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Bradley Fried comments

Posted in: Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers See in context

Sorry to break it to you guys, but the girl you date and the girl you marry are the same person. Don't expect some magical transformation after the wedding. Point in fact, if you start bringing pressure on your partner to conform to some fantasy ideal you have for her behavior as a wife, you will ruin your relationship. If you don't love her as she is for all of her perfections AND imperfections, then do her a favor and don't get married.

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Posted in: Edano denies pressuring TEPCO not to say 'meltdown' during Fukushima crisis See in context

They would have denied the meltdowns for months and even years had not scientists abroad determined that a meltdown had occurred based on the radioisotopes released from the plant and detected around the world.

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Posted in: Japan's first 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners See in context

Somehow I don't think anyone will feel left out. Doesn't sound like an appealing experience to me. More like going to the doctor than dining out.

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Posted in: Illegal mosaic-free porn business busted See in context

There are still people who buy and collect porn?

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Posted in: TEPCO to lower power rates ahead of deregulation battle See in context

Nobody wants to give you money TEPCO. I hope you go bankrupt.

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Posted in: 5 life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan See in context

Spot on. Thank you.

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Posted in: From diapers to cold feet, a Tokyo disaster survival guide See in context

"what would happen to the olympics if tokyo had a natural disaster?" They would probably just re-locate events to other, undamaged cities and facilities in Japan.

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Posted in: IAEA chief: Interest in nuclear power up despite Fukushima See in context

The best way to address the weak link in the chain is the remove the weak link. Replace nuclear power with renewables as quickly as possible. No one can make a dirty bomb out of a solar panel or a wind turbine.

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Posted in: Japanese hostess club women share top 5 unattractive things guys do all the time See in context

I was going to guess that #1 was going to hostess clubs.

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Posted in: IWC talks on Japanese whaling called constructive See in context

Aphrodisiac? A bizarre and completely untrue assertion. Whale meat is rarely if ever consumed by the average person in Japan, and you would be hard pressed to find it in any supermarket. The government foists it onto the menus of nursing homes, public schools, and government offices to funnel public money into the coffers of the whaling industry. Even with these public subsidies, however, they are still in the red with freezers full of decades old stockpiles of whale meat that noone wants to buy.

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