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BradG91 comments

Posted in: Japan protests to China over Okinawa claim See in context

With U.S. bases on okinawa chances are very unlikely that china will get their hands on the ryukyus and i don't think they will try sending government vessels around it like they do to the other disputed islands because U.S. presence. I think china knows its too late to try and gain the ryukyus so this could just be a move by CCP to get something elsewhere

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Posted in: U.S. naval shift to Asia on track despite budget cuts: admiral See in context

Tony actually believes china has superior weapons technology than U.S. china just put in service an old referbished carrier. China's navy isnt even a fraction of the size of the U.S. Navy. That why china tries to steal technology from U.S. and others.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

And china wonders why U.S. is still boosting military presence in asia. Quit sending warships and fighters around a place another controls. japan controls them now and they must react to your encroachment on their sovereignty

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Posted in: U.S. military copter crashes near N Korea border See in context

Things happen. All types of machinery fails at some point. Just because we seen a few crash over the years doesnt mean the other ten of thousands of them are dropping like flys.

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan See in context

Not to long ago yuri was all in favor of the alliance with the U.S. but thats because china was eyeing those rocks in the middle of the sea now that noone is talking about the island dispute everyone are all like "screw america!!" Smh one minute some countries want U.S. protection next minute they want them to leave. U.S. does some stupid bad things but russia,uk,china,etc. Have done the same but the masses dont pay attention to that. but even when we do something good the U.S. is still seen as "evil" believe me as a U.S. taxpayer i wish our government would remove the bases in other countries. I have nothing against U.S. allies but i wish we could leave yall to fend for yourselves since nobody likes U.S. military unless they are being bullied by another powerful country

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Posted in: U.S warns N Korea it will defend itself, allies See in context

I'll have some of whatever shannon is smoking lol china is pretty tough but i think too many people like to exaggerate because they are china fanboys/girls

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Posted in: Rape, kidnap of tourists feed Rio safety fears See in context

When the olympics comes to town hopefully the beef up security have the police AND army if you have to.

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Posted in: Iran commander tells Obama 'all options on table' See in context

Good luck hitting those bases iran. If you hit with a sledge hammer the U.S. will hit with a wrecking ball. But lets hope nobody has to srike at anyone

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Posted in: Super Bowl Monday in Tokyo See in context

Canada has a football league like we do here but i dont think its as huge. The NFL does one game a year in england and it looks like its received pretty well they even had talked about having a team for london but i dont know how successful it would be because every country has certain sports that they love more than any other sport

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Posted in: Abe vows to defend disputed islands from China See in context

You have to stand up to china its the only thing they understand. When they tried to take from india and vietnam they stood up to the chinese and china backed down. Japan may not really have to fire a shot hopefully. Maybe just the sign of japan taking a firm stand will make the chinese back away. But you never know what can happen next

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Posted in: N Korea says it plans nuclear test aimed at U.S. See in context

Oh no north korea please don't hurt us....pfftt >_>

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Posted in: U.S. gov't gets tough on China over isle dispute with Japan See in context

All these china fanboys when the west stops business with china it will collapse. I like the people of china. Its the chinese government who needs realize they are not intimidating anyone they are just making powerful enemies. You dont need war to bring down china. The people of china should spring into action and take their country back from this regime

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Posted in: China says U.S. culpable in Japan island dispute See in context

Forgot to add to my previous comment that the chinese government did not build America china was still years behind and some parts still today are a generation behind

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Posted in: China says U.S. culpable in Japan island dispute See in context

When china tried to take holdings from india and vietnam they fought back and the chinese went back home with tail between their legs. The chinese didn't build America, the west built china by investing in it. The chinese immigrants who came here were trying for a better life just like all immigrants to the US do. Latin Americans,Irish,Italians,African Americans and the hard working blue collar American all helped build America not just the chinese immigrants.

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Posted in: U.S. stands by Japan on island dispute with China See in context

China and U.S. cant have an armed confrontation it would be bad for all parties invovled. True U.S. has debt to china but war means that debt is thrown out the window and thats important income china wont get. Remember china was i guess you could say under developed. Withe The help of the west china was built into what it is today. Take those western corporations looking for cheap labor out of china that could be a blow too.

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Posted in: 30 hostages reported killed after siege ends in Algeria See in context

Algierian military,U.S. military,U.K. military,French military it all makes no difference yes the US UK or french might have been better equiped better planning but with lunatics like these terrorist any military can fail at hostage rescues. The terrorist are un-predictable dont matter algerian special forces or SEALs or SAS or Russian Spetznaz or Polish GROM or even the Jedi Order from star wars sadly the only way to really hit these degenerates hard is to unfortunately go all out and just hope the civilian casualties is way lower than you expect. As soon as they see you have no time for their non-sense then they will realize taking hostages wont be as effective

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Posted in: Kawasaki fun See in context

I wonder if halloween is also popular in japan because it gives cos players another chance to dress up lol oh well im glad to see western festivals celebrated in other parts of the world.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill to insure Iran oil imports See in context

Central asian power? Pfftthahaha!!

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia sending attack helicopters to Syria See in context

I dont understand that all of us posters on here arent even from syria or have ties to it so why we all bicker over this

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Posted in: China poised for most ambitious space mission yet See in context

Every country in the world should be setting space as their goal Instead of building lots of weapons and fearing each other. Space is the new frontier just imagine where we would be if all nations put money and resources togethet for space exploration. Who knows we could have colonized the moon by now

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Posted in: F-35 production quality worries U.S. Senate panel See in context

Other 5th gen fighters still got kinks that need to be worked out as well none of them are perfect not even the t-50 or j-20

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 26 in Baghdad See in context

Got that right waste of money,resources and most importantly lives. Smh

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 26 in Baghdad See in context

So i guess since no more US troops in iraq not many comments on an article on iraq

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Posted in: U.S. to shift most of its naval fleet to Pacific by 2020 See in context


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Posted in: U.S. to shift most of its naval fleet to Pacific by 2020 See in context

Didnt india fend off the chinese few years back? China is not invincible either. US nor China is really stronger than the other. These are two powerful militaries and loses can be severe for both sides. This could just become another version of the cold war. All this bickering and trash talking whos strobger is better than an actual war happening

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Posted in: Justin Bieber accused of roughing up photographer See in context

Lol XD haha

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Posted in: Yemeni army kills 33 militants in south See in context

All i can do is face palm,shake my head and sigh. This looks like another situation OUR tax dollars will be spent on. Although these terrorist should be wiped out but now this has the possibilty of becoming another war front and another government we have to piss money away to and to try and assist them and getting rid of these groups. Whats the point of voting when we have nothing but idiots to vote for who will just get us in more of a mess. Just when you think it cant get any worse. I hope ron paul runs as third party id vote for him

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Posted in: Amnesty criticizes U.S. for 'unlawful' bin Laden raid, drone attacks See in context

OBL was hiding in pakistan for a while im sure the pakastani government was asked to help capture him b4 this raid and to fight the pakastani militant groups supporting him. We gave pakistan lots of money. Whether they were pussyfooting around or just couldnt get the job done idk but lose patience and have to take it into your own hands the longer he lived the more time he could have to plot something again. All these rules allow dangerous scumbags hideout and make them feel untouchable. Pakistan was violated but if OBL even was taken out then justice served for 9/11 his compound was just down the road from a prestigous pakistan military base or something they could have just captured him and gave him to the US and maybe they would not have been a raid

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Posted in: Amnesty criticizes U.S. for 'unlawful' bin Laden raid, drone attacks See in context

AI crying over the terrorist scum being taken out. Smh china is oppressing its minorities go bother them

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Posted in: New Jersey town's monument to Korean sex slaves upsetting Japanese officials See in context

Stupid move by those japanese officials for 1 its here in the US and they have the freedom to build a monument for them and 2 its US citizens your talking to not your own and they dont have to do what you ask lol

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