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Brad Ford comments

Posted in: The Joy of Sake festival returns to Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

They just need to look at what is being sold by McD in Australia, Thailand, Netherlands, etc. Really tasty, really nice food.

My partner (Japanese) never ever eats McD's; but I took her there is Australia and she said she would go back again...

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Posted in: Gov’t urges hospitals to reduce ambulance transportation for non-urgent cases See in context

Yeah, if you are not in a hurry lights and siren's off! Living remotely near a hospital is really hard! I don't mind in an emergency but when they are busy moving normally then it isn't an emergency. (every hour or 2)

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Posted in: Gov't to revive eco-point building incentive program See in context

Agree, whilst this is a good step in the right direction it would be fantastic if it was mandatory to meet some of the basic criteria. And considering the turnover rate of Japanese housing the effect would be achieved in quite a reasonable about of time.

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Posted in: Chubu Electric applies for Hamaoka reactor safety approval See in context

Please remember what they are asking for could be quite reasonable.

It is quite common for companies to request a pre inspection to ensure they are on track from a regulatory authority point of view; and doing these checks properly takes a lot of time to do, by booking early they can guarantee the inspectors time for when they are ready.

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