pretext to expand their territories under the pretext of 'defense'. Until we in the USA get our sh.. back together and vote out the Authoritarian Socialist, don't count on much US support.

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Posted in: Sayonara See in context

You did your best , it was fun to watch. We sitting watching from the side could second guess all day, but we weren't on the field, you were. Thank you for the exciting games.

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Posted in: Japan hits back at China for criticizing Abe's remarks See in context

China doesn't care what they say about who anymore. They've modernized and built their armed forces to highly offensive capabilities, far exceeding any 'defensive only' needs. China as well has built highly technical and operational cyber warfare capabilities which they have been using now for years with great effectiveness. This is why the Chinese Generals bluster and bluff, the PLA is itching to go to a limited war with anyone to 'prove' they are the big kid on the block that needs to be respected and listened to. So they will keep behaving like bullies until someone swings back. But in the end, it will backfire on China, and China will suffer serious consequences. Asia needs to unite against the growing Chinese threat, which is real. China see's the 21st Century as theirs and the World to rule under them.

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

Every people, of every race and Nation need to build monuments towards slavery of some other persons or groups. Every people of every race or Nation is guilty of some sort of slavery towards the 'conquered' people somewhere in history. The Japanese Government apologized already. The Japanese Government and People have done more for Korea by helping rebuild their Nation after their own 'Civil War' especially in the forms of education and technical assistance. Samsung electronics, Kia-Hyundai automobiles, how they resembled Japanese products so closely is not an aberration. Nor are the television dramas and music styles, copied from Japan. Seems it's a small group of extortionist and history revisionist that keep cutting open old wounds, perpetrated and made by people are and have been long since dead! How long much the children of the perpetrators prostrate and pay before Korea and China, are happy!?? It will be far more beneficial to all of Asia to embrace one another as cousins in the 21st Century because there is a far more sinister and deadly cancer that is ready and willing to eradicate all of your history, culture and customs in a heartbeat!

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

First and foremost this is absurd. China - explain at what generation must a people not be held accountable for the actions of a previous generation? Prove that in court of law first. This is akin to reparations for Blacks by the US and UK for slavery, and half the reasons radical Islamist continue to use 13th century disputes to this day to kill people.. War has consequences, for all sides. So 'electing' the best politicians and holding them accountable is the mandate for all People of every Nation, to avoid war in this modern, educated era of mankind. We either move forward as a whole planet of people, or we will continue to have wars big and small for often, greedy, petty excuses and actions.

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I live in the United States, and before I eat, we eat, we say: Itadakimasu. It's respect! It's thanks! Don't ever believe that food will be before you every day in your life. Monster parents - obviously have too much time on their hands or are trying to be someone they are not.

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Posted in: Outrageous behavior of 'monster' new company recruits See in context

Millennial Generation v. Traditional Japan Same as in the US, no difference. Gen M has a lot of growing up to do Worldwide, cellphone has turned them into introverted narcissist.

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Posted in: Women, money and time: Behind the scenes with Japan’s 'King of Hosts' See in context

It used to be a 'men's only' world of the 'hostess club'. But as independence is becoming more normal for women in Japan, they too are seeking out some sort of relationships be they platonic or more. Not sure if this would really work elsewhere in the World, surely no Muslim governed Nation. I don't fault either the guys that work those clubs or the women that patronize them, everyone is just trying to make it through the day to the next.

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Posted in: Abe says there will be no change to wartime sex slave apology See in context

Every Nation, every people's have committed atrocities against someone. I'm American, my people....we slaughtered our own people....American Indians...American Civil War.....U.S. Gov't syphilis experiments on Blacks...no one is innocent of atrocities yet they continue today in Middle East and Africa, Eastern Europe. But at some point, the people responsible directly for those atrocities must be held accountable if they are alive....if not....no one can be truly held accountable. Does Europe hold all Germany today accountable for Hitler's War? No. Asia must move on in order to grow. You remember, you teach the history to the children of what happen and who did it then. History forgotten is repeated. If Asia wants to finger point, here's a little tidbit from the first Mongol invasion: "After the invasion, allied fleets returned to their homeland. The Goryeo general Kim Bang-gyeong paid tribute to the king and Mongol queen of Goryeo with 200 boys and girls for slaves." It's history, teach it, remember it, don't repeat it, live on !

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