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Posted in: Time to start tipping taxi drivers in Japan? Cab company now gives passengers option in Tokyo See in context

Generally speaking taxi drivers are amongst those I would least consider giving a tip to other than "Drive better", "Clean your cab more often" and "try using the maps app on your phone for a more direct route". Having said that I've found the experience of catching a taxi in Japan to be quite pleasant and even had one driver who dropped us in the wrong district in Osaka one evening come back minutes later, get out of his cab, come running up the street we were in, bow, apologise and take us to the correct spot free of charge. Still, I would dislike it if tipping became in any way culturally acceptable in Japan even though I have no idea whether they make a "fare" income or not.

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Posted in: French protesters reject virus passes, vaccine mandate See in context

We wouldn't need these passports if everyone who could get vaccinated got vaccinated. The pandemic would be over. It is the pandemic deniers, the conspiracy theorists, the Anti-vaxers, the vaccine hesitant and those who refuse to follow basic hygiene rules for a pandemic such as wearing of face masks who bring this upon themselves. Regrettably they force this upon the rest of society as well. In any case I see this as a temporary inconvenience. We will reach a point where restrictions imposed because of the pandemic will no longer be necessary and then they'll be lifted but that day is further off because of the wrong thinkers I have mentioned.

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

The government didn't make it a health emergency, the virus did. I would have liked to see more arrests and I suppose they didn't use tear gas and water cannons because Australia is not North Korea or China or Cuba or the USA for that matter. These idiots make it worse for the rest of society. The State governments have generally handled things pretty well during the pandemic with a few slip-ups but the Federal government which has control over the international borders and the vaccination drive hasn't performed very well and were it not for States using lockdowns of varying degrees in their arsenal of responses we would be looking at COVID death in the thousands.

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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Not showing up for the opening ceremony is not necessarily an indication of not supporting the olympics but as usual some here are making up their own minds without considering more than their narrow point of view. A leader might be wary of travelling overseas during a crisis at home, might not yet have been fully vaccinated, might be ill, might be frail, might not like to travel, might not like being in a country that is so unwelcoming, might not want to be in a country that cannot get the COVID pandemic under control and so on.

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

Compared to nearly 5000 Japanese confirmed to have tested positive (the actual figures are probably much higher considering the low testing rate in Japan) I think people here and in Japan in general are getting too worked up about a mere drop in the ocean that's being better managed by Olympics officials than in Japanese society and in many cases also showing their racist tendancies. It's pitiful really.

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Posted in: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid See in context

Congrats Brisbane. I'm sure you will do the country proud just as Sydney did in 2000 and Melbourne before that.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

I'm all for vaccine passports and businesses being allowed to refuse in person or face to face service to those not vaccinated but It seems as though the Japanese government is more concerned about foreigners being vaccinated than their own people.

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Posted in: Johnson resisted 2nd lockdown as 'most of those dying were over 80': ex-aide See in context

I suppose that one man will sue the other if the message was not sent or claim that his WhatsApp was hacked if they were.

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Posted in: Emperor to attend Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony See in context

It's only fitting and proper that the Head of State lend support to such an auspicious occasion. I'm still looking forward to the opening ceremony despite limitations as a result of the Japanese governments failure to vaccinate the population.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for a surreal Olympics, and plenty of questions See in context

It's not the finest journalism ever published here and definitely catering to a perceived opposition to the olympics with very flowery and emotive language. I'd definitely give it a C+ for journalism and an A for creative writing.

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Posted in: Toyota decides not to air Olympics-related TV ads in Japan See in context

Corporate cowardice at its worst.

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

I have noticed that the Olympics, the officials and athletes have become a scapegoat for a lot of disgruntled people who should instead be taking aim at their government for Japans failure to vaccinate the people. It's like shooting your dog because a snake ate your cat. Totally illogical.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to promote regional trade deals See in context

The current Federal government has handled Trade and COVID rather poorly but despite their incompetence industries have managed to diversify their markets, the iron ore price has remained high and State Governments have gotten on with the job have handling COVID and the economy, filling the vacuum created by the fools in the federal government. There's not going to be a sudden collapse of the economy as one PLA plant has prophesied but there are some tough times ahead for some sectors of the economy which has made quite a marvellous recovery already despite the ongoing pandemic.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Now that we have a number of vaccines that really do work these anti Covid vaxers are their own worst enemy and will in all likeliehood prolong the life of the pandemic beyond what would otherwise have been it's expiry date.

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Posted in: Ex-Sex Pistols sue singer Johnny Rotten See in context

I'm surprised this the pistols still make the news. I have a copy of the GSTQ 45 in it's original picture sleeve that's never been played. I was hoping it might be worth something some day. I'm still waiting. LOL

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Posted in: 48,000 meals a day: Feeding an Olympic Village See in context

I'm getting hungry just reading the article. Grilled wagyu beef and tempura. battered, fried vegetables and seafood sounds delicious.

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Posted in: Australian tennis player de Minaur has COVID-19; out of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Considering he returned the positive test in Spain it's safe to assume that's where he will remain until he's recovered. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

It's certainly reassuring to read that all measures are being taken to protect the athletes etc. It certainly looks as though these will quite possibly be the safest Olympic games any athlete ever attended. It's too soon to congratulate the officials for the great job they've done but at the end of the day I believe all the detractors will have to eat their own words as their predictions of doom and gloom are proven to be wrong.

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Posted in: Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus? See in context

It's highly doubtful given the terrific way that the Olympics is being managed.

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Posted in: Bach says canceling Tokyo Olympics not an option despite COVID See in context

The IOC and the authorities in Japan have done a wonderful job in preparing for what in all likelihood will turn out to be the safest Olympic Games in history and I'm looking forward to watching a number of events.

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Posted in: Tokyo's taxi drivers suffer another blow with no Olympic spectators See in context

I feel for them and I believe Japanese taxi's to be the cleanest and the drivers to be the most polite and honest of any I have patronised.

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Posted in: Apartment blocks in Sydney, Melbourne placed in lockdown with police guard See in context

The NSW government were the most lockdown resistant government in Australia until now. I'm glad they have changed their approach. The rest of the states and territories have proven the effectiveness of Lockdowns and border restrictions albeit my own state leader is a little too quick to flip the switch. Still, better to be over cautious than under cautious with this deadly virus that has killed so many. Obviously a vaccinated population is the most desired outcome but until then I'm happy to live with the occasional restrictions such as having to wear a mask in Public and not being able to go out to the pub with friends for a couple of drinks and maybe a meal. I do miss now being able to travel overseas but it's not as if this will last forever. I think of my temporary loss of a handful of personal freedoms from time to time as a sacrifice for the benefit of the many.

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Posted in: Australia records first death in current Sydney virus outbreak See in context

Another life cut too short.

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Posted in: Olympic protest See in context

She's more likely to contract the virus on the train ride home than from anyone associated with the Olympics!

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Posted in: Sydney tightens lockdown as Delta outbreak intensifies See in context

This is why Australia has been doing so much better than pretty much every country on the planet. Clearly lockdowns work and are the best option for controlling outbreaks until vaccination numbers reach an acceptable level. Or we could just allow what happened in so many other countries to occur which would make some posters here happy.

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Posted in: Biden sets Aug 31 for U.S. exit from Afghanistan See in context

Mission accomplished (we've lost this one) now lets skedaddle and leave this place to the rapists, slavers and terrorists.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

It is disappointing that there cannot be any spectators in the stands but at least the athletes will be in less danger of being infected with COVID if there are no spectators.

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Posted in: Australia's largest city Sydney locks down for third week See in context

These lockdowns are not excessively harsh and deemed necessary by state governments with the support of the majority of citizens and are in place to contain the spread of the virus and to save lives while the population is largely unvaccinated. Naturally, the response to outbreaks can vary once the population has been vaccinated to a sufficient degree. It's been very well managed for the most part by Australian state governments. Maybe it's not been so well by the Federal government in comparison to the States but by no means as poorly as just about every other country on the planet.

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Posted in: China's foreign minister says Indo-Pacific strategy should be dumped See in context

Isn't wang wang how a Chinese dog barks?

In any case, Their attack dog is up to his usual business of being vulgar while he insults liberal democracies from behind the coat-tail of his despotic leader. We made a mistake thinking that engaging with China and encouraging its economic growth would somehow lead to a better human rights record, a more democratic state and a friendlier relationship. Instead we have enabled the wrongdoers of China to propagate and flourish like some nightmarish cactus garden and for some reason the Chinese people who are not stupid have allowed themselves to become even more controlled by the evil doers in Beijing instead of rising up and overthrowing them.

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Posted in: Australia cuts overseas arrivals further to curb virus outbreak See in context

There's a lot of Australia envy manifesting here by the usual malcontents.

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