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Posted in: Ed Sheeran has COVID; will do performances from home See in context

I saw him on the James Corden show a little while back and I think Corden's show was only allowing vaccinated guests and audience so hopefully he is vaccinated and that symptoms turn out to be nothing more than a bit of a cold or less. It would be sad to lose his talent at such a young age. Infection rates are on the rise once more in the UK so it's not all together a surprise to learn that another Brit is infected.

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Posted in: Despite hybrid release, 'Dune' draws well on the big screen See in context

I wouldn't say casting is perfectly on target. For a start, in the novel Paul is a 15 year old during the period this film covers. There's been at least one gender change that I can see in this first of what may turn out to be a number of films. Effects were pretty good. Parts of the film are great but I just couldn't wrap my head around the gender changed Kynes character and the obvious huge age difference between the Paul in the novel and the Paul in the movie. Still it did at least spark me to commence reading it again oh so many years after the last time I read it. I'd forgotten how easy to read Herberts style of writing was to me.

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Posted in: Beijing police name pianist Li Yundi in prostitution case See in context

He's likely fallen foul of someone important. Perhaps he refused to play at a party officials soirée. Of course if you are arrested in China then you are already assumed to be guilty. Hence the expulsions etc. There's no possibility of knowing whether he is guilty or not, whether he confessed or not or if he did whether it was coerced. This is the reason why we really can't rely on anything we are told by the Chinese government or their mouth pieces.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

It's not up to you to decide what's offensive to others.

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Posted in: Australia accuses China of undermining world trade See in context

Nixon really pulled a number on the free world when he decided to Kowtow to Mao, giving the commies respect and face that they didn't deserve. Now they expect us all to prostate ourselves before them but we wont so they are becoming more and more unbalanced like dogs with distemper. And just like the poor diseased dogs they remind us of the Communists should watch out or the next car they chase might swerve and knock them over.

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Posted in: Australia's Queensland state to open to vaccinated travelers See in context

*So, people from other Australian states were not being able to go to Queensland as tourists, right  *Wrong! I've been to Queensland twice in the past two years and back again to WA no problem, no quarantine.

*Palaszczuk truly is a disgusting woman... *Disgusting comment!

*The premiers of QLD and WA make me sick in the guts. *Better see a doctor! Hope it's not COVID!

Their politicization of the pandemic  Wrong! It's the Conservative Feds and NSW that Conservatives that politicised it You need to do more research

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Posted in: Toilet seat up or down after use: What's the rule in your home? See in context

I always flushed but I never used to mind closing things down until I read an article somewhere that said it's a pet hate of women that men don't put the seat down and close the lid after use so in order to maintain some kind of detente I have trained myself to always put it down and close the lid. Luckily for the women in my life there are plenty of other things I do wrong for them to focus on. So it's a win win .... for them.

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Posted in: Australian state of NSW to end quarantine for vaccinated int'l travelers See in context

The Premier for Australia and the Prime Minister for New South Wales are not very wise but at least they haven't thrown the doors wide open yet although they would if they could. They are after all the kind of men that would rather place their faith in religion rather not science when it comes to plagues etc.

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Posted in: Olympics VP says China human rights 'not within' IOC mandate See in context

They IOC is a sporting organisation not a political or activists organisation. It's entirely reasonable that they maintain the same position as they always do which is not to get involved in politics or activism. They have a contracts with their hosts and athletes and if they stick with that then only a wrong minded person could criticise them for not stepping outside their areas of responsibility.

Would I like to see countries and individuals around the world protest strongly about the human rights abuses in China, their blatant breach of the one country two systems agreement in Hong Kong, their invasion of Tibet, their increasing militarisation of the Info Pacific, their illegal territorial claims in the South China Sea and their bullying of trading partners, manipulation of currency and so forth? Of course I would but I don't think it's up to the IOC to take a stance.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

I don't see it as a this or that scenario. Perhaps there are a number of factors contributing to this statistical anomaly. Reluctance to get tested, herd immunity achieved via infections and vaccinations. There might be some bean counter somewhere either making mistakes or deliberately being mischievous. Check that spreadsheet formula! I'm still skeptical of the extremely rapid drop in numbers but very happily wrong if the figures are true.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

At what point does it cease to be teaching patriotism and become brain washing?

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Posted in: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman See in context

Tensions could run high if son of superman stays over at Jays house.

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Posted in: Blue Origin delays William Shatner's space flight by one day See in context

It appears Kirk has lived long and prospered. Good luck to him. Bon voyage.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context

If the Beatles hadn't broken up it's unlikely we would have heard the iconic Band On The Run album that Paul put out afterward.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 35 kgs of rice from supermarket See in context

Another heinous crime thwarted!

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Posted in: Sydney lockdown ends for vaccinated after 106 days See in context

This new NSW premier is opening too fast having caved into pressure from the Prime Minister and his own instincts as a bean counter. He's started making decisions on Political and Financial grounds whilst ignoring health advice which is evident by his silencing of senior Health officials who are no longer rolled out to support the government at media events.

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Posted in: Japan may exempt Australian troops in joint drills from death penalty See in context

"I train killers, not boy scouts". Some evidence that this is fact not fiction please.

If you know anything about the man then you would know that if he did indeed make any comment t's more likely he would have said "I train Soldiers not Boy Scouts."

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Posted in: France says ambassador to return to Australia after submarine dispute See in context

Why bother to send your ambassador back if you are refusing to have diplomatic exchanges? Is it so that you have someone in place in the country to make disparaging remarks at media conferences? I think so. Why not wait until you've gotten over your hissy fit and then send the ambassador back. It's not as if we really need one here until then.

Also, at most Australia and France have signed documents that encourage or state the wish for better relations between the two nations in a number of areas. To say that an alliance between the two nations has been shattered is incorrect as one simply didn't exist.

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Posted in: Australia won't allow in international tourists until 2022 See in context

If Australia can open the borders to vaccinated skilled workers and foreign students it can open the border to vaccinated tourists. April might be a more sensible timeline for it all to open however Scott Morrison is pretty much the Prime Minister for New South Wales rather than Australia. He's managed to make himself irrelevant to most of the country throughout the past few years.

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Posted in: Chinese warplanes fly toward Taiwan for 2nd straight day See in context

Taiwan is not China. Taiwan has never been governed by the commies and never should. It is a proudly independent nation. China's aggression toward other countries is growing and shows the true nature of the despots in Beijing. Any one who thinks Taiwan should belong to China is demonstrating wrong thinking. You cannot reunite that which has never been united. Down with the criminals that rule China.

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Posted in: Saitama's new ordinance banning walking on escalators gets off to a standing start See in context

I wonder if by not walking/running on escalators whether or not significant savings in maintenance costs for escalators might be achieved. That would be a positive outcome. On the other hand watching the selfish ones almost but not quite knocking over those that have not climbed on board the left hand rail becomes a thing of the past and that's a good outcome too. It's not just about accidents. It's about mental well-being also. The stress of not being able to comply with these escalator bullies unspoken yet physical demands of keeping left is quite a problem for already stressed commuters going to and from work.

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Posted in: Australia to ease 18-month-old int'l border closure within weeks, says PM See in context

Says the Prime Minister who flew to Hawaii for a vacation while the country burned and yet is reluctant to fly to the next major international climate conference because he's supposedly busy handling the opening up of Australia. What a joke of a leader. He's a comic but doesn't know it. Sees himself as a spin doctor but has no spin. It's irrelevant what this irrelevant Prime Minister says if the states aren't on board and most of them are not. The Federal government only controls international borders. States control State borders.

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Posted in: EU-Australia trade talks postponed amid submarine dispute See in context

Let's face it, this Australian government is devoid of ministers and a leadership with any real diplomatic skills. They have proved that time and time again in their dealings with China, NZ, Australian States, Pacific Nations and so forth. However, Australia undeniably has the right to break a contract and compensate according to the terms of the contract or according to the law but they could have handled things better. I agree with the French on one point which is that this ws more than a contract it was a partnership. As to the French lobbying the EU to suspend trade talks with Australia, that's their prerogative as immature as it and the only ones with a smile on their faces are going to be China and Russia. They just love to see these fallings out between supposed allies.

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

One wonders at the mentality of drivers who instead of using the horn to warn of a life threatening situation use it as more of a weapon to imply a life threatening situation will occur if you don't walk, drive, turn etc to their satisfaction and at their pace. I wonder if they are as controlling in other aspects of their life.

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Posted in: UK Labour politician defends calling government 'scum' See in context

She's right but of course it's given the scum another opportunity to deflect from what they should really be talking about and acting upon.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan See in context

Were the soldiers of the evil empire to invade Taiwan then how could Taiwan's allies hope to repel the PLU without striking China and if that were the case how could a world wide war not start? I think xi and his fanatical followers will either have to make the determination that Taiwan would have no allies were it to invade or be prepared to become the aggressor in what might be described as WW3. Is Xi stupid or desperate enough to start a world war? If his popularity were to decline beyond a certain point within his own party I think he might. He is after all a cruel megalomaniac addicted to power and control.

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Posted in: Flight out of Narita Airport delayed because of a turtle on the runway See in context

The turtles story is likely to come to a sad end as being considered an invasive species it'll probably be put to death.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

In my opinion Government at all levels should mandate vaccines for everyone entering government buildings, buses, trains, libraries and so on and leave it up to private businesses to decide for themselves whether or not they have a no vax no entry policy but they should mandate that all businesses force customers to check in using QR codes or whatever and if they aren't enforcing a vaccine mandate they must make customers aware that their may be diseased, virus spreading, self entitled fools on the premises.

I think living through the pandemic has been a big wake up call for many people. Previously I would never have thought of wearing a mask in public if I had a cold but from now on I will. I will when I'm flying or on public transport in future regardless of the status of the pandemic.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for scalding toddler to death with hot water See in context

Very disturbing and sad. So many women find it too difficult to escape domestic violence situations and then when they try to get help it's not forthcoming. Society has a long way to go.

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

20 years would have passed without Australia taking delivery of even so much as a French stick let alone a submarine. I can't stand Morrison and his government but they were right to derail this gravy train.

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