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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

I visit Japan every couple of years and the first time I saw cyclists using pavements mixed with pedestrians I was shocked. Pedestrians have to jump out of the way for cyclists who seem to have priority, why is this legal? It wouldn't be allowed in Europe. For a civilised country like Japan they need to create cycle lanes or get cyclists off pavements, it is unacceptable.

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

China seems to be angry about everything, dreadful country. They gave the world Covid 19 too.

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Posted in: China plans to keep ships near Senkakus for 365 days in 2024 See in context

Isn't China big enough already? The Chinese have already stolen islands in the South China Sea. It's about time the rest of the world stood up to these vile bullies.

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Posted in: McCarthy calls China's position on Fukushima water discharge 'unfair, 'false' See in context

Who cares what China thinks/wants? Just another bully boy like Russia and North Korea.

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern to China over harassment following Fukushima water release See in context

Problem is, China is very jealous of Japan. They dislike Japan because of past history and because Japan is simply a much better country in every respect with much higher standards, civilised, orderly society etc.. China is only concerned about making money, quality of life is not considered important there.

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

It's perfectly OK for China to steal islands in the South China Sea that belong to others and inflict Covid-19 on the world, yet they make a huge fuss over this treated water being released. China is a dirty country which creates appalling air pollution, treats animals and its own people badly. I can't think of anything good to say about China, it is simply rotten to the core.

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Posted in: Food shortages feared in UK as new Brexit rules kick in See in context

Is this some kind of April fool article? Certainly fake news, BREXIT wasn't a great move but if the world thinks that the 5th richest country in the world can't provide its own food then they must be on some weird pill. If anything, the shops have too much produce. Prices may go up on some goods but that is it.

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Posted in: Suga to hold talks with Biden in U.S. on April 16 See in context

An OAP's meeting, both countries really need younger, dynamic leaders.

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Posted in: Cherry blossom season begins in Tokyo See in context

I love Japan but the people are like sheep, press their on button and point them to the attraction and they flock there without really knowing why.

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Posted in: Handheld mask for dinner use See in context

Such an elegant looking lady, looks a nice idea but this is totally ineffective.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

China has been getting way too cocky of late. It is time the rest of the world stood up to them, they may have become wealthier in recent years but they are still a backward thinking people with very low standards/morals. They have ruined the planet with this current Covid virus and not so much as an apology to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Summer stroll See in context

They look delightful.

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Posted in: Korean soccer club apologizes for putting sex dolls in seats See in context

What a fuss about nothing. The mannequins look very realistic from a distance, someone is always offended by something in this day and age.

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Posted in: Colorful tourists See in context

They both look delightful. I do however wonder how effective those face masks are. They need to fit very tightly around the face to be beneficial and the eyes are not protected at all. I guess they are better than nothing though.

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